Tuesday, February 23, 2016

NBA League Pass

It's time for another TV Tuesday. While I've posted before about ME using only Netflix, Amazon or Playon to watch television, we've had to keep cable just for the sports channels because ... I have five basketball boys!

My most invested child is my 12-year old.   He's quite the NBA fan. He can tell you anything about players, stats, etc. It's crazy. Last year I'd added NBA TV so he could watch games that weren't offered on the standard cable channels. There was another option we hadn't tried, although I'd looked into it several times ... and that was NBA League pass. 

It was a little pricey, almost $200 ... and it wouldn't include the local games (here, the Utah Jazz) which of course are the ones my boy was most interested in (we could still catch them with our regular cable on ROOT). When a free trial for League Pass was offered, we tried it out, and my son LOVED it. With our Roku box, and the NBA app (and the free trial), my son could watch all the games, AND he could watch while in the gym downstairs (on the treadmill). Because, in addition to being an NBA fan, my #4 is also a Fitbit fanatic. It you think I get a lot of steps ... for the past few months he's easily had me beat! So anyway, after our free trial in  January,  the price dropped by about half (as the season was half over) ... and I indulged. We ordered League Pass. 

A couple things I wish I had known ...
  • The fine print, which showed only after you placed the order indicated that it could take up to a week for the cable company to update the NBA of the status, allowing the online options (Roku/App) to work. My son was frustrated that after we'd ordered it, we still had to wait a few days to activate our account and let him watch while in the gym.
  • NO ONE mentioned that he could watch using the Comcast cable box (channels 430-450ish, which were activated immediately), so he missed a few days when he could have watched upstairs anyway.
So ... my basketball boy has been loving this NBA season and stepping it up at the same time. Even as I'm writing this blog post, I can hear him on the treadmill down in the gym while watching a game. He and I do conflict a bit, having to share the gym (lucky for him I am done for the day). I really try to get my workouts in while he's at school, so he can use the gym when he wants in the evening ... even though he already has more steps than I do today! Crazy kid!

You can see my pink slippers between the treadmill and elliptical in the picture above ... if I forget, and leave them ON the treadmill (when he wants to use it), my munchkin will helpfully pre-postition them on the elliptical for me. Isn't that nice of him?  As we alternate gym use, we both have to exit back to the main Roku menu between whatever I'm watching and his basketball games ... adjusting the volume, moving the remotes between the machines. #firstworldhomegymproblems. *Ü*

Anyone else out there on League Pass?

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  1. Other than the slight delay sounds like it has been a GREAT purchase for your family. (At least #4)


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