Sunday, July 19, 2015

Weekly Weigh-In and Recap (#104)

I remember mere months ago, when I was stuck in the lower 150s, a tad frustrated I couldn't make the drop into the 140s. Here I am up 10 pounds, now wishing the lower 150s (or even the upper ones) were being seen on the scale. Alas, in my depression I just keep on eating, prolonging the problem!

NUMBERS: Up a bit from last week (.07) although the average went down a smidgen (to 164.20). Average in was 2364, average daily burn was 2676. That did actually end the week with a deficit ... a whopping -86 calories. The goal would be intake under 2000, and upping that burn, getting a deficit of -3500. It hasn't been happening lately.

Here's a quick week recap ...
  • Friday (0710): I had a pretty productive day with Zumba, elliptical, treadmill and bike, but Hubs reporting in from Italy had a whopping 35K on his Fitbit. That was a new badge for him. Even with all my exercise, I outdid them consuming calories. Darn Reeses eggs!
  • Saturday (0711): Basketball in the morning, a Zumba fundraiser in the afternoon. Better exercise Saturday than I've had in a bit, but I also blew it eating. Dang Chex Muddy Buddy Mix!
  • Sunday (0712): Planned rest day ... I didn't even hit 5K, but I did keep calories in check.
  • Monday (0713): My usual Zumba was taking a break, but I had a backup, although it didn't get me my usual stats. Got in elliptical and bike and kept calories in check.
  • Tuesday (0714): Zumba, plus the walk to/from the church. Got in several sessions on the elliptical ... and finished up the Reeses Eggs (so calories were over).
  • Wednesday (0715): Hit Zumba in the morning, then spent the rest of the day with family at a funeral. I hadn't eaten anything before, had a bit at the family luncheon, but did pretty good on calories today.
  • Thursday (0716): Hubs was supposed to be heading home today, but decided to extend his vacation a few more days. I'll admit to feeling a bit down, didn't feel as up to exercise, did feel like indulging in comfort food. Still hit Zumba and did some elliptical. 
Keeping an eye on the animals ... when kitty is out at the same time as the duckies. With Hubs gone, more "duckie duty" has fallen to me. The kids do help, but it does take some time every day. Luckily, we love our duckies (and our kitty!)

 #5 had cub camp on Wednesday and Thursday. 8:00 -3:00. So I was up a little earlier those mornings. The child was NOT excited to go (that's a very half-hearted thumbs up) but I think he liked it okay. He came home filthy both days!

Off in Italy, Hubs connected with his brother (and his wife and two daughters, they have been on a month long European tour). No "exercise" but all their sight-seeing has Hubs ahead of me in steps!

My cousin's family ... it was their little girl who passed away (obit).
Diagnosed with MLD eight years ago, she outlived the doctor's expectations.
(Little Eliza, Eliza'sWish).

So another week in the books. I didn't manage to make any real changes to my food or fitness, so there were really no changes on the scale either. I guess that is to be expected.

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