Sunday, August 30, 2015

WWI #109 - At Least It's Not Up

Last week, after my miserable and mystery two pound jump, I was motivated enough to have a good food and fitness day on Friday, and I did have a two pound drop for the weigh-in the following morning. But Saturday and Sunday were full of family fun (no exercise, lots of eating) and the week wasn't all that great (even with the start of school and return to routine). NUMBERS: Down .8 from last week. Average is down .64. Average intake was 2450, average daily burn was 2933 ... equaling an overage of the week for 225. Here's my quick weekly recap:

  • Friday (0821): Had a good day with quite a bit of activity (although I forgot my ChargeHR for my Zumba class!). Also controlled calories, but I was very conscious of it, hangry by the end of the day!
  • Saturday (0822): Started the day watching #5's final summer basketball game, then we had a family reunion. It was a lot of fun. Hubs had put the whole thing together! Only 30minElliptical today.
  • Sunday (0823): We had a family day at the local amusement park. No exercise, but quite a bit of walking (over 16K for the day). Between all the standing yesterday and today in simple sandals, my feet and legs were quite exhausted! Didn't do horrible on food at the park, but was starving back at home.
  • Monday (0824): #2 started high school. Up and off by 5:30 ... Legs still feeling tired, but I did my double Zumba in the morning. Only 30min elliptical during the day though. Back to School Night for the elementary kids.
  • Tuesday (0825): First day of school for my 9th, 6th and 4th grader! Got them off, then hit Zumba, got in elliptical, bike and WEIGHTS. Productive day, and eating was okay.
  • Wednesday (0826): Zumba in the morning, just 30min of elliptical during the day. I was dragging a bit, and expecting someone to stop by. I can't hear the doorbell downstairs, so I didn't feel like I could workout for most of the afternoon.
  • Thursday(0827): Got the kids off to school, dropped the car at the mechanic, and walked to Zumba, which was at the church just down the street. Luckily, my minor electrical issue was fixed when I walked back. Got in quite a bit of elliptical (catching up on some shows) and some reading/riding. Didn't quite keep calories under 2000, but it was a pretty good day. 

Family Reunion Picture. See the MUVEE too ... 

Our trip to Lagoon

First Day of School Photos

... and this coming week? It's BIRTHDAY week. Three of our boys have birthdays! We're also having a family getaway weekend, so ... that will be a little tough on the eating and exercise!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Hello Holds!

I love my local library. I rarely make it into the physical building anymore, as most of my borrowing is done digitally. It's just so easy! Select an item, and I'm taken to my Amazon account to download it to my Kindle. It's a three week lend, which is generally plenty of time for me to finish me read. Then ... the book goes back automatically. Impossible to have a late fee!

Just like physical books, digital books do have limitations on how many copies can be loaned out at once (depending on how many copies the library has purchased). There are almost always dozens on my list that are available for immediate checkout, but others, if I want to get them, I'm going to have to stand in line. I can put them on hold, and I'm notified when they are available.

Back in July, I put several titles I was interested in on hold ... some only had one copy, some had multiple, some had several holds ahead of me, some might be available as soon as the current copy was returned. I watched with a bit of trepidation as four of the books suddenly said "You are next in line for this title."  Of course I am happy to have my hold come in, but I wasn't sure about having FOUR come in at once! I'm a fast reader, but that might push my limits. Sure enough ... three of the titles became available. It's a use it or lose it (you have two days to check it out before your hold is cancelled). So I grabbed all three, and hope I can make it through! Of course I had to finish the book I was currently reading, and my son wants me to read "The Scarlet Letter" to help him with his school homework.

I received The Heir ... book #4 in "The Selection" series, which I really liked. It was at the top of my list, so it's what I'm reading now. Then I have Sever, the third and final book in the "Chemical Garden" trilogy. I read books 1&2 in the past month and figured I'd finish the series. The third hold is Ashen Winter, book #2 in the Ashfall series. I read the first book back in 2012, it's been a while, but I've seen book #3 always available for immediate download, but of course I can't borrow it until I'm done with the second in the series.

So ... I hope to be reading quite a bit in the next little bit. I'd like to hit the stationary bike almost every day, as I get 30 minutes in with that. I have been getting quite a bit of reading/riding in lately, I really enjoy perusing the pages as I pedal. Sometimes if I'm laying in bed, reading at night (or during the day) I'll get sleepy. Not a problem on the bike! And I love accomplishing two things at once.

Wish me luck, I have three weeks to read these three books, plus Indigo Spell (Bloodlines #3) might become available any day too! Time to get reading!

Monday, August 24, 2015

WWI #108 - Two Pounder :(

I know I'm not eating as I should. I am tracking, sticking all treats in my out of control "Completely Empty Calories" category I created on my MFP tracker.  I have been exercising and staying active ... what would have happened these past few months if I hadn't? As I've crunched the numbers these last few months, I'm really not surprised in some of the scale shift, but there have been some jumps (two pounds this week, four pounds on week at the end of June) which really seem unexplained. I certainly wasn't over by 7000 calories this week. I know scales can shift by quite a bit in a single day, but when I see the jump then stay day after day ... it's so discouraging! And that just makes we want to seek comfort in food.

NUMBERS: Up 2.1 pounds from last week. Average is up 1.5 pounds. Average intake was 2564, average daily burn 2830. Overage for the week of 217.   Now I know all these numbers are just estimates. I am not  weighing and measuring everything, so I know my food tracking could very well be off, but I really am trying to record everything. I also know the exercise/activity estimates can easily be off too. I try tracking with two different devices, and try to be conservative (whereas with  my food I try to be generous with my estimates). I know I'm not doing great, so I'd be ok with no losing weight ... but this steady (and at times jumping) weight gain these past few months has been frustrating.

This was the final week of summer. School starts next week. We'll see if the return to routine can shake anything up!  Here's the weekly recap ...

  • Friday (0814): Zumba in the morning and an hour of elliptical throughout the day. NOT a good eating day at all, as often happens on Fridays. Hubs took the kids to Maga's house for a backyard campout.
  • Saturday (0815): An hour of elliptical, and I hit the bike. #5 had a basketball game ... I was craving candy today, caved to some Reeses/Twix but didn't get totally out of control. 
  • Sunday (0816): Family beach day, we took off ... and I'd forgotten my Fitbit. Not that I get many steps at the beach, but still, I like to have it! We dropped off our ducky to a duck farm family on the way too. Too many treats and a little KFC to really push me over calories.
  • Monday (0817): Good exercise day, with double Zumba in the morning, an hour of elliptical and a session on the bike. Calories not out of control, but not great either. Too much bread (Crazy bread and some from Papa Murphy's).
  • Tuesday (0818): Got up early and thought I'd have an uber productive day. Got in my 10x10, but then slowed down, was very tired. Did some running the kids around and worked on a photo project.
  • Wednesday (0819): Good class with Zumba in the morning, and an hour of elliptical and a session on the bike during the day. 
  • Thursday (0820): Double Zumba day, with a class in the morning, and again in the evening. An hour of elliptical throughout the day at home. Ran kids to the rec center and went to the post office to mail off my photo project to our missionary.
Backyard Cousins Campout

Day at the Lake

Basketball Boys ... Lots of time at the Rec Center this summer!

Friday, August 21, 2015

$50 Payout with Pact

Time for another Thrifty Thursday post ... what? It's Friday? Oops, I guess I got busy yesterday and didn't get my post up. I'd say I'm a "day late and a dollar short" but I'm actually $1 over ... I had posted about Pact back in January (My Yearlong Pact) and figured I'd do a follow-up this year when I hit the $50 mark. And I did that this past week (payout updated on Tuesday 08/18) ...

I made a total of $113.38 in 2014, so I thought I'd hit the $50 mark around the middle of the year (in July). I was close, but it took me until August. Last year, I committed to six days a week for both exercise and eating ... this year I decided on five days, as there had been some times last year when I did really  have to push it on a Saturday or Sunday to get my 10,000 steps in (and earn my "gym" credit). 

So as of today ... I still have NEVER had to payout anything to Pact. I did actually miss a day logging on MFP (blowing my 700+ day streak) but it was on a Saturday and I'd already fulfilled my Pact for the week. With my Zumba and elliptical on the weekdays, hitting 10k five days a week is a breeze. There was one week several months ago where my Fitbit was on the fritz and I was worried about fulfilling my Pact. You can use a manual tracker, starting the timer in the Pact app and getting a certain number of steps in a 30min session. Luckily I only had to do that a time or two before I got my Fitbit back on track, automatically syncing. I did put my Pact on hold for a week while I worked out those issues.

So should I redeem my Pact Payout now (it's easy, just request it transfer to your Paypal account) or hold out to the end of the year and see where I'm at, and then redeem for the year?

If you are willing to put a little at risk ($5 for a missed workout or logged meal day), Pact can give you a pretty decent payout for eating/exercising that I for one, am doing anyway!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Hiking Heart Rate

Last "Workout Wednesday" I mentioned resuming racquetball ... but that is not the only new activity we've reintroduced into our routine. Hiking is another "new" activity this summer. 

#2 son (16-years old) has gone on a couple a hikes this year with his girlfriend. I'm not sure if that inspired Hubs or what, but we've now gone on a couple hikes as well. It's been a while! I did a "Take a Hike" post back in 2013, and it was actually a throwback to 2008! That was a hiking summer, but I don't know that I had been back up since ... seven years!

Both hikes we've done this year have been pretty mild and easy. Just over a mile to our destination. Some elevation, but a trail all the way. Both times we took the kidlets ... hike #2 was the ENTIRE crew (aunts, uncles, cousins, Grandma ... pictures were posted on my WeeklyWeighIn #107). It was fun to have my Fitbit ChargeHR, and be able to watch my heart rate rise on the way up, and to catch the elevation changes in the "floors" reading.

 Here's a little screen capture of Hike #1
Hubs lead the way at a pretty quick clip, but I was still a bit surprised at how quickly and how high my heart rate went up. Sometimes I have a hard time getting into the 140s at Zumba. I was a bit out of breath. Then we took some pictures at the bridge, and went back down. Not nearly as challenging. Hike #2 was actually a bit more challenging in actual terrain, but with Grandma along, Hubs was at the back, helping her, so on my own (and corralling kids) we took the climb in a more leisurely fashion, and the heart rate never got quite as high. 

Here's a little screen capture of the "floors" for the month ...
The two hikes are easy to see compared to my daily average.
It was also fun to compare stats to the kids ... happily all of our "floor" readings were quite similar for both hikes. The kids often had quite a few more steps, due to their littler legs and smaller stride. In the picture at the top, there are four people ... and four different Fitbits (Zip, One, Flex and Charge). We are a Fitbit Family! I love to see all the stats (calories, steps, elevation, heart rate, etc.) and not having hiked since I got my ChargeHR, I was really excited to try it out! Hopefully, we'll get in a few more hikes before the cooler weather comes in!  And maybe I need to "practice" at home too, upping the incline on my treadmill and "hiking" away while I watch a show, just in case Hubs wants to go without the kids ... I need to be able to keep up!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

TV Tuesday - Summer Series

It's TV Tuesday ... time for another episode of "What I'm Watching".

I only have a few series that I follow throughout the year. Grey'sAnatomy, Good Wife ... I'd finished up The Walking Dead right after it aired, but Hubs just BARELY made it to the last few episodes. And that is why I didn't wait for him! Being a little more action packed, it's a good one to workout with ... gets the adrenaline pumping. 

MY shows finished up months ago though, which really isn't a problem for me. I have tons of possibilities in my Netflix queue and Amazon Prime list to keep my occupied whilst I elliptical.  I know there are several "summer series" ... but I usually just wait, rather than watching anything week to week.

I did make some exceptions this year ...
The new series Humans caught my eye. I liked the movie "I Robot" and the series "Battlestar Galactica" and the "Partials" book series ... all with a cyborg theme. We do have cable to access AMC, but I am not one to watch when a show is actually on, and our cable doesn't include the gym television.  Luckily, with my PlayOn/Play Later service, I could record the shows to my computer, then stream them to the Roku downstairs. I quite liked this series. It was too short. I'm sad it's over (for now). I was actually quite excited to go elliptical just to find out what was going to happen next. 

As I mentioned in last week's post, I also went ahead and watched the Wayward Pines miniseries, also reading the trilogy over the summer months. I know Falling Skies, Extant and Under the Dome were airing new summer episodes as well ... but I haven't gotten around to watching them yet.  I'm both waiting for the season to be done (to watch the episodes back to back rather than waiting a week in-between) and in the case of Falling Skies, for it to become Prime (I don't want to pay to purchase!) 

Hubs was super excited for the second season of True Detective. For me ... I just had a hard time following it, especially watching week to week. It is one that would have been better to wait and catch the episodes back to back. I wasn't the only one less than impressed with it (according to talk I've heard). 

Do you catch any of the Summer Series?

Saturday, August 15, 2015

WWI #107 - And Up Again

It started with the weekend ... high food intake days. Although I did quite well with exercise, it just can't combat the bad eating. After last week's weigh-in, weight jumped a couple pounds for the weekend and I never got it corrected. I didn't have any low calorie days ... I just keep eating. NUMBERS: Weight up .8 from last week, but more telling is the average, which jumped two pounds to 166.17. Average intake was 2621, average burn was 2902 ... overage for the week was 951.

Now the GOOD ... I added some new activities. Racquetball, and two hikes! I also did an hour of weights this week. This is in addition to my usual Zumba, elliptical and several bike sessions. The BAD ... staying up late and sleeping in (per usual for summer ... this should shift with the return of the school schedule), endless, uncontrolled snacking, and being super sore from said weight workout. The UGLY ... Sunday's food intake was ugly (3350) especially as that was also a low activity day.  Here's the weekly recap:

  • Friday (0807): Debbie in Daybreak has had to cancel classes the past little bit, but she was back, so I hit her class in the morning. Got in an hour on the elliptical, good for a Friday. Food intake was high though (those new Jif cookies are yummy, and I had Hubs make popcorn as we watched a show in the evening).
  • Saturday (0808): Hubs made pancakes for breakfast. I usually don't eat breakfast, it was a little heavy on the tummy. No basketball games today. Got in 10min on the elliptical, but then didn't make it back down to my gym. Not that I wasn't still active, after a nap anyway. Hubs and I went and played r-ball, and then we went on a hike with the three little boys. Both were a nice change! But ... food intake was high for the day, even though our stop at the cupcake shop after the hike had an abrupt end when Hubs didn't have his wallet with him.
  • Sunday (0809): We did our Sunday Circles in the morning. I got in 10min on the elliptical and walked to/from church. Lazy day. Hubs made mac&cheese and the boys played on the tramp while we had some duckie time. Food was BAD ... between some Krispie Creme donuts that appeared, some red gummy bears Hubs bought me yesterday, and me making homemade oreos. And of course the waffles/bacon and mac&cheese too ... sheesh!
  • Monday (0810): Double Zumba morning, 8:30 and 9:30 class, then got in some elliptical and bike during the day. Back to basketball practice in the evenings, but I just dropped the boys early at the gym and they stayed. Made fried chicken and yellow rice for an early dinner before. I only had a little, but still was over for calories for the day.
  • Tuesday (0811): Zumba morning, with a walk to/from the church. I was determined to get weights in today, and I did. An entire hour. Just 30min elliptical. In the evening we went for a hike up the canyon, one mile up/one mile down. Probably a bit harder than Saturday's incline, but with the entire family along (young kids and Maga) the pace was considerably more relaxed. Food ... too many treat splurges, plus Popeyes and then Crown Burger after the hike.
  • Wednesday (0812): Zumba, plus an hour of elliptical and bike. Not a good food day, nothing nutritious. Hubs wasn't home until late.
  • Thursday (0813): No key at Zumba this morning, so we danced in the parking lot. It was actually very nice, a shady spot with a breeze, but it was short (just 40minutes). I got in an hour of elliptical and 30min on the bike at home. Hit evening Zumba, taking a neighbor who hadn't been before. Actually kept calories somewhat in control (right at 2000). 
 Hike #1 (Saturday) ... heading up the hill.
Doesn't my son look thrilled?

 A suspension bridge was the destination.

Hike #2 (Tuesday), to Cecret Lake.
The whole gang!

...and a couple more fun pictures from that hike ...
 Hubs and my little nephew. 
Hubs carried him up most of the way!

We get pictures like this on our phones 
if we leave them unattended around my BIL

And of course ... the aforementioned red gummy bears
I only like the red ones. 
Hubby thought of me when he saw this.
I ate them all.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

My Walgreens Reward Redemption

It's Thrifty Thursday, and I got $50 of stuff free at Walgreens today!

It's been a while since I posted about my Walgreens Reward program. Not that I shop at Walgreens all that often myself. There are a couple close by, and as I examine their ad in the Sunday paper, there will be some deals that peak my interest. So while I have made a trip or two in, I had NOT attempted to redeem my rewards, until today. 
With the Walgreens reward program, as you earn more points, you can get a little more credit for said points if you collect them. I went ahead and let my points pile up, rather than spending them as soon as I had a $5 credit. 

I linked up my Fitbit and my Aria scale  quite a while ago, so I was getting points for my activity and daily weigh-in.  I also started to pay more attention to additional ways to add to my points. In every ad, Walgreens will have deals where you can earn points with purchases. Generally, points are only earned on specific featured products, which change weekly. However this summer there has been a perk you can add to your account to earn 10 points for every $1 spent. There are also frequent "Spend $25 and get 5000 points($5)" specials. I did participate in some of those, and at this point, had over 40,000 in points. I figured I'd go ahead and test the "spending" of them. 

I went into Walgreens today, even knowing that I could pick up $50 worth of products for free, I still looked for deals and things we needed as a family. I grabbed some tissue and TP at comparable sale prices. I grabbed some beauty stuff (makup remover, hairspray), found an O2CoolMist&Sip Water Bottle that Hubs had been requesting ... $10, about the same as on Amazon.  This and that ... and I was at just over $50. Checkout was absolutely painless ... I just input my Balance Rewards # and my credit came right off without any issues.

Now one thing to be aware of ... some of those deals? Where you get balance rewards points with a purchase? They do NOT work when you are redeeming points. You can only earn OR redeem in a transaction. So I didn't pick up any of those other deal items today. I did use some coupons, and they still worked just fine with the rewards redemption. 

Now - I had mentioned Walgreens, Fitstudio and Achievemint on a Facebook post and someone came back with a question about signing up ... saying that some Fitbit models (ie, Charge) weren't working with it. I had never gotten around to signing up my son for Walgreens Balance Rewards, so I went ahead and did that. It WAS a little tricky to figure it out at first. I hit the "join now" and filled out his info, and when it came to linking a device, only the Flex and Zip were showing (as they are sold by Walgreens). But ... if you just choose either, you will then be taken to a step to sync to your Fitbit account. There on your Fitbit account, it doesn't matter which device you are using, the data will come across to any of the partner sites (trust me, Hubs has gone from a Zip to a Flex to a One to a Surge and back to a Zip and none of the partner sites have blinked an eye). 
 So just in the past few days since we did the new sign up, my son earned points for connecting a device, and then all the other "walk or run" entries just happen automatically. So he will have a way to go before he earns anything substantial (as there are monthly limits on how much you can earn) but it does add up. Not long ago my mom called and asked me to check her rewards (as we'd gotten her signed up when she first got her Fitbit) and sure enough she had $20 waiting for her there. It's just a nice little program to set up, forget about ... then remember and redeem! Or ... as I'm sure Walgreens hopes you'll do, pay more attention to their ads and promotions and add a more points through purchases as well. I do appreciate any company that as willing to promote fitness rewards though!

 Why yes I did. Thank you!

I have mentioned the Walgreens Balance Rewards program before, and how you can earn points with your daily activity. Back in my original Reaping the Rewards post and then a more specific look  (Walking with Walgreens).  I just thought it was time for another update, when I'd actually redeemed them! Back to piling up my points ...

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Return to Racquetball

Guess what my date with hubby was this past weekend? Racquetball! We hadn't played since about January, and even then it was pretty much a one time thing. I hope this is actually a return to playing with some regularity. My "skills" were definitely lacking! And have you heard the term "tennis elbow"? I have what I'm calling "Racquetball Arm" ... I could sure feel it in my right arm for a day or so after. As I'd pull a gallon of milk out of the fridge, I could barely hang onto it! I also really noticed some soreness in my ab area (afterward, when we were laughing or sneezing or something) ... from the twisting and reaching? I haven't done any other ab workouts to have worked those muscles.

I'm not sure if Hubs saw my Family, Fun and FOOD post from last week ... in which I bemoaned the fact that  family, fun (and dating) activities so often revolve around food. Back when I first lost the weight several years ago, we really made an effort to do non-food dates. We played a lot of racquetball. Unlike the movie theaters or restaurants,  the gym is NOT very busy on a Friday or Saturday evening.  After a while though, I can't remember if we just got busy (I think there was an injury involved too) we just didn't make it in as much. Over the past few years, we've only hit it here and there. So whether or not he saw my post and decided to try and get a non-food date in, or if it was just coincidental timing, I was thrilled when he suggested R-ball!

One downfall of racquetball is finding a place to play. Way back when, we'd invested in a gym pass, but that had long expired. Luckily Hub happened to find out that as an alum of a local college, he could still attend the gym there. My cost is only $2.50. A great deal for a really nice facility!

I got my Fitbit Charge back in February I think ... I knew we hadn't gone since I'd got my new gadget (although I get worn my Polar HRM a time or two). I was pleased I was finally going to get a chance to track this type of activity. 

 Now ... OUR racquetball is pretty low-key. Hubs takes it easy on me, and there is a lot of laughing (and even stealing a kiss or two). At times I'm admittedly a little lazy, just watching the ball instead of attempting to run for it "Great shot honey, I'm just watching that one go by ..." *Ü* Normally, I would have us try for a solid hour. On this day, we were running a little late and it closed at 5:00. But being our first time back in a while, forty minutes was fine. I was pretty pleased with my stats. An average heart rate of 121 ... if we make additional trips I can try and up my average and other stats. My Fitbit One came in with a pretty close calorie estimate of 258, just over 3000 steps.

I need to shake something up (although it's the eating I need to work on) ... but still, breaking up the activities with new and different workouts is great too!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Wayward Pines - Books vs Miniseries

Every month, I do a Tuesday post about what I'm watching, and another about what I'm reading. This past bit, I've read and watched the Wayward Pines series. So this Tuesday's post will be my thoughts on both.

Back in June, I was browsing through the Kindle Lending Library to choose my book for the month. I'd heard a bit about Wayward Pines, that it was going to be turned into a series for TV. I do generally like to read the book before seeing a "live" version, so "Pines" was my pick for the month.

Boy ... was it confusing and weird! I almost didn't make it through the book. Much of the confusion is intended. We,the reader, don't know anything more than poor Ethan Burke, the main character, who awakens in the small Wayward Pines town. Unable to really remember the accident, unable to contact anyone on the outside, and unable to leave the town. And that's not the end of the strange happenings. Time seems twisted, is there some time travel involved? There are strange creatures ... is this actually a vampire/zombie book? I did push through ... and everything WAS explained satisfactorily enough by the end that I was glad I had finished, and I was even eagerly anticipating the next book in the series. 

As soon as July hit, I borrowed "Wayward" ... having uncovered most of the mystery, this book was much more straight-forward than the first one. I finished it up and started watching the mini-series, planning on reading the final book as soon as August arrived (Kindle Lending Library limits you to one book per month).

The start of the mini-series was plenty confusing ... just like the book! If I hadn't already read the book and knew what was happening, I'm not sure if I would have made it through the first few episodes. I'm really not of fan of Juliette Lewis (but she is only in the first few episodes).  

As the book was brought to life, many things were as I had envisioned them in my imagination. It was pretty good that way. There were some distinct differences though (as is always the case as books are made into movies or TV). The main one, was Teresa and Ben (Burke's wife and son). In the book, Ben is just a young child at the start, and about 12 later on. In the miniseries, Ben is 14  the entire time. There were some major differences in the character of Pam (a nurse) as well. Although she is unlikeable in both, there is some redemption for her in the miniseries. In the book, she was a teen stray discovered by David Pilcher (the man behind Wayward Pines) ... in the miniseries, she is his sister.

There were main ideas in the books that were completely omitted from the miniseries ... and then there were things in the miniseries that were never mentioned in the book. Not that this is at all unusual in book to live action converts.

Watching the miniseries, I stopped at episode nine. That was basically where book two had ended, and I figured I should read the final book before continuing on. I don't know that I really needed to wait though. There was only one episode left in the mini-series ... and it was completely different from the third book. Seriously, absolutely nothing in common whatsoever (except the characters. Completely different storyline, different ending). 

So now ... I'm done with both. I don't know that I enthusiastically endorse either. They were both alright. I'm not sure which ending I prefer either, I really don't! Neither was particularly satisfying.

With the basic premise behind the town ... it was a little hard not to compare it to "The Walking Dead" a bit (especially as Hubs has recently been catching up on Season 5). There were some similarities. The perfect little town, the new addition being made constable, the monsters outside the walls. I couldn't help but wonder if the people of Wayward Pines COULD come together and make things work, although those in TWD were also still struggling.

Well ... there you have it. My thoughts on all things Wayward Pines.  Have YOU heard of this series? Read the book or seen the television production? Your thoughts?

Sunday, August 9, 2015

WWI #106 - Still There Don't Care

Still in the 164 range ... weight is up just a bit from last Friday, but the average actually went down a tiny bit. Things stayed pretty steady this week, and I just didn't care. In the past few weeks, there were days I really tried on the eating end. This week ... not so much. I didn't have one day under 2000. My average in was  2817. Yikes! It was higher than my average daily burn (2704). Of course, no deficit with stuff like that ... over by 2912. I guess I'm lucky the scale didn't shift up more than it did.

There are just these last few weeks of summer. I guess I'm hoping that when school shifts back into gear and we return to the routine, that maybe that will be the push I need to start the scale moving in the other direction. I KNOW you shouldn't do the "when this happens I will ..." thinking, but the school schedule has always been a good motivator to me. No more sleeping in, uninterrupted hours during the day, back to bed at a reasonable time. Of course school does have it's challenges too, with carpools, making lunches, homework help. I guess we'll see. 

Here's the quick weekly recap ...
  • Friday (0731): Hit Zumba in the morning but it wasn't a great class, left it unsatisfied. Got in some elliptical and bike, so still a decent day for exercise. Eating was fairly high. I want sugar!
  • Saturday (0801): Back to basketball today. Easy win for our guys. Hubs had been out running errands and brought home donuts from a downtown deli. They were delish. Activity included elliptical, lawn mow and grocery shopping. In the evening we had went to my brother's house to sign some legal documents, and have pizza (they got MY kind, just cheese and white sauce). Stopped at Cabellas on the way home (we each got a small fudge sample, yum!)
  • Sunday (0802): We didn't do our usual Sunday Circle breakfast, as we were having waffles later  with my side of the family. Knowing this, I had laid out croissants to rise for our breakfast instead. Walked to/from church. Nap in the afternoon, then the big family activity.
  • Monday (0803): Started off the day with double Zumba! Hit an 8:30 class, then my usual 9:30 class. I was late getting there but they hadn't started yet. Quick stop at Kmart, then Smiths on the way home. It was a cool and rainy morning, and just felt like soup and breadstick weather. At home, I whipped up the dough and got breadsticks rising. A little later I made the soup and turned some of the dough into cinnamon rolls. We had #2's girlfriend and our neighbor boy over for dinner. It was yummy. The leftover soup never seems to get eaten though. While I often can manage a low-calorie day on Mondays ... not today.
  • Tuesday (0804) : Started good with Zumba, but then had to run #5 to the dentist for some work. I did run some errands quick rather than just waiting, but stuff like this disrupts my day and I can't quite get my mojo back. Should have been a weights day, or at least bike, but all I did was a little elliptical. Wasn't feeling good in the evening, and then sliced my thumb, which made me even more woozy. Amidst all this I still managed to eat a lot.
  • Wednesday (0805): Zumba in the morning, with a quick stop at the store for things I'd forgotten in Monday's grocery store run. A bike and elliptical during the day. The gym floor is being refinished a the rec center, so the kids can't play basketball this whole week, but I did drop them off to swim for a while. Kept calories a little better today. 
  • Thursday (0806): Zumba in the morning, with ANOTHER store run ... I haven't been keeping a good check on what we need (out of milk!) Got in elliptical and bike. Hubs took a couple of the kids to see a climbing competition in Park City. I hit Zumba and grabbed Crazy Bread on the way home. Calories spiraled a bit out of control today, even with a bit of activity.

A little shooting at Cabellas Saturday night.

Last picture of all three ducks together, as on Sunday morning ... two of them flew away. It wasn't unexpected, they had been trying their wings for a while now (see the video in last week's recap post). One ducky, our egg hatched one stayed, but she seems a little lonely now. 

 Rainy days and Mondays ... means soup and breadsticks.

 Daddy and a couple boys watching the Psicocomp in Park City.

... and video of the week. We are STILL struggling with the second kitty. 
They attack each other if they are in the same room.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Conserving Cash at Kohls

It's Thrifty Thursday ;)

I hadn't heard of Kohl's before it moved into a shopping center right by our home. It's not a store I frequent, but I have found some deals and steals there. Have you?

If you live close by, and you take the local newspaper, you might be lucky enough to get some little coupons with the paper every once in a while. It's usually a $10 off a $30 purchase. What's great about Kohl's coupons, is unlike most other places that only allow one discount per purchase, generally I can stack this with another of their percent off specials (they regularly have 15/20/30% deals going on). Then of course, they often offer the Kohl's Cash with many purchases (good on your next purchase, during certain dates). Kohl's Cash can also be combined with coupons, percent off savings and sales. It pays to watch and wait with Kohl's. Never pay full price!

My boys love Nike socks. I almost always buy them at Kohl's. They often go on sale there, with a buy one get one half off offer. This is cheaper than the Nike Outlet (which is in the same shopping center). Up until recently, all coupons and additional percent off points were good on Nike merchandise ... but on my last visit, Nike had been added to the list of exclusions. Dang it! There went my super sock savings.

When my son needed socks, I checked online and saw that the Buy 1 Get 1 1/2 off sale was going on. I ran over to the store and ... it wasn't on sale at the store. They wouldn't honor the online price either. So I went back home, ordered them online with free store pickup, then went back and picked them up. It took another trip, but did save me $8. 

That is something to watch. Often online prices are not the same as in the store. But often, you can purchase online and have the items held at the store for pickup, thus getting the sale price. Another thing to keep in mind is if you order something from home, you usually have to pay shipping - but if you order the exact same item from the kiosk in the store, they will ship it to your home for free. It's just good to be aware of the different policies and possibilities to save a little cash!

I got another little Kohl's moneysaver when I added the app to my iphone. I received $5 in credit on my next purchase, and will continue to get some credit with their store rewards program, even though I don't really shop here regularly.

I often find it humorous as I check out ... "Your original cost before all sales/promotions/credits was $100, your cost is $15. You saved $85"  Can you say "inflated original prices?" ... it seems almost everything is always about 40% off at Kohls ;) But with the sales, clearance, coupons, percent off savings, Kohls Cash and rewards, you really can get some steals and deals if you are willing to watch for them!

Do you shop at Kohls? Any great deals? Any other tips?

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Family, Fun and FOOD

Fairly often, Hub grabs the boys, and then grabs some cousins, and they go grab something yummy. Family fun and food, they just seem to go together, don't they? Can you have one without the other? It's a little hard! And as I struggle to control calories, often it's easier for me just to skip these outings. I know I can go and not partake, but I don't know that I have the motivation if I'm there (and, I admit it, I'm a homebody). But I have missed out on some family fun. 

Family, Fun and Food.
They just go together, like movies and popcorn.  

I haven't been in a movie mood this summer. The thought of just sitting, combined with the consumption of calories. As Daddy has taken the boys to Age of Ultron, Pitch Perfect 2, Inside Out, Minions and Pixals ... I didn't go.

When Daddy drove the boys up to Utah County
 to catch Krispy Creme with the Hot Light on
  ... I didn't go. 
(They still brought me home donuts)

We had a family outing to Pretzel Maker.
I went, and I did partake.

I actually could have gone on this "Hot Dog on a Stick" outing ...
I don't do corndogs. I wouldn't have been tempted.
But then, it doesn't really make sense for me to make the trip.

When we get together for birthdays, there is cake and ice cream. There are big family dinners. As we met up with my brothers this weekend to finalize some legal documents, we turned it into a pizza party. Almost every time a group gets together, food is a major factor.

Even just at home, I find food is how I show love to my family. 
They love it when I bake.
 Nutritious dinners just don't get the same response.

It's hard. This association we have with food and fun and showing love.  Valentines and other holidays are all associated with candy gifts. Dates are so often dinners out, or movies with popcorn and treats.  A few years ago, Hubs and I really tried to get away from the traditional dates with some healthy alternatives. We went hiking a lot, or went for a walk, or  (my favorite) played racquetball. But we've slipped back into less healthful activities. There have been times these past few months when Hubs has suggested going out for a quick mini-date to grab a treat ... and I've said no, because I didn't have the calories in the budget. A true definition of "controlling calories" ... they control me at times.

Just Thinking Out Loud ...
Can you have family fun without food?
What do you do?

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Zumba July 2015

I hit 24 classes in July (same as in June). With the July4th holiday, and also the 24th (state holiday here in Utah) there were MANY class cancellations! Instructors were taking some well deserved vacations, often an entire week off, so I scrambled a bit to find back-up classes (and didn't over the 4th of July weekend). But I did hit some new classes, or at least ones I hadn't been to for quite a while. A couple Saturday classes too. I was a good Zumba month. 
 ... and the numbers, I didn't hit any new records. Had some highs, some lows. My highest calorie burn estimate for the month was 518 on the FitbitOne, in HeatherJones's fundraiser on Saturday, July 11. The highest step count was the day before, Friday July 10 with MZL; 7691 steps. The highest average heart rate happened in Marian's morning class, July 28 (130). 

*** Pictures from July ***

At Southziders ... 
there wasn't even a "pink shirt" memo, it was just coincidence!

At the Heather Jones Fundraiser - Four Zumba pros!

Cute Claudia ... Thursdays at MountainView

 Southziders ... in Draper. 
Nina is back!

 Me at MZL (Kearns location)

Marian's morning class in West Jordan

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