Tuesday, April 7, 2015

TV Tuesday - What I'm Watching

As this blog is a bit of a diary for me, I thought I'd update what I'm watching each month. It is directly tied to my workouts, as I watch while on the elliptical or treadmill. It find it interesting to hear what programs others enjoy. Do we like the same ones? Are there some I hadn't heard of that I might now check out. Thus ... my monthly TV Tuesday. So what have I been watching since I reported in last?

Well, I'm currently caught up on my "regulars" ... the ones I follow as they air. Mind you, I don't watch them AS they air, I don't have a way to view actual television downstairs in the gym. But I can record and watch them the day after. There are FIVE shows I keep current on; The Walking Dead, which just ended for now. Grey's Anatomy (did Derek cheat? I had to workout on Saturday to find out), The Good Wife, Nashville and Scandal. I had actually gotten pretty far behind on Scandal, as I caught up on the others ... but after watching several I'm current there too.

When I'm caught up on current programing (or on the off-seasons) I rely on Netflix, Amazon or DVDs. I noticed that the second season of Orphan Black had been added to Amazon Prime, so that's what I'm watching now. I don't think I'm as into it as I was the first season, but I still like it. I just finished episodes five and six today (60min elliptical, 20min treadmill), and with just 10 in the season, I'll be done shortly! Then I'll have to wait a while for Season 3 I guess. That's fine ... there is TONS of stuff for me to catch up on :)

I had also started "The 100" a bit ago (before I noticed "Orphan Black" was now available) and I've still been watching episodes of it here and there. It's on Netflix, and sometimes the kids are monopolizing our family Netflix stream. I'll watch it while I do weights (I need a show that doesn't require me to watch as closely for those sessions) or when I'm on the treadmill (I can watch a show without captions on the elliptical, but the treadmill is so noisy subtitles are required!) It's a little "teen" ... but I like apocalyptic/sci-fi, but sometimes I think I prefer reading it than watching it. This IS a book series. I almost stopped watching when I found that out, but ... I'm also a little OCD about finishing what I start (at least to the end of the season anyway).

I have been watching "House of Cards" too ... it's one Hubs and I watch together, so it's NOT on in my exercise room (although once upon a time, Hubs and I did try watching some shows while we both worked out ... but sometimes it's nice just to relax and snuggle while watching).

As I'm close to finishing the seasons of these series, and new content isn't always available for my five shows, I guess I better be thinking ahead of what I'm going to watch next. Check back next month *Ü*

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