Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Hello Holds!

I love my local library. I rarely make it into the physical building anymore, as most of my borrowing is done digitally. It's just so easy! Select an item, and I'm taken to my Amazon account to download it to my Kindle. It's a three week lend, which is generally plenty of time for me to finish me read. Then ... the book goes back automatically. Impossible to have a late fee!

Just like physical books, digital books do have limitations on how many copies can be loaned out at once (depending on how many copies the library has purchased). There are almost always dozens on my list that are available for immediate checkout, but others, if I want to get them, I'm going to have to stand in line. I can put them on hold, and I'm notified when they are available.

Back in July, I put several titles I was interested in on hold ... some only had one copy, some had multiple, some had several holds ahead of me, some might be available as soon as the current copy was returned. I watched with a bit of trepidation as four of the books suddenly said "You are next in line for this title."  Of course I am happy to have my hold come in, but I wasn't sure about having FOUR come in at once! I'm a fast reader, but that might push my limits. Sure enough ... three of the titles became available. It's a use it or lose it (you have two days to check it out before your hold is cancelled). So I grabbed all three, and hope I can make it through! Of course I had to finish the book I was currently reading, and my son wants me to read "The Scarlet Letter" to help him with his school homework.

I received The Heir ... book #4 in "The Selection" series, which I really liked. It was at the top of my list, so it's what I'm reading now. Then I have Sever, the third and final book in the "Chemical Garden" trilogy. I read books 1&2 in the past month and figured I'd finish the series. The third hold is Ashen Winter, book #2 in the Ashfall series. I read the first book back in 2012, it's been a while, but I've seen book #3 always available for immediate download, but of course I can't borrow it until I'm done with the second in the series.

So ... I hope to be reading quite a bit in the next little bit. I'd like to hit the stationary bike almost every day, as I get 30 minutes in with that. I have been getting quite a bit of reading/riding in lately, I really enjoy perusing the pages as I pedal. Sometimes if I'm laying in bed, reading at night (or during the day) I'll get sleepy. Not a problem on the bike! And I love accomplishing two things at once.

Wish me luck, I have three weeks to read these three books, plus Indigo Spell (Bloodlines #3) might become available any day too! Time to get reading!

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  1. The Bloodline series is really good I liked it a lot. I'm glad I'm came here. It caused me to remember that I have two books on hold that I have to go download. I have Fangirl (which is fiction) and Switch which is non-fiction about how to change when change is hard. I really need that one!


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