Saturday, November 7, 2015

WWI #119 - Up, Up, Up

Well dang, I wasn't able to hang onto the loss from last week. Up a little over the weekend, a small drop after a good Monday, then up a little again. Eating was up this week. I really am not sure why I had been more successful in controlling calories the past few weeks. I was back to my "norm" this week, with an average up above 2000 ... I didn't have one day under. Just had the munchies, and there was Halloween candy around, and other tempting treats. I upped my exercise too, but it just doesn't seem to matter. If I eat over 2000, the scale shifts up, regardless of deficit or extra activity.  NUMBERS: Friday weight was up 1.3 pounds. Average was only up .1 (161.59). Average intake was 2350. Average daily burn was 3106. It resulted in a deficit of -2796. Alas. Exercise UP, Eating UP, Weight UP.  Here's a quick week recap ...

  • Friday (1030): The kids were out of school, so I was able to hit a free Zumba class. Also got in an hour of elliptical and 30min on the bike. Too many treats, but just barely over 2000. Not bad for a Friday.
  • Saturday (1031): The youngest had an 8:00 basketball game. They won.   I made cookie press cookies (pumpkin shaped) in the afternoon. Hubs took #3 to a friend's for a party, and the younger two kidlets went trick-or-treating. I only got in an hour of elliptical today, but #4 (12-years old) hit a new high, 40,000 steps!
  • Sunday (1101): Slept in, then started the day off with a session on the elliptical. Didn't get back down to the gym though. A little nap, then off to my folks for the monthly "Waffle and Welatives" party. We also celebrate birthdays. My mom's (and mine, and Hubs) are coming up, so I picked up a cake from Sam's Club. As we went to pose for a picture, I proceeded to dump the cake upside down on the counter. Oops. Over in calorie oops too.
  • Monday (1102): Nice active day! Up early for some elliptical, then Zumba and some quick shopping stops. Got in additional Zumba and bike, and then hit an evening Zumba class too. Big stepping day, over 38,000 steps. Kept calories right at 2000.
  • Tuesday (1103): Scale did a drop after yesterday. Ate too much today though, just grabbing some of the kids Halloween candy and other treats. Even with an hour of elliptical, Zumba, and track time (almost five miles) while waiting at basketball practice, still a deficit, but ...
  • Wednesday (1104): Scale shifted up again. Got in my elliptical, Zumba and bike. Still too much snacking, just can't seem to stop. Spaghetti dinner and cheesy bread didn't help ...
  • Thursday (1105): Got in early elliptical, then additional to add up to an hour. Zumba in the morning, and some bike. I've gone to my evening Zumba class the last couple weeks, but when no one showed we went home. There were a couple people there today, so we danced. ;) I did stop and grab some Crazy Bread from Little Caesars on the way home though ... had a couple pieces.
***Pictures from the Week***
 Do these count as "costumes"? Off to trick-or-treat.
#4 gave all his candy to #5.
Neither of them like anything with nuts ... so those go to me. 
Mmmmm, Reeses!

 "OOPS"-sidedown Cake!

November Bloom?
I was shocked to see my lilac blooming again!
Not the entire tree, just some buds here and there.
I thought it was only a spring thing!

I hope to have a better eating week coming up ... but it hasn't started off very well.


  1. Lilacs are my favorite! So pretty!

    Keep up the good work! This weight-loss journey is hard but worth it!

  2. LOVE lilacs!!!

    Sounds like a pretty good week even with the weight!!


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