Monday, August 24, 2015

WWI #108 - Two Pounder :(

I know I'm not eating as I should. I am tracking, sticking all treats in my out of control "Completely Empty Calories" category I created on my MFP tracker.  I have been exercising and staying active ... what would have happened these past few months if I hadn't? As I've crunched the numbers these last few months, I'm really not surprised in some of the scale shift, but there have been some jumps (two pounds this week, four pounds on week at the end of June) which really seem unexplained. I certainly wasn't over by 7000 calories this week. I know scales can shift by quite a bit in a single day, but when I see the jump then stay day after day ... it's so discouraging! And that just makes we want to seek comfort in food.

NUMBERS: Up 2.1 pounds from last week. Average is up 1.5 pounds. Average intake was 2564, average daily burn 2830. Overage for the week of 217.   Now I know all these numbers are just estimates. I am not  weighing and measuring everything, so I know my food tracking could very well be off, but I really am trying to record everything. I also know the exercise/activity estimates can easily be off too. I try tracking with two different devices, and try to be conservative (whereas with  my food I try to be generous with my estimates). I know I'm not doing great, so I'd be ok with no losing weight ... but this steady (and at times jumping) weight gain these past few months has been frustrating.

This was the final week of summer. School starts next week. We'll see if the return to routine can shake anything up!  Here's the weekly recap ...

  • Friday (0814): Zumba in the morning and an hour of elliptical throughout the day. NOT a good eating day at all, as often happens on Fridays. Hubs took the kids to Maga's house for a backyard campout.
  • Saturday (0815): An hour of elliptical, and I hit the bike. #5 had a basketball game ... I was craving candy today, caved to some Reeses/Twix but didn't get totally out of control. 
  • Sunday (0816): Family beach day, we took off ... and I'd forgotten my Fitbit. Not that I get many steps at the beach, but still, I like to have it! We dropped off our ducky to a duck farm family on the way too. Too many treats and a little KFC to really push me over calories.
  • Monday (0817): Good exercise day, with double Zumba in the morning, an hour of elliptical and a session on the bike. Calories not out of control, but not great either. Too much bread (Crazy bread and some from Papa Murphy's).
  • Tuesday (0818): Got up early and thought I'd have an uber productive day. Got in my 10x10, but then slowed down, was very tired. Did some running the kids around and worked on a photo project.
  • Wednesday (0819): Good class with Zumba in the morning, and an hour of elliptical and a session on the bike during the day. 
  • Thursday (0820): Double Zumba day, with a class in the morning, and again in the evening. An hour of elliptical throughout the day at home. Ran kids to the rec center and went to the post office to mail off my photo project to our missionary.
Backyard Cousins Campout

Day at the Lake

Basketball Boys ... Lots of time at the Rec Center this summer!

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  1. It is such a self perpetuating cycle. We see the scales up for seemingly no reason and we get frustrated and eat. Which causes the scales to go up...which frustrates us and makes us indulge in some chocolate or cakes or whatever. It's vicious!!!!

    I do the same thing and it has crept up and up and up.....2 pounds here, one pound there. It's time to stop the increase!!!!


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