Thursday, February 4, 2016

Farewell Fitstudio :(

Time for a Thrifty Thursday post ... but one bearing bad news. Fitstudio ... the program to earn points for your activity is shutting down. I first blogged about Fitstudio back in 2014, so it (and I) had a good run. Since that time, I became a weekly shopper at Sears and Kmart. I received so many great deals. I guess I'm not super surprised the program is ending, because it was basically just giving away money. 

So ... I guess I'll have to go back to my previous posts, where I recommend Fitstudio and alter them, as Fitstudio is no longer accepting new members. Current members can collect points through February 10, then no new points earned through activity will be posted. Member's points will remain active for the regular 7-day expiration period. Any other "Shop Your Way" points earned through shopping/coupons, etc. should not be affected.

I try not to be hard on any program that is promoting fitness and rewarding activity. I understood when several months ago they cut back the credit from $5+ a week to $2. I only wish they were a little more forthcoming to their members. They have our email addresses ... a heads up to that change, and THIS change, would have been nice. The notice of Fitstudio's farewell is posted on their website ( and if you attempt to log into your Fitstudio dashboard. No mention of this on their facebook page.

Maybe the drop in credit several months ago was a good thing ... I'd already cut down on my Kmart/Sears shopping a bit. Not the bite of closing the program isn't quite so bad. Ironically, I'd joined a Facebook page promoting SYW deals and steals and through that group I discovered coupons, sweeps and double checked my emails for surprise points perhaps I'd been missing all along (assuming they were just spam). So I still may be shopping at Kmart/Sears depending on my offered savings ... I have been a bit spoiled!

I just thought I'd give a shout out here on the blog ... to those I've recommended this program to, just so you are all aware. And a THANK YOU to Fitstudio for promoting activity with financial rewards. Thanks to Kmart and Sears too, it was a great program while it lasted!

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  1. I have been using it since your post back in 2014....So sad also to see it go......and I will be curtailing my shopping there without the 'free money'


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