Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Stacked Steps

I really don't think I'm a very competitive person. When I first started wearing a pedometer, counting steps and entering them online (Walker Tracker) I must admit, some of the competitions DID drive me. That was several years ago. Now ... I really am stepping for ME. That said, it is still fun to see how I stack up to family and friends and other Fitbitters and pedometer people out there.

In the picture up top, Hubs sent me a quick snag to show he was gaining on me. He never did catch me though. #2 son (iCallahan) DID top me once, but among family, I'm generally in the #1 spot.

After four years of being on Fitbit, I do have quite a few "friends" on there. Honestly, I don't know many of them in real life (or even online life, although some are Facebook friends or blogging buddies). Unlike my family's Fitbit accounts, which have stayed limited to family and close friends, I have over 100 Fitbit friends, and I rarely see my family in those select spots the Fitbit site (it only shows seven, three above you, you,  three below). To be able to see my family together, I set up a group. For the month of March,  my 9-year old is currently in second place, followed by Grandpa (my dad) and then my other three boys (my 14-year old has stopped tracking his steps, he just didn't like the feel of the Fitbit). Then my brother, Hubs, and more family under that. Being a SAHM, not having to work or go to school does give me a bit of an edge ...

The people who know me and have me as a Fitbit friend generally think I'm completely crazy for getting the steps I do. They always tell me I'm in the top spot all the time on their accounts.

But on mine?
I'm not.
There are people much crazier than me!

I just grabbed this little snag today. It's a seven day total, so that equates to about 21,000 steps per day for me. My goal I've set for myself is 22K a day, so I'm pretty close. I'll hit 30K days, then have low step days (under 5,000) on Sundays, as I take a break.

The gal at the top of MY friends list (I wasn't sure anyone would ever beat her, but it has happened a time or two) AVERAGES over 41K a day! 

I'm generally in the top 10 on my account unless I'm sick or on vacation. Occasionally, I will see #2 son make an appearance on my list. Hubby made it on there once. I really like when I see people I actually KNOW.

On the picture to the right, I do actually know Jane (mom to one of my son's basketball buddies) and Terrilynne (a neighbor). I'm always happy when I see a friendly face appear on my Fitbit friends tile.

The numbered ranking is constantly changing, as your steps sync, as other add their steps to the mix. It changes daily, even hourly!

Fitbit has recently added "Challenges" to their program. You can invite people to specific step challenges and compete. I've only done it once ... like I said, I'm mainly  just competing against myself. But that said, it is fun to see where I stand, and know how others are doing with their step counts too!

I recently bought a Fitbit Charge HR ... as you can't have two Fitbits on the same account, I set up another account, and I wear them both (my new Charge and my original One). I'm the only friend I have on that account *Ü* Truly only going against myself. My Charge is lagging behind. Most people seem to indicate they thin the arm styles OVERestimate, but that isn't the case with me.

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