Wednesday, March 11, 2015

WIAW - Girl Scout Cookies

The "What I Ate Wednesday" posts are big all over the Internet. I don't participate often ... because what I'm eating isn't share worthy or anything anyone would want to emulate. In fact, IF I were to participate, I'd have to admit that GIRL SCOUT COOKIES appeared way too much in my MFP food log these past couple of days. 

I didn't order any girl scout cookies. 
Hubby did. 

He ordered several boxes of Samoas. With #1 son gone, I am the only one who eats the Samoas. At least I had help with the Thin Mints (although I still easily managed to eat one sleeve, yikes!). The little boys liked the Trefoils. So did I. The older boys LOVE the Tagalongs and fought viciously over them ... but I still got a few.

What is it about Girl Scout cookies? They are ridiculously overpriced ... often that can actually impact my enjoyment when eating things (I'm just a little too frugally minded). Is it that they are so temporary? Only offered once a year? Keebler does make a some knockoffs that are quite good ... but they aren't quite the same.

So ... now the boxes are empty. The cookies are gone. I can't really say it's time to get "back" to healthy eating, as I haven't mastered that at all yet ... but perhaps I can improve on eating with such reckless abandon. I HAVE recorded everything, in my private MFP diary so no one can actually witness my shame. 

Anyone else struggling with Girl Scout cookie issues this time of year?

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