Saturday, October 31, 2015

WWI #118 - Busy Week, Good Week

I was a little worried about this week. Basketball games, doctor, dentist and helping out at the school ... all were on the docket this week, and I don't do as well without my usual routine. But the scale showed success, even though my deficit wasn't quite as good as the week's past (just -734). NUMBERS:  Down 2.2 pounds from last Friday, the average went down just over two pounds too (161.49). Average intake was 1857, average daily burn was 3006.  Here's a quick week recap:

  • Friday (1023): Wasn't feeling 100%, but ended up hitting a $5 Zumba class and felt quite a bit better after. Got in elliptical and bike and spent the evening watching #3 in a basketball game.
  • Saturday (1024): Hubs was off early for a bike ride, so I hit a Saturday Zumba class. Then, there were three basketball games (one for #5, and two for #3). I ended up walking around quite a bit while watching and waiting between games, so even with no elliptical or bike, I got in the steps! Over in calories though, as Hubs and I indulged in popcorn while watching a DVD.
  • Sunday (1025): Hit Costco with Hubs, then we went to Rodizio as a family (sans #2 who was working). Just barely pulled even with calories in vs out (with just 40min elliptical). 
  • Monday (1026): Zumba (and baby shower for Nina, Betty Crocker and I made some muffins to take), some elliptical and bike, then an additional Halloween Zumba in the evening, 90minute class no less! Big activity day, and just not very hungry (or just to busy to eat). 
  • Tuesday (1027): After Zumba I had a doctor's appointment. Just my annual exam. It was nice to be in and out in under an hour, even with lab work and a flu shot. Got in elliptical and bike too. #5 had practice in the evening, so I jogged the track while I waited. Another big activity day, and still kept calories in check.
  • Wednesday (1028): After Zumba, I had to check #4 out of school for a dentist appointment. Got in my hour of elliptical during the day, but didn't get to the bike.
  • Thursday (1029): Accidentally slept in until after 7:00, just barely getting #3 to school on time. After dropping off elementary I simply stayed at the school for the parade, Thriller, #4's class party and then #5's class party (helping out at both). Felt off missing my morning Zumba, and then evening Zumba didn't happen either (as I was the only one who showed up). Still got in an hour of elliptical, eating edged a little high.
 Pictures from the Week

At the doctors office.

#5 as a basketball star on a Wheaties box

The kitties decided to get in on the action when he took it off ...

... a little video of #4 dancing to "Thriller"

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  1. Sounds like you had a great week!

  2. It sounds like you did a great job of balancing things happening, eating and exercise!


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