Friday, May 1, 2015

WWI #93 - Fluctuations and Staying the Same

Generally, Friday is my lowest weigh-in of the week. I do badly over the weekend, and I recommit with the return to routine on Monday, working the weight down over the next few days. This week, Thursday morning was a little lower, and Friday came in exactly where I weighed in at last week. Here's my weekly recap ...

  • Friday: Zumba in the morning, and 40minutes of elliptical a little later in the day. I watched Grey's Anatomy ... I am sad. Seriously, I think it impacted my day! I really tried to control calories as we were going out in the evening with my family. 
  • Saturday: I had planned on getting in some jogging while watching #5 play basketball, but my videographers (sons #2 or #3) backed out, so I manned the camera during the game instead. Got in 40 min on the elliptical, but a slow step day. Not a low calorie day, as we met up with Hub's side of the family and it included eating out.
  • Sunday: I actually got in some exercise ... 40min on the elliptical. But there was also a LOT of laying around, and lots of calories consumed. Bad eating day!
  • Monday: Back at it ... Zumba in the morning, not quite the usual stats as there were some technical problems. Got in 60 min of elliptical, and 30min on the bike, reading and riding. Calories were over 2000, but not out of control.
  • Tuesday: Zumba in the morning, 60 minutes of elliptical during the day. Also got in weights and bike. #2 had a basketball game at 6:00. Hubs had a derby. I went ahead and hit evening Zumba too, taking one of my neighbors with me. In addition to the oodles of exercise, I actually kept calories in check!
  • Wednesday: Zumba in the morning. An hour of elliptical during the day. 30min reading and riding on the stationary bike ... three days in a row, I finished my book. #2 had two basketball games today, at 6:00 and 8:00 (lost the first, won the second). Hubs had a derby. Another day keeping calories in check.
  • Thursday: Zumba in the morning. Only 50 minutes of elliptical. #2 had a 4:00 basketball game.  I went to Zumba at 7:00, but was feeling just a tad off, but pushed through. Hubs had a derby, and stopped and picked up Popeyes on the way home. I have a hard time resisting their fried chicken ... and I did eat. A little over on calories.
NUMBERS: Weight fluctuated during the week, hitting a high of 159.6.  No weight change for the official weigh-in, but my average went down slightly. -.8 to 156.76.  I did have a deficit of 1970 for the week. Average intake 2279. Average daily burn 2895. 

And that was my week ...

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