Friday, March 20, 2015

WWI #87 -- Overeating!

Blah ... this is one of those weeks where I don't even want to post my weekly weigh-in. But, online accountability is a bit what it's about. It wasn't a good week. Again. The scale definitely reflects it with a 2.1 increase and some higher weigh-ins during the week. Here's a quick week recap ...

  • Friday: It was Friday the 13th. The elementary kids were out of school. I still hit Zumba and got my 40min of elliptical in. Hubs was taking off for the weekend, but plans weren't finalized until the evening. He ended up taking the three younger boys (I stayed home with #2 and the cat). I was a little stressed out ... and I ate. 
  • Saturday: #2 was off with friends most of the day, so I was basically home alone. Often, I go exercise crazy when I'm not on mommy-duty ... but not today. Just not feeling motivated. Only 40min elliptical, and overeating again.
  • Sunday: Do nothing day ... literally. Well, I ate. Hubs and the boys made it back.
  • Monday: Not feeling my usual Motivated Monday. Did get in my Zumba and elliptical. Did ok on eating, until Hubs came home from work and suggested we go out. Over calories again.
  • Tuesday: Actually kept eating in check today! Got in Zumba and elliptical ... and then went to an evening Zumba! Felt like it was a good day!
  • Wednesday: Zumba and elliptical ... AND BIKE. First time back on the bike in a while! But, overate again. 
  • Thursday: Zumba and elliptical, and evening Zumba again. Way too many snack calories though.
So while I'm doing pretty good on the fitness front ... it's the food. 
 I am not losing weight.

I must admit ... on Saturday #2 and I picked up some more Girl Scout Cookies. I was craving popcorn, with real butter (and I made some ... twice). After not indulging in ice cream for quite a while, I've been eating it again. Easter candy has come out ... I don't like the Cadbury eggs that many people rave about, but I love the Whoppers Robin Eggs. And Reeses.  So much yummy stuff out there.

I have my little MFP ticker here in the sidebar of the blog. I weigh in daily on my Aria scale and my weight is automatically updated on the Fitbit site and on MFP.  I been as far as 30 pounds lost, 15 to go. I really liked those numbers.

I haven't seen those numbers for several months.  When I did finally drop a few pounds back in October ... it was the eating. For some reason, for a while there I was able to control the calories. If I can keep my calories until 2000, I am generally quite successful on the scale. I know so many keep calories at 1200! I'm just a little piggy!

NUMBERS: Eating was SO bad this week ... the average was 2700. Yikes! Not a good week. My daily burn average was actually less than my intake (2678). I don't know if that has even happened before. So obviously, no deficit for the week. Over by 2540.

It is TOM time too ... if that comes into play at all.

Today, Friday, starts the "new week" for me. I'm not doing wonderful today, but I DID do weights in addition to my Zumba and elliptical. Hopefully I'll be able to control my calories and have a better check-in next Friday! Linking up late with Weigh-In Wednesday ... *Ü*

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