Tuesday, November 17, 2015

TV Tuesday - PlayOn and PrimeTime

Quite a while ago, I did a post about streaming shows vs watching them on DVD (I didn't even discuss watching anything "live" ... because I just don't do that!) I rarely watch DVDs anymore. Streaming is just so simple.

We have Netflix and Amazon Prime. Between the two, I have a "to watch" list a mile long. As I mentioned in my previous post, I also use the PlayOn service. 

PlayOn updated their program in October. It was a rather large change ... and I'm not very good with change. However I must say, after a couple hiccups, I am LOVING the updates, and it is really changing what I'm watching (keeping up with current shows rather than waiting for them to hit Netflix/Amazon or DVD). 

PlayOn works with your PC, and then can stream anything available on your computer to your television, via several different devices (we use a Roku box, that we have for Netflix/Amazon anyway). I love that I can watch downstairs in my gym while I workout. Most of the networks make their shows available online, and with my PlayOn service I just record them to my computer, and then stream them to my TV. The PlayOn service even skips the ads! I could always fast forward through them, but now it's automatic, and I love that! You can also subscribe to programs and they will record automatically. I even get my beloved captions on many of the networks and Hulu (the free version, I didn't want to pay for another streaming service!)

PlayOn is touted as a way to cut cable. Unfortunately ... we still have cable, as my boys MUST watch the NBA. The premium channels (HBOGO, AMC, USA, etc.) also require a cable login. But I still love PlayOn as it makes viewing shows on my timetable so much easier. 

So ... what am I watching?

I saw "Zoo" come up as a recently added program on Netflix, and I figured I'd give it a try. I guess it was a "summer show" on CBS. I'd just recently finished up Revolution (What I'm Watching October 2015) and so it was a bit hard to see the main swashbuckling hero from that show, now a stereotypical nerdy scientist. But I did like the show overall.

I'd heard quite a bit of buzz about "How To Get Away With Murder" but hadn't seen any episodes or really knew anything about it. The first season appeared on Netflix, so I watched. It was one that kept the excitement and interest. I finished it up as the new season began to air ... and so I've added it to my list of shows I'm keeping current on.

I've mentioned my favorites before ... Grey's Anatomy is at the top of the list. Two seasons ago, I mentioned the unique use of background music; familiar songs, reworked. I didn't see it last season, but now it's back. I really pay attention to the background music! I wasn't sure I cared enough able my other regulars to follow them week to week ... but now that PlayOn has made it so easy ... I am. I have subscriptions to Nashville, Scandal, The Good Wife and The Walking Dead. I'm only an episode or so behind on most, but I haven't caught ANY TWD yet ... although I have heard about Glen.

I recorded "The Voice" and got the kids watching it... I just wanted them to watch something other than "Friends" or "One Tree Hill."  I couldn't quite get interested enough myself (too much talking, not enough excitement for working out). #3 and #4 are completely hooked on it this season.

Hubs and I have been watching "Homeland" ... one we watch together, while lounging in bed and eating popcorn. 

What are YOU watching?
How do you watch your favorite shows?

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