Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Kids, Kitchens and Cooking Shows

 Oh, Alton!

For today's TV Tuesday, I thought I'd do a quick post on what the kids have been watching. They have been fascinated with food, Food Network shows that is.  I remember watching "Good Eats" with the hubs quite  a while back. It was one we enjoyed (along with "Unwrapped"). But I was never really big on watching anything else on the Food Channel. I'm just too picky of an eater for anything to really apply to me. Cooking shows the last several years have seemed to morph into reality competitions and this past year ... my kids have discovered them.

It started with Cupcake Wars and I did a TV Tuesday about that about a year ago. They tried out the "Cake Wars" but didn't like them as much. My SIL recommended  "Cutthroat Kitchen" ... now that show is just mean! It isn't the best cook who wins, but the one who can outlast the sabotage! After the  boys finished up that (catching up with however many are offered on Netflix), they have been trying out some of the more traditional ones like "Chopped" and "Iron Chef". My munchkins discovered "Worst Cooks in America" and they loved that.

As I've mentioned, I rarely sit down and watch TV. I'll use it for motivation when I work out ... and cooking shows do NOT fit that bill for me (I like dramatic, action packed series that get the adrenaline pumping).  I'll catch bits and pieces of these productions as the boys are watching while I'm working in the kitchen.

I could NEVER be on a show like these. Not as a contestant, not as a guest judge. I'm just to "plain and simple" when it comes to cooking. I'm very limited even to "normal" standards without going gourmet or attempting to incorporate the things that come up in these weird challenges (an anchovy cupcake? Um ... no!)

My 12-year old has been enjoying eggs most mornings. I just went through the simple steps of making an omelet, and now he can do it all on his own (which saves me major minutes in the mornings). It's good for my boys to see that the kitchen is a great place for guys. My sweet hubby does quite a bit ... he makes the best steak, mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, waffles and popcorn.

Hubs and #1 son making breakfast ...

Do YOU watch the cooking shows out there?

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  1. Glad to see your boys interested in food....and that they are in the kitchen working! :-)

    I don't watch any Food shows regularly, but will admit to stopping and watching them on occasion if the mood strikes. :-)


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