Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sunday Stats

These past few weeks have been a little crazy with the holiday season. I still got in several Zumba sessions, but not my usual five a week. Here's a quick look at the classes I did hit for the past three weeks ...

 The mid-week of December was GREAT for Zumba ... except that I missed my Friday class (Anxiety Child insisted I help out at his school Christmas party). I had some really high numbers, even though I had major frustrations with my HRM (looking down and seeing it read zero!)  I did a couple numbers on Monday. Marian had me do "Echa Pa'lla" which I don't have the mirrored version down, so I think that threw off some of the regulars! Wednesday MZL's class was moved to a smaller church (with carpeting, luckily I had worn my non-tread shoes) and it was a themed "Santa Hat" day which was a little hot. Thursday was the last one with Claudia this year (as the next two Thursdays fall on holidays) and the class will switch to 9:30 in January.

Holiday week! Great start to the week with Southziders! There was a girls basketball team working out in the gym and they stayed for most of the Zumba class, which was already quite well attended for the day. It did add some extra energy for the day. Great numbers, maybe the first time my HRM has gotten that high for Zumba. Marian's class on Tuesday was really good too ... I enjoyed getting in the Christmas songs for the final time. I wasn't sure I'd make it to Zumba the morning of Christmas Eve as I did have quite a bit to get done. I told myself if I could get the roll dough mixed and rising I would go ... I did so I went. It wasn't very well attended, but I got great numbers (highest numbers on the Fitbit) and I didn't get any other exercise for the day, so I was glad I went. Didn't hit a Friday class as #3 had a basketball game at 9:00 that morning.

Going back to Zumba after four days off ... I think that's the longest Zumba break since I started going multiple times a week. Also battling the weather, as snow had moved in. The trip out to Draper was a little intimidating, I am worried about the weather for my Monday and Friday classes (the others are so close that I'll attend them no matter what).  HRM not working well. On Tuesday, my usual teacher was gone (humanitarian help in Mexico) so I hit one I went to back in the summer. There were only a couple of us there. It was fun to try some new numbers. HRM was misbehaving again! New Years Eve morning isn't as hectic as Christmas Eve, so I had no question of attending class today. For some reason I just wasn't getting great numbers today (the higher HRM was a NEW on and I'm not sure I was reading it correctly for the calorie count). Felt a little incomplete as I left. I went back on Friday (rather than my usual Friday one which I'll go back to next week). Better stats today (although still working with the new HRM while ordering batteries to replace in the old one).

It will be nice to have the holidays over, get back to the structure of school, the return to routine ... and getting back to my five different Zumba classes. I've missed my Thursday class after missing it for a couple weeks, and my Friday class after missing it for even more!

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