Monday, June 29, 2015

WWI #101 - Don't Look At This Post

I don't know how many people actually read my blog ... but posting my weekly weigh-in this week, I actually kind of hope no one checks in. It was BAD. It wasn't that long ago I was complaining a bit about being stuck in the low 150s. Here I am almost 10 pounds over that. Yikes! Now I have to lose 10 just to get back to where I just need to lose 10! 

I'm late getting this post up. The goal would be to get the post up the same day as the weigh-in, which would be Friday. If that fails, then during the weekend ... here it is Monday morning. Perhaps it is because I didn't really want to post the weights from the week.NUMBERS ... up 4.2 pounds from last week. Normally I can have a big fluctuation like that after the weekend, but I can correct it by Tuesday or Wednesday. This week ... it didn't correct. Average intake was up, 2521. Average daily burn was down 2693. I didn't get my weights in on Tuesday. I missed Zumba on Thursday. Crunching the numbers I was over by 2631 for the week. Not good, but not four pounds worth either!

Here's a quick recap of the day by day ...
  • Friday (0619): Got in morning Zumba. It was the last day of basketball camp for #3. I took the two little boys and a friend to the park. It was HOT. Got in some elliptical. Kept calories pretty much in check. Quantity at least, not quality. Hubs and I went to visit Dad in the evening. He is doing better, off the oxygen. But still bad when it was time to take Mom home, he insisted on leaving too. We ended up staying quite late, and it was really hard on the emotions!
  • Saturday (0620): I debated hitting a morning Zumba class, but didn't make it out of bed. Only got in 20min on the elliptical today. Took the munchkin to his basketball game, then prepped some treats for a neighborhood social in the early evening (jello cubes, brownies). Walked to/from the park, but I didn't stay long. Dad was moved from intensive care today, but will still need to stay for a few more days. 
  • Sunday (0621): Father's Day. We were too slow to get breakfast in bed for Hubs. He'd gone to let the ducks out, so we brought him breakfast outside. The boys ate outside too. It was a lovely morning. I walked to/from church to do my piano primary duty. We had a party at my brother's in the early evening. Surprise! Dad was released from the hospital and was able to attend! I brought brownies, Cool Whip dessert, Chex mix and jello cubes. I ate WAY to much Chex mix.
  • Monday (0622): Dropped #2&#3 at the high school at 6:00 am. They will be gone to a basketball tournament for a week! Had a good Zumba workout in the morning ... and also hit it at 5:00 too. In-between, got in some shopping and elliptical. Whew! Basketball practice for #5 in the evening. A little overindulgence in food.
  • Tuesday (0623): Walked to/from Zumba. Took the two little boys bowling. Got in some bike and elliptical. Probably would have done okay on food, but #5 had a scout meeting in the evening. We were requested to bring a treat to share (I brought homemade oreos) and with the baking and all the yummy temptations, I overindulged again.
  • Wednesday (0624): Hit Zumba, I know I could get better numbers in this class once I learn the steps and give it a little more oomph (I was dragging a bit today). Got in elliptical and bike, and I mowed the front lawn. The house is quiet with just the two little boys home! Quite over on calories today.
  • Thursday (0625): My usual Zumba was cancelled, as there was a funeral in the building. I could have hit an alternate class, but I wasn't feeling 100%. I got in some elliptical, but it was hard. I took the little boys to a park/splash pad for a bit, but had a pretty low-key day. Didn't hit Zumba in the evening, just not feeling up to it. 
Father's Day Photos

... at the family Father's Day party

 Dropping off the boys Monday morning ...

... and their email updates during the week

... a little bowling on Tuesday

Daddy and his duckies ... should I be jealous?

Sunday, June 21, 2015

WWI #100 - Worst Week in a While

Not a good week at all ... but it could have been worse! Had a disappointing Monday morning, when I went to Zumba and we couldn't get the music to work (later uncovered it was some faulty cords which have now been replaced). It was just discouraging to drive out (it's one that is a bit further for me), wait ... and then head home without any dancing calorie burn. I did manage to have a decent day, even still hit 30k ...

Then Tuesday night, I got one of those calls you don't want to get. My dad had just had a heart attack. Hubs and I joined the my family at the hospital. Dad is 78, but has stayed very active and is in good health, so this did come as a shock. He had been playing tennis with my 17-year old nephew at the time. A neighbor saw him fall and called her husband (a doctor) who performed CPR. The ambulance got their quickly, and he was transported to the hospital. That night, we were there until around 2:00. The next day, he was still sedated, with a breathing tube and respirator. His heart seemed to have come through things fine (two stents inserted) and his kidneys had survived (they can be damaged during the process) but his brain function was still in question.  It wasn't until Thursday that he was able to wake up and remember us all. 

Unfortunately, his short term memory is still foggy. He couldn't remember the heart attack and didn't know why he was in the hospital. Even though he was the one in bed, in a hospital gown, hooked up to machines, he thought he was just visiting someone there. My grandmother had alzheimers and this was reminiscent of that. Hubs and I were on the late shift the next couple nights (Thurs/Fri) and when it was time to take Mom home, Dad was adamant that HE was going to. He didn't need to stay in the hospital, he'd be better off at home, he was just fine ... it was really hard!

He is improving every day. Physically, his healing is leaps and bounds ahead of what is expected after such an ordeal. We hope his short term memory and logic come back quickly too!  Every year, we have a big family party on Father's Day. We received a surprise this morning when the doctors agreed that Dad COULD come home (he is just to agitated being in the hospital, he probably will do better at home) and could even come to the family party! So Happy Father's Day indeed!

Here's a picture from last year ...
Last year, I had suggested a picture with Dad and us six kids. We've had lots of family shots and such, but I couldn't remember the last "Dad and Kids" picture. Mom and Dad have also really been working at getting all their affairs in order (wills and trusts) and encouraging us all to do the same. You just never know!

I'm often sharing our family Fitbit stats. As my son (on an LDS mission to Mexico) sends me his steps each week, I update them, then see how he stands in steps compared to the rest of us.  My dad, (Grandpa) is always there in the top 10 (although just barely this past week, #9). My boys have been more active as summer has started, but Grandpa has often had them beat in the past. He'd just gone on a big hike up the mountains the day before his heart attack ... and had one planned for this weekend too. We are so glad that things worked out the way they did! If he'd been up on a trail, he wouldn't have had the medical help so quickly and we would have lost him. Even at home, in the back yard garden, or in the house ... I don't know that it would have been witnessed and acted upon so quickly.    It will take some time to recover, and Grandpa will slip from his spot here in the next bit, but at this point we're pretty sure he'll be back!

So as for me ... there was some emotional/comfort eating. I was sitting at my desk at one point during the week when I realized (with wrappers as evidence) that I'd gone through several servings of chocolate Resisen carmel candies. I was still able to hit most of my Zumba classes during the rest of the week, but I could feel the impact there in the exercise as well. Mom may need more help in the upcoming weeks too, so we'll have to see what that does to eating and exercise coming up. 

As we were waiting that Tuesday night ... I couldn't sit still. Yes, some was nerves and such, but mostly I am just NOT a sitter. It's physically uncomfortable for me. I was already at my daily goal of 22k (I hit 22923 that day), so it wasn't that I needed the steps.  I was trying to unobtrusively walk around. My SIL joined me, saying she was in a competition to get 10k a day and just needed a few more before midnight.  We had to laugh a little at the sign posted there in the waiting room ... the meaning is "don't move the furniture around" which I didn't do, but I was definitely moving around the furniture making my little laps.

Weight IS up ... again. Officially over 160 this week :(  up 1.1 from last week. Average is up even more (161.67). Average intake for the week was 2357, with average daily burn 2717. Crunching the numbers, I didn't have a deficit, but was over by 950 calories. 

... and now, off to our family Father's Day party.
Father's Day 2015.
Why yes, I believe Dad is wearing the same shirt as last year!

Thursday, June 18, 2015


Ah, the Fitbit Surge. One of the latest superwatches to hit the market. It you follow this blog at all, you are probably aware, that we are a Fitbit Family. Even though the price tag of the Fitbit Surge is $250, when Hubs expressed an interest, I encouraged him to give it a try. I consider myself something of a Fitbit connoisseur, so I do like to have some experience with all the different styles. We had yet to add a Surge to the Family.

Hubs was still a little hesitant ... he hasn't worn a watch in a while, and wasn't sure how he'd feel about something on his wrist. Of course, he was sure I wouldn't be able to adapt to the ChargeHR for the same reason, and I've been fine. The Surge is bigger than the Charge though. He really wanted to just try it one somewhere, but no place seemed to have that option. He finally purchased one at Target, they said he could return it within 14 days if it didn't work out.

I told Hubs I wanted to post a review on my blog, and he was SO good in writing up a little list of pros and cons from his experience with the device.

  • FitBit familiarity. Having used a FitBit for a few months there was no getting used to a new app and its navigation.
  • Fairly simple to use, especially during workouts.
  • Screens are "sticky" meaning they don't change back to a home screen after a period of time. Some have said they don't like that. I like it.

  • Step count isn't consistent with other FitBit devices (comparing past workouts with a previous device). I would like to test and experiment with this but I don't know that I want to invest the time. I wear both the ChargeHR and my One, and the ChargeHR is consistently under the One in steps, with the One matching my Omron. The 11-year old tried wearing both a Zip and his Charge and they were pretty consistent.
  • Driving home the other day I could tell it was counting steps while I was driving. Not a crazy number of steps added but up to 100
  • The charging connection is very poor. Why they didn't just use micro-USB instead of a proprietary connector, that doesn't even make a good positive connection, is beyond me 
  • Can't be sure how responsive the heart rate monitor is. This is mainly a concern on the spin cycle as I watch that metric regularly. It's not a big deal on most other exercises. It seems to take a while for the monitor to catch up to the heart rate. I don't think chest strap monitors have the same issue.
Deal-Breaker: GPS doesn't seem to be accurate when compared to the GPS use in my iPhone (Runkeeper) and also my Garmin Forerunner. Even after trying to allow enough time for the GPS to triangulate with the satellites I still got a reading below what the historical distance has been, as measured by other devices.

So ultimately ... Hubs decided to return the Surge. Perhaps it was a bad one. I saw a fellow wearing one at a family function and asked him about his experience (because I'm like that, if I see you with a Fitbit, I'll strike up a conversation!) *Ü* He said he really liked it, and had found the mileage tracking to be quite accurate,  even while biking (which was one of the positive points my husband was looking for).  He's wearing a simple Zip now, for steps. He has a HRM for that when he wants to monitor his heart rate, he has a couple GPS units when he needs to track mileage. It just just would have been nice to have it all in one!

And I could have SWORN I  took a picture of Hubs wearing the Surge before we returned it. I even recall a rather funny face in the picture ... but I can't find it anywhere!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Recent Reads - Janie Johnson Series

These past several weeks, while I haven't been very productive as far as food and fitness ... I have been reading. I speed through all five books in this Janie Johnson series (six are pictured, but one is just a short add-on ebook). This certainly wasn't the best series I've read, but I did continue on from book to book and read them all, so that does say something for keeping my attention. There were fairly short, aimed more for a YA (female) audience.

I'd had this on my "to read" list after seeing it recommended somewhere. When the series appeared again on a list of books recommended for reluctant readers, I figured I'd give it a try. My local library had all the books (including the small e-book addition) as digital downloads, and all were available. The first book won awards back in 1993, so it isn't fresh off the presses (Janie uses a pay phone at one point ... that dates things!)

The covers make the series appear a bit more sinister than it really is ... much of it was really quite light (as we are in the head of our young protagonist and she's a bit flighty). Just shy of 16 years old, Janie sees the face of a missing little girl on a milk carton and recognizes her younger self. While the author does attempt to explain away several issues, I did feel like it called for a bit of suspension of disbelief. It was a complex situation that makes you consider what is right and wrong. 

As I finished the first book, I felt it was a little "young" ... the voice of Janie grated on me at times. I wasn't sure I would continue, but, as the second book is titled "What Ever Happened to Janie" ... honestly, I did wonder! That book had a fairly nice conclusion, so again, I didn't think I'd continue, but I read the first couple chapters (included at the back of the book) and I was interested enough to continue. The fourth book brought in another dimension to the already sticky situation. "What Janie Saw" was only 32 pages, but it was a pretty important intro to book 5. I really felt like it should have been included as part of that book, not a separate entity. The final offerings (the e-book and book 5) grated on me again ... the "voice" of a new character was extremely unlikeable, enough so that I really couldn't enjoy the read.

I think I probably would have really enjoyed the series if I had read it when I was a teen ... of course it hadn't quite been written yet then! As I peeked at the reviews on Amazon and Good Reads, the ratings seemed all across the board. Some loved it. Some hated it. I liked it ... have you heard of or read this series?

Unfortunately ... I only read a small portion of this while on the stationary bike. I've been a bit of a lazy slug lately! Reading in bed ... can you imagine?

Sunday, June 14, 2015

WWI #99 - Funk

I'm in a funk. Not a happy uptown funk either. I hardly have the motivation to get this blog post up. Blah.  Technically, down .3 (which really isn't anything), but I'll admit, I did step on the scale twice and took the lower reading. Otherwise, it would have been  up by about the same smidgen. Average was up. 160.33.  My eating was slightly down. 2220 was the average in. Not even aiming for a 1200 intake, I know I can't keep that up, but an average under 2000? Doable ... I just haven't come close to doing it.  Average daily burn was 2860. Crunching the numbers, I had a weekly deficit of 1000.

It was the first week of "summer" and no school. There were moments already when the kids were bored. It might be a long summer. Here's a quick day by day recap of the week ...

  • Friday: A bit of a crazy day. Last day of school for the little ones, plus an awards assembly. I managed to squeeze in a Zumba between dropping them off and getting back for that. #2 ended up home for the evening with a sick stomach, and I was feeling off too. Hubs and I had thought of hitting a movie, but he ended up going with the little guys while I stayed home.
  • Saturday: #5 had a basketball game in the morning. I did manage to get quite a bit of stuff done around the house, but while I THOUGHT about hitting the gym more (I had the time) I didn't. I kept calories in check though! Huge thunderstorm in the evening.
  • Sunday: Croissants for a quick breakfast before church, Sunday Circle brunch afterward. Another family hike in the evening. A bit of miscommunication, and I ended up staying home. Needed to get in some Zumba practice anyway.
  • Monday: First day of SUMMER ... didn't really sleep in. #3 was off to a youth camp for three days. I dropped him at the church on my way to Zumba. Did my usual store stop & errands on the way home.#2 hit the gym (not my gym, the boys got a membership for the summer) and the little boys went next door to play. The house was actually quiet! I hit a Zumba class at 5:00. Papa Murphy Monday for dinner. Should have taken #5 to basketball practice, but he didn't feel like going and neither did I actually ...
  • Tuesday: Oh what a beautiful morning ... I was able to walk to Zumba as I didn't have to get the little boys off to school. Had a good day, getting in elliptical, bike and weights. Had a couple friends over, which entertained the boys. #2 had to work in the evening.
  • Wednesday: Tried a new Zumba class this morning and liked it. I think I'll be going back. Wasn't too motivated for the rest of the day though. Had little friends over most of the day. #3 arrived back home in the early evening.
  • Thursday: The church floor was being refinished, so my usual Zumba was cancelled. I tried a new class. It wasn't really Zumba, but more simple moves with weights (to music) ... I do prefer my dancing.  I did have my usual Zumba in the evening. #2 was gone to a basketball tournament during the day, I would love to go see him play but it's a little too far for me. Hubs and #2 did a Lego derby in the evening and the other boys watched the NBA playoffs.

 #4 and his Great American Award

#3 off to camp for three days.

 Hubs with the duckies... eating a worm out of his hand.

#5 in the doghouse ... or DUCKhouse.
The duckies are going to be spending the night outside soon!

As soon as there are no storms in the forecast.
This sky was a little strange!
 Blue sky on one side, scary orange clouds on the other.

I don't know what is wrong with me. I'll admit, the shift in schedules does throw me a bit. Wanting to be a good mom, knowing I do need to provide some fun outings for the kids in the summer, warring with my desire to just stay home. I'm not feeling very motivated. Even my beloved Zumba ... I've been feeling a bit tired of. I want to eat better, and I think maybe I can do better ... and then I don't. I think maybe I can do better at cleaning the house, making dinners ... and then I don't. Sometimes I look in the mirror and I'm fairly happy with what I see, other times ... I don't. Especially these last few days, just really in a funk and feeling down.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Thrifty Thursday - Prime

Time for another Thrifty Thursday report. Today I'm going to talk a little about Amazon. I L♥VE Amazon. They almost always seem to have the best prices, and with free shipping with Prime, I don't have to spend the time (or the impulse purchases) I would going to a store. Yes, there is a charge for Prime, but it's well worth it to me. Originally, we paid for Prime JUST for the free 2-day shipping, but Prime offers so much more!

  • I adore the free shipping. Before, I'd try to add things to my cart to exceed $25 (now $35) to get the free shipping and sometimes, I'd buy things I didn't really need to get it. With Prime, I place an order when I want without waiting. Although I'm willing to wait a bit. I usually don't NEED 2-day shipping. Another money saving trick I love ... if you aren't in a rush (just practice patience and buy ahead) you can elect "no rush" shipping, and Amazon will credit you $1 for a future digital purchase (music, ebooks or streaming shows). I've had my eye on a book, and I'll now get it for free because of multiple purchases I've waited a few extra days for shipping on!
  • We have Netflix, and at first I wasn't too interested in Amazon's streaming. I am now. There are a ton of good movies and television programs. They added a lot of HBO content, and picked up NickJr stuff (BluesClues, Dora, etc) that Netflix dropped. We do still have Netflix, but I like having my Amazon backup (as at times two people are already watching, and that is the Netflix limit. If that happens, I always make sure I have an Amazon show I'm watching while I exercise). 
  • I love reading! I have a huge collection of digital books in my Kindle Cloud that I've picked up for free (from Pixal of Ink and Book Bub), and I have a list a mile long at my local library. Amazon has introduced it's KindleUnlimited plan, but as a Prime member, you can borrow any of those books. The Kindle Lending Library is limited to one per month, but it's just another perk of Prime membership (you do have to have an actual Kindle for this, not just an app).
  • My husband has been a fan of Spotify, and my son paid out for a BeatsMusic membership. Amazon now includes music streaming as part of the Prime package. Hubs just cancelled Spotify and switched to Amazon and seems satisfied (and I like the monthly savings!)
  • Dropbox and Google and other companies are competing in their offers of online storage space. The price has really dropped lately, which I love.  As I logged onto Amazon this morning (to place an order, no rush shipping for my $1 credit) I received the little notice above that I wasn't taking advantage of the photo storage plan. Unlimited photo storage. It's always nice to have a backup, and another online storage option.
One other way I get a little extra when ordering from Amazon ... I pick up Amazon gift certificates at my local Kroger store. Then my purchase goes toward gas rewards (they always offer 2x the points on gift card purchases ... and often have a 4x the points special). I just bring home the gift card, load it to my account and then it's there for me when I need it. No need to hang onto the actual gift card anymore. I prefer one big purchase on my Visa (where I also get a little cash back credit) rather than dozens of small Amazon purchases cluttering up my monthly credit card statement as I look it over.

Just feeling a bit thrifty this Thursday, as I placed an order for a small item (some smoothie straw), checking around and seeing that Amazon did indeed have the best price. Free shipping, $1 credit for accepting no rush shipping, Hubs streaming music, me streaming a show (just started the sci-fi show Defiance), borrowing my monthly book (I just finished "Pines" ... reviewed on GoodReads).

Do you pay for Prime? Is it worth it to you?

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Wii Are Back In Business

I remember when the Wii was the IT electronic. That was many years ago. The kids have all their games, so I had a separate Wii in my gym, with the Wii Fit balance board and the Wii Fit disk. I would go through phases, using it every day ... then not so much.

The kids just got out of school, and have a lot more time on their hands now. The munchkin told me that the Wii in their room wasn't working. I hadn't used the Wii in my gym in a long time, so I figured I'd could move it to their room. As I got it all set up, I figured I'd do a little Wii Fit myself.

I remember seeing a post a few days ago from Katie, on her Runs for Cookies blog. In this post, she mentions how she got back on her Wii after a long break and the resulting weight gain documented. I could relate ... I knew that would be the case with me. It had been a little over six months since I'd stood on the Wii and weighed in there. Back in October, I had FINALLY managed to get into the 140s and was feeling good. Now? I know I've put on some pounds. I weigh in every day and document it every Friday here on the blog ... but to see it there shown after a big break, instead of the daily slide. Fourteen pounds. Ouch! It's not very nice when your little Wii Mii suddenly plumps up!

Now the Wii isn't a big "exercise" for me. I like my Zumba and elliptical for cardio. I do my own weight workout. I do like the balance exercises on the Wii, as I don't feel like I really have them in my general routine. I could tell I was rusty as I attempted the soccer heading, skiing, and I forget the name of the one where you have to drop the marbles into the holes.

What was fun, is that the boys saw me on the Wii ... and they got back into WiiFit too. I mean I'm sure they will be spending time playing SuperSmashBrothers and Mario, but I'm going to encourage them to spend some time doing WiiFit too. We're already competing for steps on Fitbit, let's see if they can beat me on some of the Wii activities. Except that the ones they like aren't necessarily the ones I like, so who knows if that will actually happen.

We just have the regular old Wii ... not the Wii U. The kids looked up the Wii U Fit and said that it's quite superior. The console is definitely superior in price, then you have to buy new games too! I think I'll just stick with my tried and true, and see if I can Wii a bit each day this summer. See if I can slim down my little, or NOT so little Mii. Unfortunately ... she's moved into the overweight category again :(

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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

TV Tuesday - Series I've Seen But Never Watched

Time for another monthly edition of TV TUESDAY here on the blog. Since I posted last, I have finished up Daredevil on Netflix, and got caught up on all MY shows as they finished up their seasons (Grey's, Good Wife, Nashville, Scandal). Going back to Grey's after watching Daredevil made me remember I ♥ Grey's Anatomy. I was often anxious to get back down to my gym and work out so I could watch the next episode. Sometimes, some shows I'm just pushing through ...

I haven't really started another series to spotlight here, so I thought I'd do a bit of a random post about several shows that I've SEEN, but never really WATCHED ... and now, never will. I'm a little obsessive about TV sometimes. I hate to see an episode ahead of what I've watched! It ruins it for me. So when the kids are watching something upstairs, and I'm catching bits and pieces ... that is a series I'll never see, other than those bits and pieces (which often add up to a lot, making me feel like I know what is going on). Some shows I had on my exercise "to watch" list, but if they're on upstairs, then off the list they go.  

I did watch the pilot episode while on the elliptical some years ago. I'd heard good things and wanted to see what I thought; if it would be okay for the kids. I did quite enjoy it, but I just never continued on my own. Then the boys discovered it.  I've caught quite a bit of Shaun and Gus over all the seasons. I'm well aware of their girly screams, silly antics, the romance with Juliet ... yet other than the first episode, I've never seen another from start to finish. 

I like police dramas, and I'd had this one on my "to watch" list for some time. The boys started watching it. It is one I probably would have liked, although I like my shows to really carry the story from one episode to the next, and this seemed more like individual episodes that you could hit and miss. I don't feel like it's a huge loss. I never picked up too much (names of the characters and such) as I have with some of the other shows the boys watch ... I COULD probably still watch this and not really remember the parts and pieces I've seen, but I doubt I ever will.

Medical dramas are another favorite of mine (ala Grey's Anatomy!) and I'd heard good things about House. Then the older boys started watching ... another series ruined for me. I kinda, sorta, know a little bit about what happens throughout the series, and I guess that's all it will be ...

Yikes! This one is a dark drama! My oldest is interested in profiling, psychology and crime investigation. After seeing some of these, I told him NOT to watch it when little brothers were around. I'd had this on my "to watch" list, but I don't know if I actually would have made it through it!  #1 son is gone on an LDS mission for two years, so this one hasn't been on in recent months.

This HAS been on in recent months! Oh my heavens teenage soap opera! I had watched the first season of this in my gym some years back. It hadn't hooked me, and I never continued on with the other seasons. When my 16 year old started watching, I have to say I was surprised. "But Mom, it's about basketball!" Ummmm, a bit, just as the background for the rest of the stuff. I don't love the kids watching, as there is a lot of high school drinking and sleeping around (of course, "Friends" is another favorite that has that too). The boys (my 14 year old is now watching too) aren't quite through the entire series yet, but boy ... it's had some eye-rolling, over-the-top stuff. I keep reminding the boys this is NOTHING like real life! I don't feel bad that this is not on my "to watch" list anymore.

I still have a "to watch" list a MILE long (Netflix and Amazon Prime), 
although I wonder what the boys will ruin for me next?

Saturday, June 6, 2015

WWI #98 - Up but Just Ducky

I was thinking I had stayed the same, barely squeaking in under 160, but that was two weeks ago I had this same weight. I had dropped a bit last week ... so back up again this week. Average actually stayed exactly the same (160.09). NUMBERS: Average intake was 2486. Average Burn was 2889, this resulted in an overage of 655.

I didn't manage to keep one day under 2000 calories in. Quality of calories makes quantity of calories a real struggle. I felt pretty good on the fitness front though. Had another high in Zumba. Had a little track time (#5 has started up basketball again, and I'm walking/jogging during his practices). I didn't get any bike time, but I did jog a whole mile! It's been a while since I'd done that. I did get one sessions of weights in. Then my usual Zumba and elliptical (although just 40 minutes per day, not an hour as I had been getting in sometimes in the previous weeks).

Here's my quick weekly recap ...

  • Friday: Beautiful sunny day. I spent a little time out in it. After school, #5 said he was feeling sick, and sure enough, he threw up. This did impact the evening somewhat. I had gotten in my Zumba and elliptical earlier though.
  • Saturday: Bad night, up with #5 a couple of times. My folks called to invited us to a late breakfast. Daddy stayed home with #5 and I took #3 and #4 (#2 had work stuff). It was good, and I didn't feel like I overate ... not there anyway. I did by end of day! Only got in some elliptical today, although #4 and I took a long walk along the canal in the evening.
  • Sunday: Great family Sunday. Did our Sunday circle breakfast. Went up the canyon and walked Silver Lake. Had some pizza indulgence in the evening. Another high calorie day. Low exercise, only 10min on the elliptical other than the walk around the lake.
  • Monday: I was on deck again to lead the class, and I practiced a couple songs in the morning before heading out. Got a new high again! Had the A/C guy come out, because yesterday the house was HOT. Daddy brought home two new baby ducklings. #5 had his basketball practice in the evening. I walked the track, jogging a couple times. I did get in my elliptical during the day too, and kept calories pretty much in check. 
  • Tuesday: My mornings are a bit off, with the older boys not taking lunches (they don't have lockers anymore, so they just take hot lunch rather than having to carry a bag around). I completely forgot to make one for #4 until it was time to go. I was a little late to Zumba. Caught a little sun, got in elliptical, weights and even a one mile jog on the treadmill. Kept calories under control until the evening ... it was #2's first day on the job at KFC, so of course we were all suddenly craving fried chicken.
  • Wednesday: #2 didn't go to school, so I had to drop off #3 ... I've been spoiled having a little extra time in the morning (although it's been taken up with duckies lately). Zumba, and then some quick errands (Sears, Sams, Post Office). #5 had three friends over after school, it was a bit chaotic! #3 had a friend over too. I did manage to get my elliptical in, and mowed the lawn.
  • Thursday: On double carpool duty again this morning, but it's #3's last day. Hit Zumba, then Kmart (had to get a new basketball for #5 as his popped). Dropped #3 off at friends to go swimming in the afternoon. Made chicken and gravy over rice for dinner. I went to Zumba. The older boys were gone in the evening (basketball practice for #3, date for #2), Hubs took #4 out to cousins, and #4 stayed home to watch the NBA playoffs game.
 The family up at Silver Lake

 Daddy and his duckies

This video makes me laugh...
Ducky will jump for worms!

A video posted by Grayson Blackham (@gblackham) on

A video posted by JenB (@jenbsjourney) on
So even though weight is up ... right there on the edge of absolutely unacceptable (and into unacceptable during the week), it was a pretty good week. The last week of school. Now the shift to the summer schedule. No more school carpools and homework help, but still a lot of running the kids here and there, sleeping in, staying up late ... we'll see what happens!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

May 2015 - Zumba Stats

Time for another monthly Zumba update. I went to 25 different Zumba classes during the month of May. Got in some Saturday sessions, and some evening ones, in addition to my usual morning classes Monday-Friday.  I did have to miss a couple classes (an assembly at the school, a little person panic attack, a basketball game) and there were a couple class cancellations. I also "taught" a class, and got my highest heart rate yet!

May Zumba Stats
** click on picture to enlarge **

I hit one new class this month, at the South Jordan Rec Center. This one is for members, but they were offering class free for women on Mother's Day weekend (it's the picture at the top). I also went to a Friday fundraiser event, with several instructors I was familiar with, but a couple new guys as well.

The "winners" this month are ...
  •  Highest Heart Rate: I haven't quite been able to break the 138 average on the ChargeHR, but on the Polar ... 153! That was on Monday, May 18 when I was heading up the class. Do I just do an awesome class or what? Being on stage, giving your all as everyone is looking at you, choosing the songs you know and like, and having a prepped playlist (no waiting between songs) I think is what tipped the scale there. That is going to be tough to beat!
  • Highest Calorie Estimate Average: 533 on Monday, May 18 also. 600 on the Polar. 500 on both the ChargeHR and One.  That barely beats last month's 518 mark. 
  • Highest Step Count: This award goes to the Friday Fundraiser ... which isn't quite fair, as it was longer than the average hour Zumba class. But that's where I got the most steps in a class this month. 7346 ... but that doesn't beat MZL's April High Step Count still!
Here's some snapshots from the past 30 days of dancing ...

 Cute Claudia 
(Mountain View Zumba, Thursdays in West Jordan)

 Marian ... big smiles! Thursday night class in West Jordan.

 Heather H back at it after baby ...
(Mountain View Zumba. HH Dancing)

 Heather Jones rocking it. Friday in Sandy.

 Me at MZL. Wednesdays in West Jordan.

The SoJo Group (BIG class!)

The Friday Fundraiser Crew!
Here's a quick YouTube clip of them in action!

Two trackers on my arm!
Debbie C is back at Southziders after a double knee replacement!

Playlist from Monday, May 18

Alas, Debbie in Daybreak (different Debbie, Debbie Hancock) has been out this month with an injury, so I didn't get any "Dancing with Debbie" classes. With June, comes the end of school, and the summer schedule. I still plan on hitting my Zumba most mornings, we'll see if the kidlets let me. I may try out some new classes that I couldn't before (due to timing conflicts and getting the kids to school) ... we'll see! Check back next month to see more stats and snapshots! Zumba on!

Monday, June 1, 2015

May 2015

May ... I'd hoped to do better than in April, but it didn't happen. Alas, everything is up. Started the month at 158.6, ended at 159.10. The average was 158.87. The high 162.50 and the low ... wasn't very low. 155.6. I'm sad I tipped into the 160s. I had vowed never to do that again.

It's the eating. I continue to track what I eat, while still eating bad. I just can't seem to get it in control. I have been keeping up with the exercise. Zumba and elliptical almost every day. Some biking (reading and riding), weights at least once a week. I did get a new high for an hour of Zumba (600 on the Polar). Still dealing with boys in my gym, and my youngest actually surpassed me in steps this past month! Kids! May will definitely be remembered as being just ducky! Literally! We hatched ducklings, and they have been taking up some time too. They are so cute and a lot of fun. My garden has never been so weed free (because it's actually fun to weed with them around). I had to replace my Fitbit (under warranty), #3 got braces, we had some weather to deal with. Mother's Day and some other family activities. Here's my daily entries for the month ...

*** JenB's Journal ***
  •  0501 (Friday) Weight 155.6. Pretty Good Day. Total Burn 2872. Exercise Burn 850/1157 (40minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2200. Hubs stayed home from work to final his prep for going out of town on a bike road trip weekend. Mountain biking/Camping ... doesn't sound fun to me! I did the usual kid dropoffs then went out to Zumba. Early out at the elementary, middle school pickup, then dropped off Hubs where he was meeting a friend going on the trip too. #2 had basketball games in the evening, at 7:00 and 9:00. #3 had stayed after school, hanging with friends and as it got late, asked if he could sleep over. I said ok, it's his first sleep over. I continued to work on computer stuff (blogging, game highlights, and setting up Instagram/Twitter to share said game clips with #2's friends more easily ... apparently teens today aren't on Facebook anymore). Didn't get to sleep until 2:00. Unheard of for me!  
  • 0502 (Saturday) Weight 156.1. Okay Day. Total Burn  2730. Exercise Burn 700/1011 (30minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2500. After the late night last night, I really thought I would sleep in this morning. It didn't happen. For some reason, at 7:00 I was wide awake ... so I went to Zumba. The one over at the Karate studio. I paid $50 for a 10 punch pass. It was only me and my neighbor, but it is small, I'm not sure how many people it couple comfortably hold. I stopped at Sams to fill up on gas and grab some groceries after. Got in a little elliptical, but it was a busy day. #3 got back, and suddenly decided he needed a haircut. NOW. I did end up taking him in, Fantasic Sams had an hour wait, so we tried SuperCuts. He could maybe ride his bike there for any emergency hair cut situations in the future! #5 had his game at 12:00. Luckily I remembered we had treats, so we prepped those before we went. As no video helper was willing to go, I manned the camera instead of jogging the track ... but I was so glad I did. #5 had an AMAZING game! He was on fire! He scored 17 points, one of them was a three pointer. The coach had to pull him for a bit just to give the other team a chance to catch up. Later, #2 had a couple games, at 4:00 and 7:00. In between I worked a little making highlight videos. I stayed up late on the computer again too. When the Hubs is away ... 
  • 0503 (Sunday) Weight 155.8. Bad Day. Total Burn 2017. Exercise Burn 0/282 (no exercise). Calories in 2800.  Didn't really sleep in as much as I would have thought. Made breakfast for the munchkins, then we went to church. The two little boys had little party in primary. Laid down for a little nap in the early afternoon, but then a thunderstorm hit and #4 came in all anxious. He couldn't find his headphones (coping mechanism) and we all had to look around to find them (#5 found them, thanks little helper!) The storm passed really quickly though, which was good, as we had a family party at my folks house at 4:30. They did the big "breakfast for dinner" with waffles, fruit, meats and eggs. Missing my hubby's fabulous waffle mix (had to go with boxed stuff) and I still manned the waffle irons. My oldest brother had brought "a box of childhood" in the form of records that he had somehow ended up with. I'd been able to find a majority of my childhood favorites converted to digital over the years, but there was one or two albums in there that could never be located, and are therefore priceless, at least to me! My siblings (their spouses and kids) thought I was a little crazy bursting into song as I looked over everything! Amazing how everything can come right back with the right triggers. Happy! Another late night ... 
  • 0504 (Monday) Weight 158.9.  Good Day. Total Burn 3013. Exercise Burn 900, 1289 (40minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2200. Got the kids off to school, then hit Zumba. Stopped at Kmart and Smiths on the way home. I might have spent $100 on flowers ... happy early mother's day to me! I only got in a couple sessions on the elliptical in during the day, but I stayed pretty active. Mowed the front lawn, then planted my flowers. They really fill up the truck of the car, but just don't go that far in the flower beds! I got sprinkled on a bit. There was some rain, and some thunder and lightening. I had gone to the elementary early to make sure I was there when the little ones got out of school, as I figured #4 would be concerned. He was really cute at home though, as a big thunder rolled out, he said "Well, I'm off to the basement" ... not in his usual terrified way, but just stating a fact (the basement bedroom is his "safe spot", windows blacked out, headphones on, hard to hear/see a storm there). I ended up splashing myself with mud while planting, so I took an early shower. Hubs texted around 6:00 requesting a pickup, so I went out and grabbed him. Good to have my man back safe and sound. Did ok on calories today. 
  • 0505 (Tuesday) Weight 157.0. Bad Day. Total Burn 2752. Exercise Burn 2752 (40minElliptical, Zumba) Calories in 3000. Tuesdays are usually a great day for me, not sure why I just didn't get much done today. Too much time on the computer (facebook, blog updates, muvee stuff). Very stormy outside too, huge thunderstorm, I was worried about #4 ... and our window wells! I think there was some nervous eating (I also snack while I'm on the computer). #2 had a basketball game over at the high school at 6:00, then we went to my MILs for a birthday celebration. Hubs and I had driven separately (as he wanted to get going before the game ended with the two little ones, I brought the two older ones with me after it was done. They won.) There was Papa Murphy pizza (including my favorite, thin crust with only alfredo and cheese) and their new thick and cheesy breadsticks were really good! Red Velvet cake, which I don't like, but I did indulge in some ice cream. High calorie intake day. #4 was feeling very anxious as the weather was turning again, so I brought him home early. Poor kid, the drive was bad "can we turn on music? why is this light taking so long?" but he was okay once we got home and he could hit his "safe" spot.  
  • 0506 (Wednesday) Weight 157.8. Pretty Good Day. Total Burn 2886. Exercise Burn 800/1158 (40minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1800. Having some Fitbit troubles. I was getting ready to leave for Zumba when I noticed my One with a low battery. I should not have had a low battery, as it had been charged recently.  I charged it some, and pulled out an old Zip as a backup, setting it up with our backup account. I was running a little late, and was late for Zumba, so I didn't quite get my full hour. I did a quick stop at Sam's Club on the way home, grabbing some groceries.  Just got my 40 min of elliptical in during the day. Seems to be the standard right now. At least I did control eating. More stormy weather. #2 went to a basketball practice/scrimmage thing, taking #3 with him. Hubs had a meeting at the church. I took #5 to basketball practice, running back home so #4 wasn't home alone for very long. He was ok as long as he was in the "safe room" downstairs with the cat.  
  • 0507 (Thursday) Weight 157.2. Ok Day. Total Burn 2767. Exercise Burn 859/1039 (40minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2500.  I think I was hoping for a little bit of a calorie drop after my good eating day yesterday. In my disappointment, I didn't have a very good eating day today. Zumba was fun though. Marian, still not feeling well was eying the "helpers" to see who could lead some numbers, when Debbie walked in, then Claudia! Three actual instructors! It was fun to see Claudia again. I hit Smiths on the way home, dropping off a prescription, then doing some shopping ... then leaving without remembering to pick up said prescription. Dang it! #2 had a game after school at a different high school, a little further away.  They won. I was late for Zumba, but figured I'd hit half, but no one was there. I guess no one showed at the start so Marian just went back home. I still stopped and grabbed crazy bread for the boys. Fitbit is being CRAZY. I called customer service and they are sending a new one out. Hubs let me have his ONE, and he took the older Zip. 
  • 0508 (Friday) Weight 157.3. Ok Day. Total Burn 2423. Exercise Burn 760/698 (40minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2400. Slept in a little, as I can do on Fridays. Got the kids off to school, then I was off to Zumba. There were some technical difficulties with music today, so some longer pauses between songs, so my numbers weren't as good. I stopped at Kmart on the way home and grabbed a few other things with Fitstudio points. I never seem to have much time on Fridays, between the late start and the early out at the elementary.  And ... my Fitbit died. The one Hubs just traded me! I must be cursed! I got another older Zip out for me :( This all does affect my motivation. Ate too many treats today. #3 wanted to go play basketball with buddies, which required quite a bit of chauffeur time. #2 ended up having a game, playing up with the remaining varsity team in a local tournament, as several teammates were gone to an out of town tournament.  It was ag 8:30, and a little further away, so I didn't go watch, but I wish I had. They won. 
  • 0509 (Saturday) Weight 157.6. Bad Day. Total Burn 2578. Exercise Burn 795/851 (40minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 3000. Started the day with some little croissants. I'd accidentally grabbed one bag of the mini ones, with chocolate inside. Ironically that turned OFF the kids (who like the plain ones). I still had one warm ... and a couple more when they were cool (I think they were better cold). A friend had mentioned that the South Jordan Rec center was going to have free Zumba for Mother's Day. I decided to hit it. It was pouring rain, and when I got there, I found out it was more "a member can bring a friend for free" but I mentioned my friend's name and it was fine. It was PACKED ... my anxiety and claustrophobia set in a bit, I almost turned around and left, but stuck it out. There was not much room to move, and there were some bumping body parts. The instructor was really good though, you can tell why she has such a following. Class was a bit short due to the crowd confusion at the start and a drawing they were doing. I ended up with a t-shirt (should have got a slightly bigger size though). I'm glad I went. I had been a little stressed in the morning as Hubs was eying the house and starting to clean. This always starts an inner monologue for me that isn't very flattering as I see how messy the house is. Hubs was busy in the garage helping a friend and his son make a derby car. I tried to get things cleaned up some. #2 was craving something for lunch, so he packed up the brothers and went to KFC. This did give me time home alone to get the kitchen floor mopped. It was just a bit of a down and discouraged day. #5 did have his basketball game, they did really well, I got a lot of video highlights. Hubs was busy most of the afternoon over at his mom's house, prepping for his sister's return (she's been gone 18 months on a mission).  
  • 0510 (Sunday) Weight 157.8. Bad Day. Total Burn 2217. Exercise Burn 400/471 (40minElliptical). Calories in 3000. The kids insisted on breakfast in bed. It's a Mother'sDay tradition. Belgian waffle and bacon, some hash browns a bit later. Hubs bought a record player, so it was fun experimenting with some of the records I'd received last Sunday. Amazing how just a few moments of music can bring it all back! I did have to fulfill my duties at the piano in primary. It was a nice day, so I walked to/from church. We were having extended family over in the afternoon, so Hubs was prepping his BBQ. We also got the call (Facetime) from #1 in Mexico. So as far as family, it was a really good day. As far as food ... I didn't feel like I absolutely stuffed myself, but I felt like it! I was so uncomfortably full I felt sick. I had to go lay down for a while. I did actually get in a little elliptical today.   
  • 0511 (Monday) Weight 161. Good Day. Total Burn 3316. Exercise Burn 1285/1570 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30minBike). Calories in 1700.  Great day really, just felt on task. Got in oodles of exercise, kept the calories in check. After that morning weigh-in though ... I really do not want to see the 160s again! Zumba was good, I stopped at Kmart and Smiths on the way home. Got in some house stuff, a little blog stuff, stopping here and there to practice some Zumba songs. Just kept very busy. Stopped and grabbed Papa Murphy pizza on the way home from picking up #3.  Made one pizza and the cheesy bread after school. The little boys were going to go play basketball at the park, but then a friend stopped by and picked up #5 to come hang out for the evening. I had teenage boys in my gym. Hubs was home, but off again, doing some last minute stuff for his sister coming home tomorrow.  My new Fitbit came in the mail today (Fitbit customer service is pretty quick) so I'm back in business!  
  • 0512 (Tuesday) Weight 158.9. Good Day. Total Burn 2915. Exercise Burn 840/1181 (45minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2500. It was actually a bit of an unproductive day ... I didn't get in nearly as much as I did yesterday, and I don't know exactly why. Frustrating. Tummy feeling a bit off today, making me a bit unmotivated. Got the kids up and off and hit Zumba, then I had the whole day home, should have gotten in some bike/treadmill and/or weights, but just got in some elliptical, and a Zumba song here and there. #2 was a bit of a grump after school, he didn't pick up his brother (so I had to). He got another parking ticket ... the people by the school do NOT like kids parking in front of their houses and they call the cops on them. I thought #2 learned his lesson the first time. We are lucky he didn't get into additional trouble, as the truck registration expired in April too. We need to work on that. The car situation is a stress hanging over my head! He had a game at 6:00, I went to watch him play. I had to go back at 8:00 for a parent meeting discussing the upcoming summer stuff and an Orlando trip in December. I must admit to being quite overwhelmed with it all. Just stressing about the finances, the paperwork, etc. It triggered an emotional avalanche as there have just been a lot of little things building up lately. Feeling very discouraged and buried and inadequate.   
  • 0513 (Wednesday)  Weight 158. Okay Day. Total Burn 2539. Exercise Burn 665/810 (20minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2500. Crappy night of sleep, still stressing. I actually had no desire to go to Zumba, very rare for me. But if I didn't go, what would I do instead? Probably just assume the fetal position in bed for an hour ... so I went. Stopped at Sears on the way home to pick up a couple of orders (Fitstudio ... they had been free/cheap with my points). Today, Hub's sister was coming home from her LDS mission, after being gone 18 months. Hubs got off work a little early and went over to the house to hang a banner. He then went and grabbed #3 from school, as #2 met us at home. We stopped and grabbed the two little ones from the elementary on the way to the airport. Hubs dropped us off, and parking was so bad that it took him so long to find a spot and get a shuttle that he missed his sister making her entrance (there were plenty of us there, with video and cameras in hand). My MIL had been in a similar situation, but barely made it there in time. Many tears and happy smiles. We went over to the house after. I must admit, with an interruption in my day like this, sometimes I just give up. I'm not getting a workout in, I might as well eat crap too. But the two little ones were under 10k when we picked them up from school, and both over 21K when we left grandma's house a few hours later. They apparently never stopped moving! Back at home, I did mow the lawn. I'd finally called and committed to a lawn service to come spray for weeds, and they had visited yesterday. The mowing helped a little, die weeds die!  
  • 0514 (Thursday) Weight 160.3. Good Day. Total Burn 3168. Exercise Burn 1150/1294 (50minElliptical, Zumba+). Calories in 2500. Claudia was at Zumba again this morning. Fun to have her there. Got in some elliptical during the day. #2 had a basketball game at 6:00, I ended up driving a couple of his friends there too, and the conversation in the car was pretty funny. They won, that was the final game of this Spring season. I went ahead and hit half of my evening Zumba, only two others there (Julie was one, who I'd run into at the high school earlier in the evening at the basketball game). Stopped for Crazy Bread on the way home, which pushed me over already high calories.  
  • 0515 (Friday) Weight 158.6. Good Day. Total Burn 3027. Exercise Burn 1120/1294 (30minElliptical, Zumba x2). Calories in 2500. Slept in a little, got the boys off to school, then off to Zumba. Early out at the elementary, then I took #3 shopping (he wanted some "skinny jeans") and stopped at Sam's for some much needed groceries. I made fried chicken and yellow rice for dinner, the little ones had been asking for it for a while. Then I went to a Zumba fundraiser ... I should not have eaten dinner, my stomach felt so fat and full. Hard to dance. I stopped and took some video too. Back at home I made a little muvee with the clips. I'd stopped at the library and grabbed "About Time" for Hubs and I to watch, but we were too tired tonight.  
  • 0516 (Saturday) Weight 159.6. Very Bad Day. Total Burn 2171. Exercise Burn 400/433 (40minElliptical). Calories in 3300. There was a church 5k happening right in our neighborhood, but I didn't go. Hubs made a run to the dump, then the local thrift store. We spent some time cleaning out a basement room (although you can't tell we did anything, still messy!) #5 had his last basketball game at 1:00, they lost. Four wins, four losses this season. We went ahead and signed up for summer basketball. I was SO tired, I grabbed a nap in the afternoon. Hubs and I did get to our movie ... with popcorn. I'd already had a bad candy calorie day, so calories were way over. 
  • 0517 (Sunday) Weight 160.1. Bad Day. Total Burn 2040. Exercise Burn 300/298 (20minElliptical, Zumba Practice). Calories in 2300. We went to church ... we haven't been good about making it to all the meetings. I didn't eat breakfast before and was starving which is odd, as I rarely eat breakfast. We did our big Sunday Circle Brunch after, then I took another nap. Not as uncommon on a Sunday afternoon. I felt the urge to exercise, so I hit the elliptical. Hubs was heading out to his mom's, he took the kids and I opted to stay home in the empty house. Got in some Zumba practice ... not sure if I'll be leading more than the usual songs tomorrow and thought I should be prepped just in case.   
  • 0518 (Monday) Weight 161.2. Good Day. Total Burn 3101. Exercise Burn 1333/1354 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30minBike). Calories in 1650. Back at it. Dropped the kids off at school, and went to Zumba early, as I was helping out. Deb and I were there ready at 9:30, but no one else was (as the class has habitually started late). There were a few people there by 9:40, so we started, and more trickled in. I had prepped a playlist, just in case Leslie or another actual instructor didn't show, and it was good I did. I had worked Christa, Maria and Amanda's numbers in too. I had a couple minor goofs, but overall I thought it went pretty well. I know I got MY highest numbers to date! 600 on the Polar! Stopped at Kmart on the way home. The day turned dreary and dark, thunder rumbling ... but no call from the school. I picked up #3, then went early to the elementary to make sure I was there when #4 (and #5) got out. Construction in front of the school is really making things more difficult too. #2 had his buddies in my gym, then #3 wanted to workout. I did some laundry, kitchen cleaning, vacuuming, and worked on a couple of the storage areas. Felt like a productive day. Also kept calories in check ... although I admit to an ice cream indulgence.  
  • 0519 (Tuesday) Weight 159.1. Pretty Good day. Total Burn 2820. Exercise Burn 1000/1084 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 40minWEIGHTS). Calories in 2200. Just couldn't quite get the heart rate up in Zumba this morning, not sure why. I sure was sweating up a storm! I used to be super productive of my Tuesdays, as I have a little more time. But not lately, and not today. I did finally go down and start a weights session. I was happy when #2 texted that he'd pick up #3, otherwise I would have had to cut my workout short. As soon as they got home, I dropped #3 off at the dentist, then picked up the elementary kids. Dropped them home, then joined #3 at the dentist. Everyone there said #3 had been quite entertaining on the laughing gas. He just had one filling done, and we discussed ortho options. Bringing him back in next week for that. When Hubs got home, I pointed out a hole in the one of the eggs (Hubs is attempting to hatch some ducklings) ... that got Hubs all excited, but also realizing he wasn't quite prepared (he was thinking it would happen this weekend). So he went out and bought some more stuff for the next step. Hopefully they will hatch alright (out of seven eggs, it only looks like three have developed). #2 and #3 went to the high school for a basketball scrimmage. #5 pulled ahead of me on our Fitbit friends list! Kept calories in check, although the quality of calories was still very much in question. Did NOT have any ice cream today though! 
  • 0520 (Wednesday) Weight 159.3. Good Day. Total Burn 3100. Exercise Burn 1100/1363 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2400. Got the kids to school and me off to Zumba. Stopped at Sears on the way home to grab a package purchsed with Fitstudio points (got me some cute leopard spotted leggings for free). Got in some elliptical and home, and spent some time outside weeding and mowing the front lawn. On the egg front, another egg started the hatching process and overtook egg #1. He hatched in the early evening. Egg #1 still struggling, not really making any progress which is a bit worrysome. A little hard to go to sleep wondering about our little egg. 
  • 0521 (Thursday) Weight 159.9. Good Day. Total Burn 3090. Exercise Burn 1250/1350 (40minElliptical, Zumba 1.5, Incline 1.75). Calories in 2250. I checked on the egg around midnight, but no change still. At 2:30, the fire-alarm decided it needed a new battery, chirping away. But while getting up to change that, Hubs and I saw that egg#1 had finally hatched. Two duckies! One more egg still a possibility. Hubs stuck around in the morning and moved the ducklings to a brooding box in the basement. The room has a sliding door and I was worried about it closing all the way, with Kitty around. Sure enough, I found it a bit open and Kitty IN the box with the babies. Luckily either I caught him right when he jumped in, or he just hadn't done anything. No damage, thank heavens. That was a heart-stopping moment! I moved the brooding box into the extra bedroom downstairs, easier to make sure the door is closed there! Dropped the kids at school, and then I stuck around as #4 was receiving an award. This did make me late for Zumba. I still went, but only got 20 minutes in. Did a quick stop at Kmart after. Got in some elliptical and treadmill. Tried to up the incline to 10, but it was feeling too hard, so just walked at a 6. Went to Zumba in the evening and got good stats. Pretty decent sized crowd. Hubs and #3 did a derby.   
  • 0522 (Friday) Weight 159.9. Ok Day. Total Burn 2778. Exercise Burn 820/1053 (40minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2200. Slept in a little, as I'm wont to do on Friday mornings. Got the kids off, then went to Zumba. Got in a little elliptical during the day. We've been having fun with the ducklings (although Hubs gave up on the 3rd egg). Taking them for a swim in the bathtub a couple times a day, and taking them outside to let them run around. So cute!  
  • 0523 (Saturday) Weight 159.4. Bad Day. Total Burn 2396. Exercise Burn 400/659 (40minElliptical). Calories in 3000. Sleep in Saturday. Got in a little elliptical. Had a productive day on the home front, as Hubs took my burb in for inspection. It expires this month, unfortunately it didn't pass, needs a few things done. One of those was the windshield, and he did call and have it replaced, as well as on the two trucks. Yes, all three vehicles had cracked windshields. I did a grocery store run, then Hub and #3 went to Lowes and picked up some paint, and painted #3's room. #3 did a lot of the work, I was impressed (as he isn't feeling well, has a bad cough and has lost his voice). #2 went off working concessions at the pro soccer game. I did a little baking, prepping a crust for a dessert I'm making and taking tomorrow for a family gathering. I also made some brownies, accidentally doubling the butter, so I had to double the entire recipe. I ate some brownies too, and hubs picked up Popeyes ... it wasn't a good eating day. Watched the American Crime finale.  
  • 0524 (Sunday) Weight 161.1. Bad Day. Total Burn 1804. Exercise Burn 0/57 (no exercise). Calories in 3400. Slept in again, then up and finished making my dessert for the family gathering. We went to my MILs church to hear my SIL speak, then off to the house after. Unfortunately it was raining, although it did clear up a little later. Pulled pork, other deli sandwiches, lots of chips and desserts. Yes, bad eating day. Back at home, the family came over to see the ducklings. Hubs and I caught the most recent GOT. Up late!  
  • 0525 (Monday) Weight 162.5. Pretty Good Day. Total Burn 2951. Exercise Burn 1200/1196 (100minElliptical, 30minBike). Calories in 2500. Hubs got up early for a run, but I slept in. We didn't really have any big plans for the day. We hadn't done our Sunday Circles yesterday, with the family gathering, so we did them today. I actually wasn't that hungry, but it's hard not to eat when it's a family breakfast. I made a run to Sam'sClub, as we were almost out of milk and bread. We had a little friend of #5 over almost all day, and #2 had several friends over in the afternoon. Hubs joined his mom (and met up with my folks) at some of the cemeteries.  I got in five sessions on the elliptical and did some reading/riding. Made my last basketball muvee, and updated the blogs. Felt like a pretty productive day. Still over on calories, snacking on leftover brownies. Hubs requested homemade oreos, so I made them ... but didn't eat any! 
  • 0526 (Tuesday) Weight 159.8. Good Day. Total Burn 3178. Exercise Burn 1350/1439 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30minBike, 40minWEIGHTS). Calories in 1850. Pretty productive day today. Stormy out, but #4 was being brave, and I made it to Zumba on time. Got in elliptical, bike and weights. Hubs didn't sleep well (if at all) last night and came home from work early and took a nap. It was a little hard, as we had a little friend of #5's over, and they didn't seem to comprehend being quiet. Luckily #2 and his friends didn't hit the home gym today. Kept calories in check today as well! 
  • 0527 (Wednesday) Weight 158.0. Good Day. Total Burn 3253. Exercise Burn 962/1514 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories 2350.  Took the duckies out in the morning, still managed to fit in 10 min on the elliptical early. Got the kids off and hit Zumba. I had really hoped it would start on time, or at least by 10 minutes after, as I had to leave by 10:10 at the latest to go grab #3 from school and drop him at the orthodontist. Alas, it was 20 after, so I only got in 50 minutes. Picked up the child ... it always takes so long. Back when #2 was in braces I could just write to note to have him waiting outside, but they have cracked down and now I have to park and go in and show ID and wait for them to call him out of class. It was going to be a longer appointment, so I just checked him in and then went and ran some errands. Picked up a package at Kohls, Sears and then stopped at Old Navy. Ran home for a bit, and back to the ortho to pick up #3. I brought him a gogurt, as he missed lunch but his teeth were tender. Dropped him back at school and got in some elliptical at home. After picking up kids from school, I worked outside for a while (there were boys in my gym) weeding then mowing the lawn. Weeding is more fun with duckies around *Ü* The NBA playoffs game was going on in the evening, when it was interrupted by an emergency broadcast alert with a severe thunderstorm warning. Poor #4 completely freaked out. He'd never been around for one of these alerts, and then to have it weather related. I had a really hard time calming him down, and he did retreat down to the basement, missing the game. Hubs was out late, dinner and drinks with a work friend. He wasn't feeling well at all. I dosed him with some medication before bed. 
  • 0528 (Thursday) Weight 159.9. Pretty Good Day. Total Burn 2932. Exercise Burn 810/1192 (40minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2500. Stats are decent, but it really wasn't a very good day. My regular Thursday Zumba was taking the day off, as the church was getting new carpeting. But I had a backup lined up and was excited to try a new class nearby. It didn't happen. #4 looked at the skies as we got in the car to go to school and had a panic attack. The clouds were dark, but no rain, thunder or lightening ... I think it was a carryover from the emergency alert last night. He couldn't calm down, so I dropped off #5 and brought #4 back home, gave him a "chill pill" and we did some homeschooling for 30minutes or so. Enough time for the clouds to clear some, and for the valium to kick in. He let me drop him off at school, but it was too late for Zumba. I went ahead and stopped at the store, as I'd needed to do that for a bit. Got in some elliptical at home. I did have my Zumba in the evening, so that was good. I'd stopped to get the usual crazy bread on the way home when I got a text from my son saying one of the ducklings had died. It wasn't totally out of the blue, I had been worried about him, as he'd been very subdued, not interested in eating, while we took him out in the morning and afternoon. We buried him in the backyard, and I think Hubs and I are taking it worse than the kids. What is really sad, is our remaining duckling is now all alone, just peeping for his brother :( 
  • 0529 (Friday) Weight 158.9. Pretty Good Day. Total Burn 2750. Exercise Burn 800/1016 (40minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2300. Late start day. Luckily the weather was fine, so #4 had no problems this morning. I dropped #3 then headed straight out to Zumba. Kinda crazy chaos with lots of kids. It's just even more obvious because the gym is small. I stopped at Kmart on the way home. The sun was out ... so I went out in it for a bit. Then early out at the elementary, and then middle school pickup. Poor Hubs still isn't feeling good, and #5 came home from school fine, but after playing outside for a bit, he came in and said he was feeling sick. He threw up a bit later. And again a bit later than that. No fun. Then there was trouble at the other end ... so, not a very productive evening. 
  • 0530 (Saturday) Weight 159.3. Bad Day. Total Burn 2455. Exercise Burn 500/718 (40minElliptical). Calories in 3000. Not a great night. #5 woke me up a couple times to help him, had to shower him off. Loads of laundry in the morning. I had thought I might hit a free Zumba activity, but with #5 not feeling great. He had actually perked up first thing in the morning, then climbed into my bed saying he still felt sick. My folks were having an impromptu late breakfast ... Hubs (also not feeling well) said he'd stay with the little guy, and I took #3 and #4 (#2 was off at a work orientation, got a job at KFC). It was fun to visit ... I don't feel like I overate too bad (although I had already had a croissant in the morning). No more barf/diarrhea from #5, but he didn't really get out of bed all day. Hub was able to get his truck registered. Yea ... one down two to go! #4 and I went for a walk down the canal. Saw three different broods of mama ducks and babies. Our little guy is doing pretty good, even on his own.  
  • 0531 (Sunday) Weight 159.1. Bad Day. Total Burn 2233. Exercise Burn 300/497 (10minElliptical, Walks).  It was Stake Conference at church ... which meant we weren't going ;) We had our big family breakfast, then we went for a drive up the mountains, and a walk around Silver Lake. Nice nap in the afternoon. Went and grabbed some Mountain Mikes pizza in the evening. Yes ... a little high in calories! Then the two little boys and I did a canal walk ... saw four mama duckies and babies this time. 
... and that was May. June will be a completely different story. The end of school, and a more relaxed summer schedule. Sleeping in? Staying up late? No school carpool or homework help, but the kids will want to be run here and there I'm sure. #2 can now drive himself, and will be working. I guess we'll just have to see how it goes. Summer ... for better or worse!
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