Monday, April 6, 2015

MIMM - Easter Weekend

For a while there, I was participating in the Marvelous In My Monday link-up every week. Recapping the weekend, admitting to my weekend weight gain. I got a little out of the habit, as I'd recap the entire week on Friday, and felt like that was enough.

But this past weekend (and a few days before) have been full of family and fun. It was Spring Break for the kidlets, they were out Thursday and Friday, and today. As I'm in charge of bringing eggs to the family party, I put the kids to work filling eggs. I really thought I had enough stuff,  but I had to make another trip to the store for "fillers" ... in addition to candy, we try and have a lot of non-edible stuff too. Little toys, stickers, balloons, etc. We put some monetary prizes in some of the eggs too - a $2 bill, a silver dollar, and a copper coin (Hubs is a collector).

 A big basket of eggs!

Hubs decided to run to my folks house ... it's about 10 miles. He left about an hour before we did. We caught up to him around the 6 mile mark, and he said he was done and accepted a ride the rest of the way. 

It was fun to see ALL the Fitbit's at the family gathering ... let's see, there were eright ONEs (me, Grandma, Grandpa, three of my boys, ny brother and his wife), five of the FLEX (two brothers, two SIL, one sister), one FORCE (it's been recalled, but my oldest brother didn't give it up), one Charge (my 11-year old), one ChargeHR (me) and one Surge (Happy Easter Hubs!) I hope to get my 14-year old to wear the Flex Hubs had been using.

 There was too much eating this weekend. Not enough exercise (well, Hubs got enough in on Saturday!). I barely hit 3000 steps on Sunday, it was such a lazy day. My 11-year old asked me how many steps I had, and I admitted my number to him. He had over 12,000! No "exercise" just lots of playing around!

So with Easter behind us, my weight UP ... I really hope to get back on a schedule, and reign in the eating. It was back to Zumba this morning, errands, then putting away all of Easter. We hadn't dyed eggs, and the little guys complained about that, so I hard boiled some and we did it today. Dyeing a day late!

How was your Easter weekend?
What Easter Treats temp you the most?

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