Thursday, June 11, 2015

Thrifty Thursday - Prime

Time for another Thrifty Thursday report. Today I'm going to talk a little about Amazon. I L♥VE Amazon. They almost always seem to have the best prices, and with free shipping with Prime, I don't have to spend the time (or the impulse purchases) I would going to a store. Yes, there is a charge for Prime, but it's well worth it to me. Originally, we paid for Prime JUST for the free 2-day shipping, but Prime offers so much more!

  • I adore the free shipping. Before, I'd try to add things to my cart to exceed $25 (now $35) to get the free shipping and sometimes, I'd buy things I didn't really need to get it. With Prime, I place an order when I want without waiting. Although I'm willing to wait a bit. I usually don't NEED 2-day shipping. Another money saving trick I love ... if you aren't in a rush (just practice patience and buy ahead) you can elect "no rush" shipping, and Amazon will credit you $1 for a future digital purchase (music, ebooks or streaming shows). I've had my eye on a book, and I'll now get it for free because of multiple purchases I've waited a few extra days for shipping on!
  • We have Netflix, and at first I wasn't too interested in Amazon's streaming. I am now. There are a ton of good movies and television programs. They added a lot of HBO content, and picked up NickJr stuff (BluesClues, Dora, etc) that Netflix dropped. We do still have Netflix, but I like having my Amazon backup (as at times two people are already watching, and that is the Netflix limit. If that happens, I always make sure I have an Amazon show I'm watching while I exercise). 
  • I love reading! I have a huge collection of digital books in my Kindle Cloud that I've picked up for free (from Pixal of Ink and Book Bub), and I have a list a mile long at my local library. Amazon has introduced it's KindleUnlimited plan, but as a Prime member, you can borrow any of those books. The Kindle Lending Library is limited to one per month, but it's just another perk of Prime membership (you do have to have an actual Kindle for this, not just an app).
  • My husband has been a fan of Spotify, and my son paid out for a BeatsMusic membership. Amazon now includes music streaming as part of the Prime package. Hubs just cancelled Spotify and switched to Amazon and seems satisfied (and I like the monthly savings!)
  • Dropbox and Google and other companies are competing in their offers of online storage space. The price has really dropped lately, which I love.  As I logged onto Amazon this morning (to place an order, no rush shipping for my $1 credit) I received the little notice above that I wasn't taking advantage of the photo storage plan. Unlimited photo storage. It's always nice to have a backup, and another online storage option.
One other way I get a little extra when ordering from Amazon ... I pick up Amazon gift certificates at my local Kroger store. Then my purchase goes toward gas rewards (they always offer 2x the points on gift card purchases ... and often have a 4x the points special). I just bring home the gift card, load it to my account and then it's there for me when I need it. No need to hang onto the actual gift card anymore. I prefer one big purchase on my Visa (where I also get a little cash back credit) rather than dozens of small Amazon purchases cluttering up my monthly credit card statement as I look it over.

Just feeling a bit thrifty this Thursday, as I placed an order for a small item (some smoothie straw), checking around and seeing that Amazon did indeed have the best price. Free shipping, $1 credit for accepting no rush shipping, Hubs streaming music, me streaming a show (just started the sci-fi show Defiance), borrowing my monthly book (I just finished "Pines" ... reviewed on GoodReads).

Do you pay for Prime? Is it worth it to you?

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