Friday, April 3, 2015

WWI #89 - Up But Happy

Well, I'm up. Again. But I'm happy. I'm NOT happy that I had a slight gain this week (.6) but as far as life in general? I'm happy. I'll be the first to admit that my life is pretty ideal right now. A handsome hubby, wonderful boys, a cute kitty that makes me smile. A nice house, a home gym, the weather has been SO lovely, I get to go to Zumba, there is so much yummy stuff to eat ...

Here's my quick weekly recap ...
  • Friday: We started the day with delicious fresh baked croissants. The older boys were out of school, #3 got invited to a friend's house. He doesn't have any kids his age in our neighborhood, so this made me happy. I started my day with Zumba, and had two friends with me there today. The weather was beautiful, and the little boys played outside in swimsuits.
  • Saturday: I so love that the basketball court has a track above it, so I can watch and jog at the same time. The game wasn't great, our boys got killed. I was so happy I at least got a workout in and didn't just have to sit and watch the carnage. I resisted getting donuts. Another beautiful weather day. I ♥ sunshine!
  • Sunday: Had a big family breakfast (with the inlaws included) after church. And a nap ...
  • Monday: At Zumba, we didn't have the usual ipad for music, so class was composed of whatever songs people had on their phones. It was fun to get some older songs we hadn't done in a while! Got in elliptical and reading/riding ... I'm loving books again! Gorgeous sunny day! Blue skies!
  • Tuesday: Love Tuesday Zumba, it starts early and I'm home by 10:00! Got in elliptical and bike too, and then hit a second Zumba in the evening! Took a new selfie for Facebook today (the other one was a little old).
  • Wednesday: Hump day, I took it a bit easy after the big day yesterday, just Zumba and elliptical. And ice cream ... there are such yummy flavors of ice cream out there. So often I'm just a vanilla girl, but I've been branching out a bit.
  • Thursday: Got to sleep in (as the kids are out for Spring Break). Zumba in the morning, I did several numbers helping out. Stopped at Kmart after and picked up Easter Candy and didn't pay anything (using my Fitstudio points). Got the kids started filling eggs (we provide them all for the family egg hunt, so it takes a WHILE to fill them all). Got in my elliptical (I think I'm caught up on all my shows) and Zumba in the evening too ... followed by grabbing some Crazy Bread for the kids at Little Caesars on the way home. That is become a bit of a weekly tradition too.
So that was my week. Pretty good exercise-wise. Still missing my weight workout. Gotta get that back in, either on Fridays, or Tuesdays ... or both would be even better! Zumba just makes me happy, I saw an article that talked about how Zumba can boost the mood and help you deal with stress. I know it has helped me with that, and also with confidence, getting me out of the house (I'm such a homebody) and making friends!

Eating hasn't been good or healthy ... but I've been enjoying it *Ü* I guess if chocolate also boosts the mood, no wonder I'm happy! People talk about the crash after, or feeling sluggish or yucky ... but I just feel great almost all the time. Yes, I'd love to still drop several pounds, but I'm satisfied where I'm at (which is not to say I'm going to stop trying, every day I AM trying, I am recording what I eat and at least trying to keep it under my estimated burn). 

As for NUMBERS ... weight was up .6. Average was up just a smidge (155.85). I actually managed to have a deficit this week, -1085. My average intake was 2400, average daily burn 2887. 

This coming weekend probably doesn't bode well ... I've gotten in nice workouts the past couple Saturdays. I don't think that will happen tomorrow. No basketball game (there was one originally scheduled, but I guess enough people were going out of town or having family parties that they postponed it). We will be having a family party ... there will be many yummy treats there. Another get-together on Sunday, and then school out on Monday too (which just throws my schedule off, I sleep in and such), but we'll see how it goes. Check back next week ...

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