Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Fitbit Friends

Back when I first got my Fitbit (about five years ago), I didn't know anyone else who had one. Through the Fitbit Community and such, I friended some people, and received friend requests. I have quite a few friends on Fitbit now. I have to admit ... I only know a very small portion of them. Some I have exchanged a text or two with,  others, I might follow on Facebook or on their blog. But I probably only have 20 or so that I actually know in real life. 

 Jane's son is on my boy's basketball team, and Terrilynne is my neighbor!
Love it when I see people I really know appear in my featured Fitbit friends!

Most everyone I KNOW, always comments about how I am #1 on their Fitbit friend list ... but you can see, looking at the image up top, that I am NOT #1 on MY friend list. And I don't think I ever will be! The top two on mine? They are consistently above 200,000 (a seven day day step total). I just can't compete with that, active as I am. I'm generally in 3rd, 4th or 5th place, although I do drop lower sometimes too.  You can see, looking at the three different "friend" lists featured up top, that many stay the same, yet other friends make appearances and shuffle up the list at times too. 

In the center list ... Scrapjen? That is me too! Wearing my ChargeHR. While it does seem to have a lower step count than my One, I think the discrepancy is more from my bike rides (I move the One to my sock, so it still picks up steps, but the ChargeHR on my wrist doesn't pick up any), and the fact that I don't wear it all the time (I take the Charge off at night, and often leave it off on Sundays, as I'm not anticipating much exercise and it usually doesn't go with my outfit). 

On the third list ... I love it when my family breaks into my featured friends! GrayBlack is Hubs! ColtBolt is #5 (my nine-year old ... active little kid, he never "exercises" he just plays!) Speaking of Fitbit Family ... they generally haven't added a lot of friends, so their lists are all just us (and a friend or two).

I've mentioned my oldest just left for a Mexico Mission. I sent him with a pedometer (unfortunately not a Fitbit, as due to religious restrictions he can't have his iphone or wifi access). But each week as he writes, he includes his steps as Mommy requested.

I then take them and manually enter them into Fitbit. It's fun to see where he falls compared to the rest of us. This past week, his 7-day total of 117.812 was his high to date. Ironically, he'd almost always claimed the #2 spot in all the previous weeks. This past week though, the family at home has been extra active. Hubs spent the weekend biking (he hasn't even made it onto Landon's List in past weeks, not even in the top seven). My basketball boy Callahan had multiple games this weekend, which pushed him up the list.  Even #4 (the 11-year old, SuperCooper) was extra active.

I do love seeing the Fitbit Family list! I wish Fitbit was a little more user friendly in their friends list. I wish I could make different "lists" that I had control over. Oh well ...

I must admit, at this point ... I don't accept every friend request sent my way. Not that I've been the victim of any stalking or inappropriateness, but sometimes when I get a random request from an unknown guy, and I can see all his friends are women. I'll pass. I'm a bit picky too ... something as simple as not having a profile picture. I don't care, it doesn't have to be an actual picture of the person, but I hate the generic silhouette.  And ... if I get a request and I can see this person has a really high step average... is it bad that I don't know if I want to add another unknown person that is just going to push me lower on my list? I know some people probably don't want to be friends with me, if it means I'll take up their top spot. I understand *Ü*

Linking up with Workout Wednesday ... 
I really need to take a few more steps to hit my 22K step goal for today!
Best get off the computer ...



  1. On the ChargeHR and steps thing - Mine consistently is about 15% below the One which I've decided I'll just go with (I'm not wearing the One any more).

    But, I find it curious that your Charge HR isn't counting steps on your bike rides. I use a recumbent bike and so long as I don't hold the handles my Charge HR does count steps. I just rest by arms on my thighs and it is fine (the Charge HR actually counts more steps than the One).

    By the way if the Charge HR still won't count bike steps, you can (1) thread it through shoelaces and you can get some that way or (2) wear it around your ankle.

    1. As long as the Charge is consistent(ly low) ... I agree, for me it's more about comparing ME to myself, not really to anyone else (although I do get involved in the competitions and things from time to time ... they sometimes those extra steps could count!).

      I'm on a recumbent too, but unless I rest my arm on my let (catching the up and down motion) it doesn't pick up much of anything. Usually I am holding onto the handlebars in front or at the sides, so my arm is quite stationary. I do move the One to my sock to catch steps, and did figure I could do the same, but I wanted to watch my heart rate ... which stays pretty pitifully low. But I am riding quite leisurely I admit. :)


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