Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Cha-Cha Challenge

Ah ... the Cha-Cha

I saw this quote the other day. Sometimes I get discouraged when I see a weight pop up on the scale that I was really hoping I wouldn't see again. Living in the 150-155, then finally some success and dropping to the 144-149 ... but then back up over 150. I turned off my weight notifications in MFP long ago, because I keep losing the same five pounds over and over and over again. Hopefully I'll Cha-Cha back down again!

Speaking of the Cha-Cha ... some time ago I heard a new Zumba song, Cha-Cha Swing. It is so catchy and fun! The one of the instructors did it in class and I fell in love with the routine. It is one that can get my heart rate racing.  The steps are the ones in the video featured below ...

Then the song appeared in one of my other Zumba classes ... with different steps. Generally, I always like whatever I learned first, but this had a few moves that seemed easier, more intuitive. I really enjoyed this routine too, although I really missed a couple of the moves in the video above.

I enjoy dancing to this song so much, I'd be a little sad when it wouldn't appear in the Zumba class rotation as often as I would like. What to do! It NEVER made an appearance in one of my classes ... one of the classes I occasionally step up to the front and lead a song or two, just to give the actual instructor a bit of a break here and there. If I lead the song ...

I pieced together my favorite choreography from the two routines and performed it for the first time last week. I hope I'll be leading it regularly in my Tuesday class, as it really is one of my favorites. I'll still look forward to the ones in my Wednesday and Thursday classes, lead by my instructors, but I like my compilation, and hope those in the Tuesday class do too!

Do you do either of these routines (or something different?) 
Which steps do you prefer?

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  1. See I have never heard of this but this looks like high energy and would have me cha-cha'ing, doing salsa and merengue while I'm at it. This looks like fun!! Now I want to go to a class where you would help out the instructor to see your moves. #wowlinkup

  2. I love the cha-cha...I have to say that this is a class I would so totally take :) #wowlinkup

  3. I love to Cha-Cha but the real thing LOL. I used to go Salsa dancing and next to Salsa I love to do the Cha-Cha. #wowlinkup


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