Sunday, August 9, 2015

WWI #106 - Still There Don't Care

Still in the 164 range ... weight is up just a bit from last Friday, but the average actually went down a tiny bit. Things stayed pretty steady this week, and I just didn't care. In the past few weeks, there were days I really tried on the eating end. This week ... not so much. I didn't have one day under 2000. My average in was  2817. Yikes! It was higher than my average daily burn (2704). Of course, no deficit with stuff like that ... over by 2912. I guess I'm lucky the scale didn't shift up more than it did.

There are just these last few weeks of summer. I guess I'm hoping that when school shifts back into gear and we return to the routine, that maybe that will be the push I need to start the scale moving in the other direction. I KNOW you shouldn't do the "when this happens I will ..." thinking, but the school schedule has always been a good motivator to me. No more sleeping in, uninterrupted hours during the day, back to bed at a reasonable time. Of course school does have it's challenges too, with carpools, making lunches, homework help. I guess we'll see. 

Here's the quick weekly recap ...
  • Friday (0731): Hit Zumba in the morning but it wasn't a great class, left it unsatisfied. Got in some elliptical and bike, so still a decent day for exercise. Eating was fairly high. I want sugar!
  • Saturday (0801): Back to basketball today. Easy win for our guys. Hubs had been out running errands and brought home donuts from a downtown deli. They were delish. Activity included elliptical, lawn mow and grocery shopping. In the evening we had went to my brother's house to sign some legal documents, and have pizza (they got MY kind, just cheese and white sauce). Stopped at Cabellas on the way home (we each got a small fudge sample, yum!)
  • Sunday (0802): We didn't do our usual Sunday Circle breakfast, as we were having waffles later  with my side of the family. Knowing this, I had laid out croissants to rise for our breakfast instead. Walked to/from church. Nap in the afternoon, then the big family activity.
  • Monday (0803): Started off the day with double Zumba! Hit an 8:30 class, then my usual 9:30 class. I was late getting there but they hadn't started yet. Quick stop at Kmart, then Smiths on the way home. It was a cool and rainy morning, and just felt like soup and breadstick weather. At home, I whipped up the dough and got breadsticks rising. A little later I made the soup and turned some of the dough into cinnamon rolls. We had #2's girlfriend and our neighbor boy over for dinner. It was yummy. The leftover soup never seems to get eaten though. While I often can manage a low-calorie day on Mondays ... not today.
  • Tuesday (0804) : Started good with Zumba, but then had to run #5 to the dentist for some work. I did run some errands quick rather than just waiting, but stuff like this disrupts my day and I can't quite get my mojo back. Should have been a weights day, or at least bike, but all I did was a little elliptical. Wasn't feeling good in the evening, and then sliced my thumb, which made me even more woozy. Amidst all this I still managed to eat a lot.
  • Wednesday (0805): Zumba in the morning, with a quick stop at the store for things I'd forgotten in Monday's grocery store run. A bike and elliptical during the day. The gym floor is being refinished a the rec center, so the kids can't play basketball this whole week, but I did drop them off to swim for a while. Kept calories a little better today. 
  • Thursday (0806): Zumba in the morning, with ANOTHER store run ... I haven't been keeping a good check on what we need (out of milk!) Got in elliptical and bike. Hubs took a couple of the kids to see a climbing competition in Park City. I hit Zumba and grabbed Crazy Bread on the way home. Calories spiraled a bit out of control today, even with a bit of activity.

A little shooting at Cabellas Saturday night.

Last picture of all three ducks together, as on Sunday morning ... two of them flew away. It wasn't unexpected, they had been trying their wings for a while now (see the video in last week's recap post). One ducky, our egg hatched one stayed, but she seems a little lonely now. 

 Rainy days and Mondays ... means soup and breadsticks.

 Daddy and a couple boys watching the Psicocomp in Park City.

... and video of the week. We are STILL struggling with the second kitty. 
They attack each other if they are in the same room.

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  1. A little fun shooting at Cabela's is always great! I know I am a girl, but that is one of my favorite stores:)
    Psicocomp Park, I have heard of that, I am going to have to go check it out with the nieces and nephews one of these days:)
    Hope you can get the kitty fighting situation figured out:)


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