Monday, February 9, 2015

Glad This Weekend is Over!

Our oldest son, being 19 years old, is going on a mission for the LDS church. He'll be serving in Peublo, Mexico for two years. There has been a lot of prep, getting travel documents, new clothes, etc. One of the final events is a "farewell" talk in church, usually with an open house afterward (as some friends and family have come from further away. We have to feed them and have a chance to socialize, right?)

This past weekend was the farewell and open house. Hubs was pretty stressed about having people over in the house. This past week, he pulled up all the carpet in the front three rooms and had new carpet laid down (New Carpet/Couch). He bought a new couch, love seat and chairs and took loads to good will and the dump. If he'd had more time I'm sure there would have been a paint job and new tile too.

Then there was food prep. You never know exactly how many people are going to come. We ordered a bunch of mini croissants and pounds of chicken salad. My MIL offered to bring a fruit plate and a veggie plate. Years ago, Hubs purchased not one, but TWO chocolate fountains! We have used them quite often during the past years (A Fountain of Chocolate and the Aftermath). Of course one fountain was going to be milk chocolate. If we've done two, the other, smaller fountain would have either dark chocolate, white chocolate or caramel. This time, the boys had a brainstorm to try cheese. We tried it out the night before and it was a hit ...

Luckily, nachos do not appeal to me at all, 
but Hubs moaned that he ate way too much!

 The spread ... 

A closer look at the chocolate fountain and it's "dippers"

Lots of socializing.
Poor #2 sat down on the couch to rest.
Add an Uncle.
Then a brother.
Then another brother.
Then cousins.
No rest for the wicked!
Dogpiles just tend to happen in our family!

It was SUCH a relief later on Sunday afternoon. All the guests were gone, everything was put away. Hubs and I took a nap! This even has been weighing on us so we're glad it's over. It didn't really feel like a "weekend" it was so busy.  But Monday morning ... back to the routine.  Weigh in this morning was 155, not too bad after having a fountain of chocolate flowing in the kitchen!  Linking up with MIMM. At least this next week should be fairly normal ...

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