Friday, December 25, 2015

WWI #126 - Been NAUGHTY

Oh dear me ... I've been naughty this week and it shows on the scale. Down right devilish (if the 666 has that meaning). It's been hard. With the holiday schedule, kids out of school, and I've just had a cold that has sucked away all my energy. 

I've been dragging for a couple of weeks now. No fever (I did get a flu shot), but a sore throat, cough and just absolute exhaustion. Some headache, a touch of nausea here and there, and just feeling "fuzzy". I'd dropped my PACT from my usual five workouts per week to four, then to three ... and I just put it on a break for this week all together! I didn't feel like I could really commit to anything!

I only ended up hitting one Zumba class this week. Only 10min here and there on the elliptical. Several days I went without any activity altogether. Unfortunately, unlike my sickness a couple years ago (where I lost my appetite completely and lost 10 pounds in a week) I have still been eating ... a lot.  NUMBERS: Official weight is up 3.9 pounds. Ouch! The average is up, but just (just?) 1.28 to 163.9. Average in was 2237. Average daily burn only 2004 (lazy, lazy week!). That resulted in an overage of 4598. Yikes!

Here's a quick recap of the week:

  • Friday (1218): Daddy and the two little boys took off for a quick weekend trip to Vegas. Just #3 and I home. He had basketball practice and then ended up going to see the new Star Wars movie (again). I should have gotten in some exercise but ... only 10min elliptical for the whole day! 8227 steps.
  • Saturday (1219): Did 10 minutes on the elliptical, and then didn't make it down to the gym again. Worked on the computer much of the day (videos and making photo collages for a family calendar) then took #3 to his basketball game. Did keep calories in check though, even while indulging in ice cream.
  • Sunday (1220): Just dragging! Didn't attempt any exercise, eating was over, even though nothing even tastes good and I'm not feeling starving. Did get presents wrapped and under the tree. Hubs and the boys made it home, and #2 got in late from Orlando. Nice to have everyone back in the nest.
  • Monday (1221): If Zumba had been close, I would have tried it (I think) but I just didn't have the energy to drive 20min. Didn't hit any elliptical either. Spent much of the day on the computer again, and then a family Christmas party in the evening.
  • Tuesday (1222): Zumba can't get any closer than my Tuesday class, so I went, but it was HARD to push through. I was glad to be done. Didn't attempt any additional exercise (but did get over 10k today). Didn't get a nap, but had to lay down and rest for a bit several times during the day.
  • Wednesday (1223): Pretty much spent the entire day on the computer working on a family slideshow (pictures of the year shown at the annual Christmas Eve party). No exercise, only 3193 steps. Unfortunately I like to nosh while sitting at my desk ...
  • Thursday (1224): Christmas Eve ... the boys still wanted to go play at the gym (running them there and back have been my only reason to leave the house these last few days) so I dropped them off. Got breadsticks rising and finished making the chicken noodle soup (I'd cooked the meat, prepped it on Tuesday so I wouldn't have it all to do today). I was still active more today than I have been and I wasn't feeling great as we headed out to the party. We got home early and I went straight to bed, so Hubs had to play Santa ...
 A few pictures ...

#2 son off in Orlando on Saturday
They won the JV tournament there! 1st place!

Hubs hitting the Hoover Dam on the way home on Sunday ... in addition to my two youngest, some extended family went too.  That's my nephew who HAS to do bunny ears in every photo *Ü*. Hubs likes the selfie stick I bought him, I love that he's putting it to use!

Monday festivities on the Hub's side of the family. 
Santa and his wife came!

... and of everyone!
(the big head is #1 son, our attempt to include him while he's away in Mexico)
Christmas Eve (my side of the family)
Every year, after Christmas is all set up (Santa has come) I take a picture, before the chaos of Christmas morning. Because I wasn't feeling well, I didn't get a picture this year ;( (I forgot to tell Hubs to include that step in the prep). I was actually up in the night with a coughing attack, and walked out and saw the scene, but didn't think of grabbing the camera then. It was such a pretty picture too. And by morning ... it had changed. But that is FriDAY, and part of next week's post.

I did feel like I got a lot accomplished this week ... other than exercise/eating anyway. I'm actually almost completely caught up on making the highlights from the boy's basketball games. I did finish up the calendar and get it ordered (for all my siblings), although I feel bad I didn't get it done in time for Christmas Eve. I completely the family slideshow, got all the presents purchased and wrapped, made the breadsticks and soup.

I AM horribly behind on the family blog. And here ... on my Daily Doings and monthly updates. At least I'm committing to my weekly check in. Internet accountability. Even on naughty weeks like this was.


  1. This is a hard week for most everyone. The good thing is that with the new year coming up, it is sometimes easier to become more energized again.

  2. Sounds like you got hit witheverything at once...holidays and being sick. Don't beat yourself up. Just move on!


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