Sunday, October 25, 2015

WWI #117 - Weekly Down, Identical Average

Last week, my official Friday weigh-in didn't change much from the week before, but my average dropped over two pounds. This week was the opposite. My official weigh-in was down, but my average stayed exactly the same. Like last week, my official Friday weigh-in was not my low for the week. Still working hard to back into the 150s (my happy-weight) and then into the 140s (goal).   NUMBERS: Down 1.6 for the official. Average was 163.3, identical to last Friday. Average intake was 2036. Average burn was 3202 ... that equated to a weekly deficit of -6079.

Weekly Recap ...
  • Friday: Hubs out of town and the kids out of school. I was able to hit a Zumba class though! The little boys wanted to go to the gym to play basketball, so I walked the track and rode a stationary bike while I kept an eye on them. My folks came over in the evening and we did pizza and games.
  • Saturday: No basketball today (Fall Break). I got in several sessions on the elliptical, and some bike. Pretty low-key day.
  • Sunday: An hour of elliptical and the reading/riding on the bike. My 12-year has started reading/riding on the bike too. Another low-key day. Did get in a Sunday nap. One of the higher calorie days.
  • Monday:  A "purple party" at Zumba, with a larger crowd than usual. Several sessions on the elliptical, and time on the bike. 
  • Tuesday: Busy day with Zumba, elliptical, bike and WEIGHTS. Walked the track in the evening during basketball practice. Also made homemade soup and breadsticks (and cinnamon rolls) for the family ... so calories were a bit higher today.
  • Wednesday: Zumba, elliptical and bike - and kept calories in check.
  • Thursday: Only morning Zumba today, as I was the only one there for the evening class. Still a 31k day with elliptical, bike and mowing the lawn. Kept calories in check too.

 Me on the track. The little boys goofing off on the court below. 

Hubs and his brother ... 
the Fall Food Tour in Seattle, Washington over the weekend.

I tried the "water and vinegar" trick to clean the microwave.
It worked. SO much better!

So that was my week. Encouraged that the scale is moving in the right direction ... it's just so SLOW. Weight fluctuates so much. Gotta just keep going. This next week will be a bit of a challenge as there are doctor/dentist appointments to interrupt my routine, and class parties at the school, and then another day off for the kidlets ... and then of course Halloween! 

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