Monday, February 2, 2015

Wow, What A Weekend!

It was Superbowl weekend, and what a weekend it was. Very busy, but good, at least as far as family. Food and Fitness wise ... not so good. I was up three pounds Monday from Sunday's weigh-in, 4.7 from Fridays! Yikes! There were football sugar cookies (yes, I ate one) and our Superbowl Smorgasbord (steak, marinated chicken, mashed potatoes, rolls). It's a tradition. I don't have our 2015 family blog post up yet, but here's 2014, 2013, 2012 & 2011. I must admit, Hubs and I both totally forgot about the big dinner. #3 was having none of that though, and he bugged us until we caved and did it, even at the last minute.

I think we watched the game more this year than any year before. As I mentioned last year, we have family in Seattle, big Seahawks fans. So we were cheering for them. #4 has become a bit of a football fan, playing at school (just touch, not tackle) and so he was pretty into watching. It helped that it was a tight game too, kept things exciting. We were missing #1, who was down the street with some friends. Daddy and the boys were throwing a ball around the room too. Usually Daddy says "No throwing balls in the house" but on Sunday, he was the one doing the throwing. Even though our team didn't win, it was a fun night with family and food. 

It was a basketball weekend as well. #2 had a game on Friday. I videoed it, and made a highlights reel (here, my boy is #3). #3 and #5 had games on Saturday. I manned the video camera for their games too. #3's game highlights are here (my boy is #31), but I'm waiting until the end of the season to make one video of the little guy's games. So there was some sitting (both at the games, and at the computer, editing the videos). 

Saturday, we also had family photos taken. Now, I'm a snapshot kind of gal. We've NEVER done a professional family photo shoot. A couple of times we've had our picture taken with an extended family session, but we'd never set one up ourselves. But with #1 leaving in a couple weeks (he'll be gone for two years) we figured we should do it. 

Here's a couple snapshots of the professional shoot. I hope the pictures turn out good. That I remembered to suck in my tummy, push my chin out a bit ... prevent those stomach rolls and double chins that always seem to appear in pictures!

So that was MY weekend! It felt really busy. I still got my Zumba and elliptical in on Friday. Elliptical in on Saturday, and one 20min session on Sunday (and a walk to church). Not enough activity to combat the calories ... as evidenced by the scale shock this morning. But back to the routine ... although it's a bit of a crazy week. A couple crazy ones, as #1 finalizes his mission prep. Hope I can keep it all together!

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