Monday, May 25, 2015

Long Weekend

It's been a long weekend. Three days without Zumba. With Memorial Day today, it's not my usual Motivated Monday. Generally my Monday Zumba doesn't take off even for holidays, but our main instructor is gone, so it was cancelled today.  As a family, we all slept in, then did a big breakfast (we didn't do our usual Sunday Circles yesterday). Hubs made the rounds to the cemeteries ... I stayed home and supervised, as the kids had multiple friends over. I'll admit, my anxiety issues do get in the way (anticipating crowds and car rides). 

The photo above is Hubs and my MIL at her folks grave. The picture below is Hubs, MIL and my folks at the graves of my younger sister and brother who passed away as infants. The tree in the background was small when the babies were buried years ago. It sure has grown. 

Other weekend activities ...
  • Hubs and #3 painted #3's bedroom ... something that has been needed since the big room rearrange months ago. 
  • Replaced the windshields in all three of our vehicles, in an attempt to get them  registered. 
  • I made a couple trips to the store, restocking groceries.
  • Made a big batch of brownies, and cool whip dessert, for a family gathering on Sunday.
  • Finished up the last of the basketball videos (Spring League Highlights).
  • Updated the family blog and the missionary blog.
  • Lots of duckie fun (daily bath swimming and outside time)
  • Hubs and I finished up American Crime, and the latest GOT. I got in some Grey's Anatomy and Good Wife (still catching up). 
  • Finished up my latest book, and updated my GoodReads
Didn't get a lot of exercise in Saturday and Sunday. Managed to eat a lot both days though ... isn't that how it goes?  No Zumba today, but I got in 100minutes on the elliptical (it's been a while since I'd done that) and some reading/riding.

Hubs has "Band of Brothers" on right now ... 
that's appropriate for Memorial Day, right?

I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to the return to routine tomorrow. Back to Zumba! Yea! We'll see how it is getting up early again after three days of sleeping in. Only a couple more weeks left of "routine" and then it's the summer schedule. Lots of storms again this week, then I think we'll finally get some sunshine ...

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