Monday, January 5, 2015

Return to the Routine

 I've said it several times on this blog ... I don't mind Mondays. I like the return to the routine after the wicked weekend. The same thing can be said for January! I'm not a big "New Year's Resolutions" type of gal, but I'm always happy when the holidays are over and we can return to routine. I really didn't do very well these past couple months and I'm hoping that I can lose these holiday pounds and get back on track with the structure of a schedule and the kids back in school.

The last "holiday" weekend. I did good on Friday and Saturday. After my highest weigh-in in a while, I got in some elliptical, Zumba, bike and treadmill. The boys and I were also busy cleaning up Christmas. We took down the tree and other decor. 

I love the handmade ornaments the boys have made at church or school throughout the years. I only got one new one this year. I think I'm going to tell the boys THAT is what I want each year, even as they grow older!

My oldest had given me a calendar of daily quotes for Christmas this year. I've decided to use it in my home gym to track my workout stats. I'll get some inspiration along with my daily exercise. See how good I did on Saturday? I filled up the little sheet almost completely with elliptical, some Zumba, weights and a ride on the stationary bike.

In the evening, we went to Desert Star theater to see "How the Grouch Stole Christmas" ... our last show on our season tickets there.We took the three little boys again. The two youngest hadn't LOVED it the first time, and I didn't press them to go again, but they had said "we'll try it" ... well that was their last try as they moaned throughout. #3 still enjoys it, so maybe we'll just take him in the future!
Normally I go over my eating at this establishment, with cheesy bread and rootbeer. On Saturday we just got pepperoni pizza for the boys (I didn't have any) so I kept calories somewhat in check.

 I took my usual Sunday Selfie yesterday ... I've cut off 6" of my hair (which I now regret) and our church time moved from the 1:00 hour to 9:00. I miss my sleep-in Sundays, but I got a nice afternoon nap yesterday. That didn't make it a very productive day.  I DID put on some pounds in Nov/Dec.  Just a lack of motivation ... decreased movement, increased eating. So starting back up now in January, I have some work to do! An NO excuses ... except that did I mention I did weights on Saturday. Those lunges and squats have left my legs super sore! That's a good thing I guess though, it shows I actually did something.

Well ... I've got some elliptical and Zumba done today, 
I think I'll go read and ride for a bit *Ü*

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Hope you are having a good Monday ... and a good January!

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