Friday, May 29, 2015

WWI #97 - Down

I'm down. I guess I'm talking weight, but also emotionally. The official weigh-in was down at least. It was a gain for the average, and a new high for the week, so it's really not good. My crunched numbers aren't great either. NUMBERS: Down 1.0, but average up .4 to 160.09. Average in 2543. Average burn 2756. Overage for the week of 1758. So, sigh. 

It was a very off kilter week. Some good, a lot not so good. We had stormy skies, our baby duckies, a long weekend, an ortho appointment, a school program, a little person panic attack, sickness and even death (of a ducky, but I can't even express how sad it made me and Hubs). Here's a weekly recap ...

  • Friday: Hubs didn't leave for work early so he could have some ducky time in the morning. Got the boys off to school, Hubs off to work, and me off to Zumba. Got in some elliptical ... and quite a few goodies (ice cream and Reeses were calling). Prepped a package to go to #1 son in Mexico (we were able to send it with someone traveling there personally) ... LOTS of goodies for him!
  • Saturday: Hubs took my burb in for inspection ... it didn't pass. Dang it, that's another stress to try and get it before it expires at the end of the month. Hubs was able to call and get the cracked windshield replaced on the burb ... and the truck ... and the other truck. Too bad there wasn't a buy two get one free deal. We also went and picked up paint and painted #3's bedroom (which we'd promised him we would do back when we rearranged rooms back in February). Well .. WE didn't. Hubs and #3 did all the work. I was in the kitchen making brownies and cool whip dessert for an upcoming family gathering. Ate some of said brownies, and Hubs picked up some Popeyes ... bad eating day.
  • Sunday: We didn't go to our usual church, but went to my MIL's ward and an open house after. Big food spread ... quite a few calories consumed. No exercise.
  • Monday: Memorial Day. Usually Monday Zumba doesn't take a break for holidays, but with our main instructor gone, it was cancelled. We did our big breakfast we didn't do yesterday. Hubs made the rounds to the cemeteries, I stayed home and supervised as the kids had several friends over all day. Still managed to get in quite a bit of exercise. Eating was too high.
  • Tuesday: Back to the routine, and a great day. Not quite the usual routine, as I'm on duck duty in the morning when I generally try to get in a quick elliptical session. But it's ok, the duckies are SO cute. Just a little time outside, some time in the tub swimming. We do it again in the afternoon and evening. Got in Zumba, elliptical, bike and weights. Totally kept calories in check too!
  • Wednesday: Duckies, kids to school, Zumba. Immediately after Zumba, I had to run to the school and grab #3 and drop him at the orthodontist. Braces for the boy. It was a long visit, so I ran a couple errands (Kohls, Sears, Old Navy).  Got in an hour of elliptical and mowed the lawn. Weeded some ... much more fun with duckies by my side looking through the dirt. NBA game on in the evening when an emergency broadcast interrupted announcing a severe thunderstorm warning. Poor #4 freaked out. It was stormy out.  Hubs was out late, and not feeling well when he got home ... coming down with something. 
  • Thursday: Out with the duckies this morning, one (Joe) was being very sluggish ... I was worried about him. Went to drop the kidlets to school and #4 had a panic attack, I think the emergency broadcast from last night was still affecting him. I dropped off #5, then brought #4 back home, gave him a "chill pill" (Valium) and we did some homeschooling until he calmed down. I missed Zumba. My usual Thursday Zumba had cancelled as the church was getting new carpet, but I had been excited to hit an alternate one.  I was able to get #4 to school, and it was his school program ... so I was at the school watching that during the afternoon. So happy to have #2 able to pick up #3 (as he got out at the same time). I made some chicken soup for dinner. I still had my evening Zumba class, and I picked up crazy bread ... I didn't eat any though, as I had lost my appetite. We lost out little ducky Joe ... he died. What's really sad is our one little ducky left keeps calling out for him. It's heartbreaking. 

 a little painting 

 the goodies got to our Mexico missionary

 weeding and looking for worms
ducky is helping

#4 and Joe


 ... so that was the past week. It was rather tough. #3 and his braces, he's a bit of a complaining kid. The weather this week, lots of storms. Lots of worry from #4, so lots of worry from me. With the bad weather, I have to go to the school early (about 20 minutes early to get a spot) so I'm there right when he gets out of school. Worry about the hubs not feeling well. Worry about the ducky, and then the despair when he died. Seriously, I think Hubs and I felt it more than the kids.

And today?
I've got a barfing boy.

One final week of school next week ... then we'll revert to a summer schedule. Basketball camps and clinics. Scout camps and such. Probably some bowling and bouncing. Dental visits for all the boys (I set them up while I was in with #3 getting his braces on). Hopefully we can get the car to pass inspection and get registered ... I will NOT emotionally eat!

Late link-up with Weigh-In Wednesday.

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