Saturday, December 31, 2016

Zumba Stats 2016

This is a post in progress ... updated monthly.

Since I started going to Zumba classes a couple years ago, I've tracked my stats (steps, calorie burn estimate, heart rate, etc.) from the beginning. At first, I'd grab a photo of my Fitbit and Polar, and post the picture on Facebook. Then I started keeping an excel file, and posting the results monthly. For 2016, I just kpet a running blog post, updating it each month.  

I regularly hit four classes a week, Southziders on Monday, Marian's class on Tuesday, MZL on Wednesday and MountainView on Thursday. I'll try to fit in a Friday if I can make it work. I wear the Fitbit ChargeHR and the Fitbit One. This year, I also added the Sosche/Digifit combo for some additional heart rate estimates.

Numbers vary from class to class ... sometimes I don't know the steps, or I'm just not feeling it that day. The length of the class will impact calorie burn and steps too of course. Goals are at least 400 calorie burn on both Fitbits, 7000+ steps in the hour, and TRYING for a HR average of 130+ (this is SO hard, my HR just doesn't seem to bump up). Starting 2016, my all time records for my FitbitCharge is a HR average of 142, and a calorie burn of 591. The Sosche is coming in quite a bit higher on all counts, so it will have it's own set of record setting stats, I'm still on a learning curve with it.

I'll continually update this post,  so although it will look familiar, 
it will have new information added each month.

January 2016
I only hit 14 Zumba classes in January, which was slightly better than December, but not up to my usual activity ... especially considering the whole "new years resolutions" motivation for the month.  I was building myself back up I guess. Two classes the first week, three the next, four the following, and finally the full five for the last week of the month. In addition to my regulars, I was able to hit a couple Fridays, once with Debbie, and once with Nicole. I've highlighted the highs for the month, nothing quite record setting, but some good stats. With the Scosche being new, the January highlighted numbers are the ones to beat ...

February 2016

February is a short month ... even with an extra day this year. Still, I got more classes in than I did in January. 20 in total. With some early morning basketball practices on Fridays, I was able to hit five classes a week a few times this month (with both Debbie and Nicole). No double days. I've highlighted the top stats for the month. Steps beat January's high, as did the ChargeHR calorie estimate (just squeaking in the last, extra day in February).

March 2016

22 classes in March. I did pretty good hitting Friday classes this month (the middle school was out a few times which alleviates the carpool conflict), even doing an hour all on my own one week. No night classes (double days), I'm not sure if I'll ever get back to that. I just don't have the energy in the evenings! I did hit one new high (steps) this month. I love seeing how the stats stack up class to class, month to month!

April 2016
Only 15 hours of Zumba in all of April ... not only was the number of classes wimpy, but so were my stats for many of them! My highs were decent, competitive with the previous months (The ChargeHR is actually a new record). The Scosche high probably WOULD have been on April25 also, except I forgot to charge it. I missed a Monday and a Wednesday ... just because I wasn't feeling up to it those days. I hit one Friday class in April .... on day 1.

May 2016
22 hours/classes/sessions of Zumba in May. That ties for March! I was able to hit a Friday class, a couple of Saturday classes, and even got in a double dose one day (the second hour was just me practicing, but still ...)  Some highs, some lows ... a new "steps" high at 7980. Almost into 8000+ (it does help when the class runs long *Ü*)

June 2016
There was a LOT of dancing in June! Marian, the instructor for my Tuesday classes, was taking the next couple months off. Rather than cancelling and then trying to rebuild the class, she asked if I would sub for summer. As I have the key to the building, and two little boys who love basketball, we've been making tons of trips to the church gym where they can play, and I can practice. It's been great for me to be able to go over the songs and steps and gain confidence as I attempt to teach once a week now. I also hit some Friday and Saturday classes. 21 classes (with instructors/other students), and 14 hours on my own ... a total of 35 Zumba sessions for June! New highs too! Charge HR calorie burn of 522 is a new record (this year anyway). That day also holds this month's highs on "time in cardio zone" and average heart rate, as well as Scosche stats. New all time highs on the One estimated calorie burn (at 571) and 8146 steps ... granted that MZL class did exceed the hour, but still, new records!

July 2016
24 Zumba classes, and 7 hours on my own ... that's 31 Zumba sessions for July. I guess the novelty of going to the church for Zumba Practice/Basketball wore off for both the boys and me, as those practice sessions petered out as the month went on. Interesting to see how the highs in each category happened on different days, in different classes ... I'm still not sure I understand how all these gadgets work, but I love looking at the numbers! I hit several Saturday classes, and made it to a couple classes I hadn't been to before (or it's been a LONG time ... HeatherB, Coriann and Melody/Underground).

August 2016
24 classes for August, again (same as July). I consistently hit my Mon-Fri, and got in one Saturday session. Hit my highs at the start of the month ... I remember that class. It was Marian's, that I was running while she was gone for the summer. I only lead four songs myself, but by planning the playlist, had put my favorites and songs I knew, and was really able to push it that day! The stats sure can vary from day to day and class to class. With the end of August came the start of school, which doesn't impact ME too much ... just Fridays, as with middle school carpool, I can't hit the classes. I was able to do an hour on my own the first Friday kids were back at school. We'll see if I can keep it up!
 September 2016
21 classes for September. Had a Monday off (Labor Day) and while I hit a couple Fridays, they are now mostly a miss. I did try a new Saturday class, but alas, it ended already. I did hit a new high with my ChargeHR calorie estimate ... 549 is now the number to beat there. Some other good numbers, but also some really low stats some days. It can really vary, from a class where I don't know the songs, to my energy (or lack thereof) for the day.

October 2016
October wasn't uber impressive for Zumba. 20 classes. Only hit a 500 calorie burn once with the Fitbit trackers. Only one day with 7000+ steps. I did get in a couple Friday classes though, and even a Saturday session.

November 2016
Not a great November ... not sure if I'm just tired, or a little burned out, or what. Only 16 classes this month. The Thanksgiving weekend really only excused me from Thursdays class. My usual MountainView was taking the week off, but there were others that were still on. If I'd wanted to, I could have hit one. As it was, I took the day before off too (the kids were out of school and I just wasn't feeling it). I didn't hit any Friday classes (middle school's late start conflicts), nor any Saturday ones. My numbers for the ones I went to weren't very impressive either. I highlighted the "highs" even though they weren't that high.

December 2016
Oy, pitiful! I think I just let this year (the slow but steady weight gain, the fatigue and low energy) get to me. Nothing seemed to be working, so I decided to do nothing (or very little). Add to that the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and the great room rearrange at home, which took up a lot of time and energy and ... I skipped several Zumba classes. Only seven sessions. Only got the HR up a couple of times. Hopefully, this little rest will reset me and I'll be ready to start back up and scheduled and routines resume with the new year. Stay tuned. A new Zumba 2017 will be showing up ...

***2016 Zumba in Pictures ***

MountainView - January 21, 2016
Marian had a meeting so we three "babes in black" ran the class. I do tend to get higher numbers when I'm up on stage, and when I get to pick the playlist ... as it's all songs I know and like. So it's not surprising this day was one of the highest in January.

 All shapes, sizes and colors are welcome at Zumba.

... and see, I'm not the only gadget girl!
Even if you don't have a Fitbit, I'll be your friend ;)

 Kids are allowed at these Zumba classes ... and sometimes they join in :)

 Halloween Zumba

Photobombing a friend ;)

Friday, December 30, 2016

Weekly Weigh-In #179

Last week of 2016. So many are commenting on how awful 2016 was ... weight-wise for me, it was pretty bad. I was at 160 back in February. Unhappy to stay in the 160s, move up to the 170s, and even into the 180s. I basically took this entire week off. Even took a break on Pact.

NUMBERS: Down 1.4, but average weight up 1.14 (179.73). Only 9783 for the daily step average, 2269 for average daily burn. 103 cardio minutes (a few elliptical sessions here and there), 8.6 exercise miles. 

Day by Day ...
  • Friday (1223): Only one 10min session on the elliptical. Spent the day cooking and finishing up the annual family slideshow for the Christmas party tomorrow. Steps 5386. Burn 1953.
  • Saturday (1224): Christmas Eve. Chaotic morning as Hubs and the boys grabbed on the donations and took them to goodwill. I got started on breadsticks and soup. Family party in the late afternoon with the eating, slideshow, nativity, candybar game and exchanging of gifts. Steps 7064. Burn 2213.
  • Sunday (1225): Christmas Day. Stockings and gifts at our home in the morning, then off to Maga's for a couple hours. Got our call from our missionary in the evening. Hubs made pot roast in the new Instant Pot. Steps 4642. Burn 1981. 
  • Monday (1226): Christmas Day Observed. Hubs had the day off. My sister's family came over to visit and have Hubs help their youngest make a derby car. 10min elliptical. Some additional room rearrange (headboard and desk to #3's room) and some final work downstairs. French Dip dinner. Steps 13228. Burn 2446. 
  • Tuesday (1227): No Zumba with Family Week and Marian in Mexico. 20minElliptical. Did a small shift in the Master Bedroom (cleaning out drawers, shifting the nightstand, moving the bed a bit), stitched up some curtains, almost done with getting the basement back. Steps 12277. Burn 2488. 
  • Wednesday (1228): I actually considered hitting Zumba, but couldn't get confirmation MZL was on, so no Zumba, but 40minElliptical. Quick dental consultation (have to wait for an opening), some shopping, even picked up a headboard/bed frame off local classifieds. Computer time paying bills, updating blogs and video work. Steps 15629. Burn 2563. 
  • Thursday (1229): One 20min Elliptical session. Tournament for #5, one game at 12:00, which they won easily. Practice with team 2 right after. Hubs hit a family wedding reception in the evening. Steps 10256. Burn 2241.
Five Featured Photos ...

Family Party Saturday (Christmas Eve)

 Family Photo Christmas Morning

w/kitties and Big Head stand-in

Family Photo via Facetime Sunday Evening

Snowy Morning! White Christmas.
The boys hard at work ...
... while Hubs takes a relaxing soak in the hot tub.
Boxing Day?
Not all boxes are from Christmas. Just part of the general clean out too ...
Can't wait for garbage day!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Steelheart Series

Have you heard of the author Brandon Sanderson? Living in Utah, and he being a "Utah" author, his name is pretty well known here. But his books have national acclaim too, and it's well deserved. I've started his Mistborn series (finished book 2 in the double trilogy), and it is such a complex fantasy world, I was a little surprised Steelheart (book 1 in The Reckoners series) was by the same author. Still well written, but more of a modern-day (well, post-apocalyptic), American setting ... x-men type story. Completely different tone. This series is fast paced and pretty silly at times.

There is a little conversation in book two of this series: 
"you're not actually bad at metaphors..." 
"...because most of the things you say are SIMILES."  

I totally said that in my review of Steelheart/book 1 (that they were similes, not metaphors). I was happy to have it justified here. *Ü* And just to prove HOW BAD David's similes are ...

  • The place was as black as the inside of a can of black paint that had also been painted black.
  •  It was like trying to balance a pot full of frogs on the tips of two half-cooked pieces of spaghetti.
  • I felt like a cupcake on a steak plate.
  • I'm intense like a lion is tannish.
  • It called to me like the ding on a microwave as it finished nuking a pizza pocket.
  • It was like I was a donut, and somebody had sucked all the jelly out of me.
  • I mixed with ordinary people about the same way that a bucket of paint mixed with a bag of gerbils.
  • ... it was like a calzone stuffed with dynamite
  • ... like discovering that Santa Claus was secretly a Nazi.
  • ... like I was a piece of snot on the windshield following a sneeze.
  • ... like a catapult that shoots enormous grapes.
  • ... like a punk guitarist in a mariachi band.
  • ... exhaling like an epileptic pilot who'd just landed a cargo plane full of dynamite.
  • ...looming over me like a roommate who just heard you open a bag of toffee-pulls.
  • The sun sank down like a giant golden pat of butter melting onto the corn of New Jersey 
Okay, that last one is a pretty nice one.
Beyond the bad similes ... there were just silly statements like "Easy as pie. Not that I actually knew how to make pie." or "This time when she'd pointed the gun at me, she'd flicked the safety on. If that wasn't true love, I don't know what was." or "But the machine had always been finicky, and it had chosen this moment to finick."

... but I loved it! It's fun to have a book make me laugh, while providing a story and action. Superheros ... well, super villains! It's an interesting thought brought up... as all those with powers are bad! Were only evil people given powers, or did the powers bring out the bad? They all have a weakness ... and David is really good at guessing Epic's weaknesses. I mean ... Kool-Aid? Seriously, how did they GUESS that? And compliments? He really makes some leaps (literally and figuratively).

The imagination of authors as they create these characters and worlds. All these villains, with their names and powers (and weaknesses) and so creative and crazy. In the third book, one creates a moving, constantly crumbling/rebuilding city of SALT. What? Where do authors come up with ideas like that?

Steelheart, the first book in the series, really sets things up. We are introduced to the characters and the world situation. It comes to a natural conclusion,while still leaving things open enough to continue with the series. I read "Mitosis" ... a short story set in-between Steelheart and Firestorm, and I do recommend reading it. Not absolutely necessary,  but my library even had this mini-book (digital). Firefight, the second in the series, was quite a bit of fun for me. I was already involved in the world and knew the characters and was excited to see what would happen next. The final book was good too, maybe not quite where the first two were for me, but I liked how everything wrapped up. Fun series. I might have to invest in physical copies for our home library and encourage my boys (reluctant readers, but sometimes the school STILL required reading!). 

... now I need to shift gears and get back to the Mistborn series!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Tasty Tuesday - Chocolate Mint Brownies

Time for a Tasty Tuesday Edition 
Chocolate Mint Brownies 
Mmmmm ... chocolate mint brownies. Yummy! There are oodles of recipes floating around the web. After trying a few, I just reverted to an old family favorite for the brownie portion, and then played around with the mint and chocolate layers. I must admit ... I still struggle with the ganache.  Half the time, it doesn't turn out. Tips anyone? I still need to research, and practice I guess! I mean, if I HAVE to make more brownies to learn ... a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, right? A couple of my older boys like these mint brownies, but Hubs and the littles don't care for them ... more for me! The do freeze great. In fact, they really need to be kept refrigerated at least, to keep the mint layer somewhat solid.

For the brownies ... this makes enough for one of those big jelly roll pans with sides. When I'm making these, I make the BIG batch, and then freeze big pieces. You can eat them straight from the freezer, or pull them out and let them soften slightly in the fridge.

3 1/4 cups butter
1 cup cocoa powder
8 eggs
4 cups sugar 
1/4 tsp salt
2 tsp vanilla
3 cups flour

Melt the butter over low heat. Add cocoa and sugar. Allow to cool slightly and add beaten eggs and additional ingredients. Bake in 11x17x1 pan, 350° for 25 minutes. Cool.

For the mint layer ...
1 cup (2 sticks) butter (room temperature)
4 1/2 cups powdered sugar
1/2 cup heavy cream (more if needed)
2 tsp mint extract
Green food coloring (a few drops)

Use a hand mixer to combine the butter and powdered sugar, adding the cream a little at a time until combined and fluffy. Add more powdered sugar/cream to desired consistency. Add mint/food coloring and mix. Spread over cooled brownies. Refrigerate or freeze the pan to set.

For the ganache ...
1 cup chocolate chips
1/2 cups heavy cream

Melt chocolate chips, add heated cream and stir until combined and creamy. Spread immediately over mint layer. This step ... ganache can get clumpy and hard. It's tricky! All about getting the perfect temp. Still practicing!

This recipe by Betty Crocker, uses cream cheese in the mint layer (cream cheese and mint? Does that go together?) and uses butter in addition to cream for the chocolate topping. Maybe I'll have to try that and see if I have more consistent success. This recipe from Sally's Baking Addiction only uses butter for the ganache (which can be handy, as I always have butter on hand, but don't always have cream).

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Weekly Weigh-In #178

And up again ... I didn't even bother tracking food this week, so I guess it shouldn't be surprising. I really don't know that not tracking makes me eat more, even though that is what the scale seems to indicate. NUMBERS: Official weight up 2.8 (yikes), average weight up .83 (178.59).  Average daily burn 2387. Step average 12339. FITNESS: Only two Zumba classes, and only got in my hour of elliptical two days too. Cardio minutes 347, exercise miles 27.18.  FAMILY: There was a Christmas party, and a birthday dinner (and cake). I had visits to the dentist this week, and Hubs has had Menerie's episodes. Basketball as always!

Day by Day ...
  • Friday (1216): Only got in 30minElliptical today. Busy afternoon/evening. #5 had been invited to a birthday party. I dropped him off, and Hubs picked him up and got him to practice. I was at the high school for the sophomore game, and then back for varsity. We won, but the evening just felt unsettled (no parking, a "stall" in the game, all the yelling). Steps 12934. Burn 2443. 
  • Saturday (1217): No exercise today. Worked in the basement in the morning, then took #5 to his 5th grade game. His 6th grade game was later, at the same time as #4's game, so Hubs took one and I took the other. In the evening, it was the family Christmas party (Hub's side) with Santa and soup. I'd brought chicken noodle. Steps 7124. Burn 2132.
  • Sunday (1218): Hub got up early to get the brisket smoking. We did pancakes and bacon for breakfast. Brisket for dinner. I spent some time on the computer (missionary letter, blog updates, basketball videos) and Hubs took the littles to see the new StarWars movie. Steps 5486. Burn 1956.
  • Monday (1219): Didn't feel I had the time to hit Zumba in Draper (it's far) but got in my hour of elliptical. Made mint brownies. Steps 14739. Burn 2517.
  • Tuesday (1220): Birthday for #5! Got in my hour of elliptical in the morning and then hit Zumba. It's so close, and I had a sewing machine and stuff to drop off to Marian. Had a consultation at the dentist, coming back tomorrow for work. Out to dinner and birthday cake in the evening. Steps 22056. Burn 2916. 
  • Wednesday (1221): Last day of school this week ... and the bigger boys didn't even go. I had my appointment at the dentist. A while in the chair, and a bit of recovery time at home. Then the afternoon evening was spent making and delivering cookies. Steps 10809. Burn 2346.
  • Thursday (1222): Kids out of school, but Hubs had work, although he went in late. He had a Meniere's attack yesterday, and again in the night :(  I hit Zumba with MountainView and got good stats, even if I forgot choreography. A store stop, and some gift wrapping with the kids. 
Five Featured Photos ...

Seven Silly Seniors in (ugly Christmas) Sweaters. 
This was their pre-game dress on Friday.

Christmas party with Santa on Saturday

Me and my Man

The birthday boy!

A quick capture of his day ...

At the dentist. Tuesday and Wednesday.

... and this week I'm throwing in a couple videos too  ...

Quick clip of the end of the Varsity game Friday ...

...and some of the shots from my basketball baby

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Abandoned 'Bits

I'm a little sad. At one time, we were a complete Fitbit Family (Tracking the Family). All five boys, plus Mom (me) and Dad were all wearing one. We'd check in daily to see who was topping the charts. At times, I'd learn a little about other unauthorized activities (Tracking and the Teenager). I loved everyone being on board.

When #1 son left for Mexico (LDS church mission), he wouldn't have access to a computer/phone for syncing up a Fitbit tracker. I sent him with a simple step pedometer, and every week when he'd write, he'd include his steps. I'd input them manually and it was all good. Several months ago, he went through a stretch where letters were delayed. I got out of the habit of entering his steps (when the data was days late, it throws off the comparisons) and therefore he got out of the habit of sending them. I would rarely check in to see where we all stood ... so I didn't even notice when #2's Zip stopped syncing, or #5's data mysteriously stopped coming in ("oh yea ... um, I lost it"). While #4 was still a Fitbit fan (although with the recent addition of a hot tub to the family, I'd find his Charge sitting around. He'd take it off and forget to put it back on. Winter has reduced his activity as well) ... Hubs and #3 both had Apple Watches now. They both had Fitbits, they were wearing, for me ... I told them they could stop, and they both did.

I'd purchased a warranty on #2's Zip. From past experience ... Fitbit customer service is great, and will replace anything the first year. Of course ... it's often in the second year that the devices stop working. For $4 (for a $50 Zip purchase) I'd picked up a warranty for that second year. I contacted the company (Asurion, purchased through Amazon the same time as the Zip) and they sent a pre-paid box to return the defective product, and they refunded me my purchase price. Glad it worked!

The Zip Hubs was using, the One #3 had been wearing, and an older Flex that had been replaced with another model, are now laying around unused. When I do get steps from my son, and input them ... it's extended family and friends and neighbors who are there in the Top10.

I'm honestly super surprised I'm still at the top of the list! Generally, I'm well over 100,000 for weekly steps. It's been a tough time, with the holidays and everything ... but I guess that goes for everyone on the list. Everyone's steps seem down. And it's just me, #1 son and #3 son from our immediate family.

Personally, I still LOVE my Fitbit.
Both of them ... I wear the One and the ChargeHR.

... I've had my One for years now, and over the years had accepted friend requests from a multitude of people I didn't even know. As I set up my ChargeHR, I decided I would only friend/accept requests of people I AM actually friends with. I AM friends with myself (via my One) ... but I'm definitely NOT in the top spot on this list! Gotta work harder to compete with these gals!

My missionary will be coming home in February. I wonder if I'll want to go back to an actual Fitbit. Maybe put on one of the abandoned 'bits .... ha ha, who am I kidding. If he does want a Fitbit, he probably wouldn't want one of those older models, especially used (even if they were used by family). He'd want a Charge, or Alta, or Blaze or Surge ... We'll see. Maybe he'll join Dad and his brother with the Apple watch.

I guess we've got backup Fitbits ... :)

Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas Music

Music Monday - Christmas Edition

I am one of those who refuse to put on Christmas music or decorate until Thanksgiving is over.  In fact, Christmas doesn't really feel in full swing for me until December. Back in the day, I remember having our huge stereo CD changer in our family room. All throughout December I'd have Christmas music playing. Here's a peek at some of our old CDs ...

Neil Diamond, Amy Grant, Kurt Bestor ... they were our family classics. The CDs in the photo are quite dusty, as they haven't been used in years. With modern technology, I ripped all the songs into  MP3s and have them on the computer and ipods/iphones for playing ... although I must admit, I haven't been much in the mood this year.

There have been a few Christmas songs hitting the Zumba classes . 
This one, from Marian's class,  is a favorite ...

As for MY personal favorite? It would have to be a little known number called "Gift of Love" by the Boone sisters. I don't remember where I heard it originally. It was played on the radio, back when I had a tape deck, and attempted to record it so I could have my own copy. As we moved more into the digital age, I looked for it, to no avail. A neighbor said they had a digital copy, and I finally got it that way (it IS available on Itunes and Amazon now). I love the harmonies, and it's acapella, which adds to the interest and simplicity.

So here you go, sharing my favorite Christmas song ...  

Do you have a favorite Christmas song? 
When do you start listening to Christmas music?
What do you do with your old CDs when you don't need the physical copy any more?

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Weekly Weigh-In #177

I think I'm in a "well let's just take December off, let the body reset and try to get back to it in January" type mode. Just feeling a little burned out and unmotivated. Getting THIS blog post up late, had to go back and try to catch up on my journal entries, as I hadn't done it all week long. While I still tracked food this week, I don't really trust the numbers. That being said ... 

NUMBERS: Down .3 for the official weigh-in. Weight average for the week was 177.76, which was down .73. Average intake was 2271, average daily burn 2515. An overage of 1832. FITNESS: Over 3000 burn two days. 407 cardio minutes, 34.08 exercise miles. No weights, three days with my hour of elliptical, only two days hitting Zumba classes. Here's a look at the day by day:

  • Friday (1209): Intake 2200. Burn 2086. Down day ... only one 20min session. Much time in the basement working, wishing I was at the boy's basketball games in the evening (both teams got the win). Late practice for #5. 
  • Saturday (1210): Intake 2000. Burn 2181. Kept busy. Basketball games at 2:00, 5:00 and 9:00, missed #3's game and caught a bit of #2's game streaming. Dropped off some stuff at my folks on the way to the late game.
  • Sunday (1211): Intake 2300. Burn 1972. Lazy, do nothing day. Hub made ribs for dinner.
  • Monday (1212): Intake 2300. Burn 3019. Attempted motivation! Hit Zumba with Southziders and got good stats, but only two 20min sessions on the elliptical. 
  • Tuesday (1213): Intake 1900. Burn 3065. Highest activity day of the week. 80minElliptical and Zumba. #2 had a varsity game in the evening.
  • Wednesday (1214): Intake 2400. Burn 2675. Skipped Zumba for shopping. Got in my hour of elliptical. 
  • Thursday (1215): Intake 2300. Burn 2604. In for my annual physical (appointment was during Zumba time, so missed that today). Got in my hour of elliptical. Out in the evening for dinner and a concert with Hub's work. 

 CHHS Varsity - Go Grizzlies!
Grabbed this picture on Saturday before they headed down to the championship.
The sophomores went undefeated in the UtahElite8 Tournament.

 Sporting my new "BoyMom" jacket at Tuesday's game. 

Picture project ... some fun family time with the boys talking and laughing!

Thursday outing (Kurt Bester Concert) with Hub's work.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Containment Complete

Time for another TV Tuesday.

In my most recent TV Tuesday posts, I discussed giving several of the new 2016 Fall Premiers a chance, as well as keeping up with a few of my favorites. But ... I've found it frustrating! The waiting and watching week to week. Being excited for a new episode, just to discover one didn't air. Switching between a courtroom, to a hospital, to time travel to a zombie apocalypse. I think I prefer to commit to a single series, watching the entire season's episodes in a row. So I searched up what was new on Netflix (also available on Hulu I believe), and found "Containment".

This originally aired on the CW channel as a summer series just this year. It didn't get renewed, so the single season is all there is. 13 episodes. A "limited event".  For some reason, I like post-apocalyptic stuff, so this sounded right up my alley. This isn't a world-wide situation (yet) ... it is confined (or "contained" per the title ... originally based on a Belgian series called "Cordon") to a section in Atlanta, Georgia. We, the viewers, follow the stories both inside and outside of the cordon.

I thought the story started off strong. Introducing the characters, their backgrounds and relationships. About halfway though, there were some things (beyond the stands "suspension of disbelief" that comes with most shows) that didn't quite make sense. Had certain characters met earlier? Precautions would be taken in one instance, then utterly ignored in another. Some people would be in the area (guarded against exposure) for mere moments, and still got sick while others seemed to somehow stay healthy while walking around all over.

In a recent Musical Monday post, I commented on background music in television programs. I'm not sure if it's because I'm on the elliptical (and I automatically shift into a matching beat), or if it's because of including captions (which often list a songs lyrics, or even singer/title) ... but I'm pretty aware of songs in shows. I recall quite liking a lot of the music from this series. Did you know, there's a website that lists all the songs from various movies and TV series? Here's the songs from Containment.  

Overall ... while the series seemed to slip in the last half, I did like the premise. Lots of things to think about, the good and bad in humanity, what you would do in such a situation. Excitement, romance. I would look forward to hitting the gym again to get another episode in. While this series was cut short unexpectedly, the ending wrapped up enough to satisfy me.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Weekly Weigh-In #176

NUMBERS: Down 1.5 for the official weight. Down .85 for the average (178.49). Not for anything "good" I've done ... not a good week. Did manage a deficit (-395) ... intake average was 2100. Daily burn 2687.  Step average 16855. 502 cardio minutes. 44.96 exercise miles. FOOD&FITNESS: I slipped this week. Food tracking, while never that accurate (I don't weigh/measure) is even more off, as I've forgotten(didn't care enough) to even log at all some days. I don't think eating as been any more horrendous that usual, but who knows? I really don't trust the numbers this week at all. Even my usual exercise routine suffered ... only got in my hour of elliptical on three days, and only two Zumba classes. No weights or anything else. FAMILY: Life has been busy with basketball, I've been preoccupied with a room rearrange, we almost ended up at the ER (allergy attack) and I've just been down. A little December depression. Here's a look at the day by day (more detail in the DailyDoings journal entries) ...

  • Friday (1202): Intake 2000. Burn 2386. Just two 20min sessions on the elliptical. Afternoon and evening was busy with basketball. #3's first sophomore game, getting #5 to practice, and then #2's first varsity game.
  • Saturday (1203): Intake 1300. Burn 2529. Got in an hour of elliptical between basketball games and such today. #5 and his 5th grade team, then #4 with Junior Jazz, and #5 with his 6th grade team. Also the team dinner/auction over at the high school ... I just hit it alone for a minute.
  • Sunday (1204): Intake 2500. Burn 2179. Actually got in some activity today ... two 20min sessions on the elliptical. Other than that, not much movement, didn't even hit 10k. 
  • Monday (1205): Intake 2000. Burn 3046. A bit per-occupied with a required room rearrange with #1 coming back home. My craft room needs to be a bedroom now. So moving everything around and purging in an attempt to keep what I want. I just didn't feel up to taking the time for Zumba, but did still hit the elliptical four times during the day.
  • Tuesday (1206): Intake 2500. Burn 2984. Did hit Zumba, but only two 20min sessions on the elliptical. More rearranging/purging. Have a pile for goodwill and also posted some stuff on FB for friends to grab if they wanted. Basketball game for #3 in the afternoon.
  • Wednesday (1207): Intake 2200. Burn 2940. Unsure on the intake though ... actually only had 1600 recorded but I know it's not that low.  Did some necessary grocery shopping after dropping off elementary, instead of hitting Zumba and doing it after. Then back home for more work on the basement. Slow going. Bad evening with #3 son and an allergy attack.
  • Thursday (1208): Intake 2200. Burn 2746. Again a guess on intake. Slipping on my food logging, in addition to everything else. Did hit Zumba, and got in two 20min sessions on the elliptical. Bummed to miss watching my boys play basketball in the evening (Elite8 Tournament). Too far for me to attempt, and I was on chauffeur duty for #4's basketball practice.
Five Featured Photos from the Week ...

 My #5 in the brand new uniforms ... looking sharp (and they got the win).

 #2 being a "waiter" at the basketball dinner/auction.
#3 is there in the background.

Hubs bought a hot tub. Installed on Saturday. 
#4 up front and center, with Hubs and #5 in the back corners.

Keeping me busy this week ... top is the room I'm attempting to empty (needs to become a bedroom) and the bottom is a stack of stuff to be carted to goodwill.

 #3 decided to experiment and see if he was still allergic to cashews.
Yes ... yes he is. Long night Wednesday.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Zumba Dance Off - Soy Para Ti

It's Workout Wednesday ... Time for a peek at my Zumba classes!

I hit several different Zumba classes. While the instructors vary, often the same songs pop up on the play list. Often I think I'm ready to go when ... the choreography is different! Sometimes I can adapt, other times I'm stuck on one, usually the one I was introduced to first. I'm not an instructor, but I've heard that the Zumba DVD will often include two different versions. In other instances, individuals add their own steps and style. I thought it would be fun to feature some of the dancing double takes I come across in my classes. You tell me which you do or like best ...

The song Soy Para Ti was a new addition in the last few months. I saw it first in Marian's class (which I go to Tuesdays and Thursdays) and it's been a regular in the playlist of late. I like it. It's slow, makes me feel "dancy" ... I'm usually not comfortable with the flowing arms, but I do this one okay.  I was able to find a video online replicating the steps.

I was in class on Monday at Southziders, and Nina had taken the stage. The intro came on, and I glanced at another gal who hits Marian's classes with me. We smiled ... then exchanged panicked glances as Nina started in with some different steps. What? I'd actually glimpsed them before. I'd Shazammed the song after hearing it at Marian's class and looked it up online (to find the video above) and had seen several with these alternate steps. As I looked again, found an official video.

I have adapted to this one a bit ... I actually enjoy the little side step at the start, but I'll admit to slipping back into the steps I learned originally in the middle. Maybe I'll get these down more if it becomes a regular on Mondays. I guess we'll see.

Have you done this song in your Zumba class? 
Which choreography do you prefer?

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