Monday, November 30, 2015

Computer Crash ;(

My computer has been on it's last legs for a while now... close to capacity, making strange noises. This past week, it turned off, and never turned back on. With the Thanksgiving holiday, we haven't been able to get it in yet to see if it can be revived, or the information on it saved.

We do have most things backed up, and we have a backup computer in the home, plus my iphone to access email and social media and such. I'm not completely cut off. But I do miss my computer. 

Not having it around, I didn't get to inputting all my weekly numbers to find my stats. I don't have my "Snag It" program to grab an image of my weight chart for a blog update.  Weight Friday was exactly the same as the week before, which isn't too bad for the day after Thanksgiving.

Hopefully I'll be back shortly ...


  1. I hope you can revive your computer, I know how frustrating it can be.


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