Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Still FitBitting

Lights Out :(

Just over a week ago ... Friday, January 9, there was a death in our Fitbit Family. MY Fitbit. My last sync had been at 3:14. I attempted to look at my stats around 4:00 and ... nothing. No lights. I didn't panic immediately. In my four years of having a Fitbit, I think this (or having the numbers showing but frozen) had happened once or twice. Previously, resetting the Fitbit had got it working again.

This time ... the reset did not work. I tried a few times. I pulled out an alternate charger to try the reset. I left it on the charger just in case the battery had somehow gotten that low without me noticing. No luck. My Fitbit wasn't the only thing to die that afternoon. My motivation died as well. As many pedometer people may ask ...

I mean OF COURSE they do. But ... I could have, should have hit the elliptical again, but I didn't. I wanted to get some reading in, and I usually ride (with the Fitbit on my sock to pick up "steps") ... but I just read in bed. No motivation if I wasn't going to get a little spike on my activity graph. 

Now, Fitbit is renowned for their great customer service ... but, I had purchased my Fitbit almost two years ago, so I really didn't think I'd have much luck. Besides, even by chance if they would replace it, that would mean WAITING. I was NOT willing to wait! All my thoughts Friday evening were of going out and getting a new Fitbit. I should have just done it that night.

I am a frugal sort. I did want to get the best deal I could at short notice. Amazon had the best prices, but even with Prime and 2-day shipping, that would require a WAIT. I had built up $35 in credit (thanks to my old Fitbit) at Walgreens, but while they sold Fitbits online, they didn't have them at the store for immediate pickup. Bed,Bath&Beyond did, and I usually have a 20% off coupon around (Fitbit was not listed as one of the many exclusions), but all mine were expired. I finally just gave up and went to Best Buy, where it was $94.99 and we got points for our purchase.

It felt SO GREAT to be back in business!

I have since heard from Fitbit customer service and go figure, they ARE sending out a replacement one! I suppose I could return my new purchase, but I think I'll just hang onto the extra one so I'll never be in the terrible situation of being without a Fitbit again. I know #4 would like a ONE, rather than his Zip (backlight) ... although he really wants the new Charge!

I've mentioned Fitbit Customer service before. It really is great. Because everyone in our family (immediate and now extended too) has a Fitbit, we have had a few problems here and there. I had recently contacted customer service about some of our silicone cases. I do think the design of the ONE is an improvement over the original Ultra, but the cases are not without their issues. A couple of the little tips had come off of our Ones and Zips. It makes them really had to put on. The metal tip poked through the material of my bra on occasion, and my son, wearing his on his waist had received a good scratch.

I simply sent this photo to Fitbit and asked if replacement cases were a possibility and they immediately sent new ones out. We'd had to do this once before with #1's Flex (when he was wearing the Flex). Hubs is now using the Flex, but he just slips it into his pocket rather than wearing the wristband.

Speaking of the Hubs ... He's TRYING to catch me!

He's in Vegas on a business trip. Lots of walking, and he was still making exercise a priority as he packed. He was pretty proud yesterday, asking me if I'd seen his steps. He was at 25K. Very impressive. I ... hit 31K. What can I say, I had a good day. I'm sure glad my Fitbit was up and running to catch all my steps!

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  1. I have heard that they have great customer service! Glad you're back in business! Love my Fitbit!

  2. Sorry to hear about the death of one your FitBits lol. Great that you got a new one! They do have great customer service! My FitBit One silicone case has broke like yours with the metal tip being exposed twice now. They have replaced them with no issue both times. #wowlinkup

  3. Jen when I get my replaced Fitbit (my Charge's side button broke off somehow) then it is ON!!!! I am coming for you and those steps!! You just wait. :-) Also Bed, Bath and Beyond HONOR expired 20% off coupons so next time use them. They never really expire. #wowlinkup

    1. I remember BB&B once saying expired coupons were ok, but then I thought my store cracked down on the dates. Hubs thought for sure it would be one of the excluded items (although I did check) ... I'd be interested in hearing if anyone has bought one there with a coupon. BB&B isn't a place I normally would have thought to look for a Fitbit.

  4. I love my Fitbit, I have had it for almost a year. I have recently gotten caught up in the competition side with my sisters and let me say the daily steps increase has become HUGE! I have yet to hit my first 30k day, but its coming! My sister just got one and hit it on her 3rd day of owning it, yeah I am jealous!
    I seriously love the awesome motivation I get from it. I never before used to run around or run in place during a TV commercial just to get a few steps more up on my competition.. Love it!! It's also great to hear that the customer service is so awesome, that is sweet to hear in case this ever happens to me!!!

  5. I haven't tried Fitbit but I am using my Polar running watch as a fitness tracker and love it. It has helped me not sit around so much :) #wowlinkup


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