Saturday, February 13, 2016

WWI #133 - Wonky Week but Holding

Well, this week was a little wonky, so I'm pretty pleased to have at least kept things about the same. With the bump up on Monday morning, I wasn't sure I'd be able to. Things started off "off" on Friday when I had a doctor's appointment. I really have trouble with anything like that, as it disrupts my day and I dread it. Then ... it didn't exactly go as planned. In for a routine removal of an IUD ... and they couldn't find it. Not super stressed about it, but also NOT what I'd wanted, and now MORE appointments. Then the 15-year came down with the flu, Hubs too. Fever and coughing and much miserableness (and even missed games and work, although #3 pushed through and didn't miss any school, although I was waiting for a call most days). Superbowl Sunday, a couple extra excursions to the elementary, another doctor visit ... the week  strayed from my usual structure.

But ... I did do good with getting in my hour of elliptical on the weekdays. Back to some morning sessions which starts the day off right. I got in Zumba Mon-Thurs and even did WEIGHTS once! My biking has fallen by the wayside a bit these past couple weeks, maybe as I've been getting my audiobook in during waiting walks at basketball practices, while cleaning the house, and while driving in the car. But I should get back to the bike!

NUMBERS: Weight was down .4, average was 163.66 (about the same as last week, down the smallest of smidgens). Eating was just okay this week, with an average daily intake of 2148. No super high splurges, but only one low day. Average daily burn was 2666. Resulting in a deficit, but only a small one (-421). 

Here's a quick recap of the week ...

  • Friday (0205): I had a doctor's appointment in the morning and left it less than motivated for the day. Got in a little elliptical, but also some emotional eating. Went to watch #2 play  basketball at my old Alma Mater.
  • Saturday (0206): Not a great night, #3 was coughing a lot and spiked a fever. He was feeling lousy all day, and had to miss his two important basketball games. I did go watch #4 play in his, and made a highlight muvee after. Just 10min on the elliptical, and over on the eating.
  • Sunday (0207): Superbowl Sunday. We aren't into it big time, but #4 has been following football for a while now. I made a french toast breakfast, but we skipped our usual Superbowl Smorgasbord because of sickness (#3 and Hubs). I made (and ate) football sugar cookies. No exercise.
  •  Monday (0208): Back to the routine. An hour of elliptical and Zumba with Southziders. Off to the elementary to watch #4 in a Shakespeare play during the day. In the evening we went downtown to watch the Harlem Globetrotters.
  • Tuesday (0209): An hour of elliptical and Zumba with Marian. Another doctor appointment (ultrasound) followed by some errands. To the high school in the early evening for #2's JV game, and then walking while waiting during #5's practice (the last one).  29145 steps, and kept low calories!
  • Wednesday (0210): An hour of elliptical and Zumba with MZL. I even got in a weight workout. #5 had a 9:00 game, clear across town, and it started late too ... I did get a little walking in while waiting.
  • Thursday (0211): An hour of elliptical and Zumba with MountainView ... and me. I was late to class because I stopped by the school as #4 was getting an award. I made up the lost 15min at home to equal my hour. I did run a few errands (Kmart, drycleaners, picking up prescriptions). #3 had a 6:00 game in the evening, and #5 had an 8:00 one, but I had a conflict so I just had him catch a ride with a teammate. They got squashed, 4-23, but my boy did make one of the two baskets. He's coughing now too though ...

... and a few photos

Snow on Saturday
My #4 HATES the snow ... but still stomped out his name in it.
Gotta get steps somehow, right?

Superbowl Sugar Cookies (and my #5) on Sunday

Enjoying the antics of the Harlem Globetrotters on Monday.

 Finally a photo from #1 son!
It's been almost four weeks since he sent one.

... strutting Shakespeare style. 
Now he wants "sports leggings" after wearing costumed tights.

I did go ahead and change my PACT back to four days a week.
(I'd wimped out, reducing to three for several weeks).

Valentines day coming up on Sunday, and the kids are out of school on Monday (which always messes with my schedule somewhat). Hubs and #3 are pretty much over their sickness, and I don't think anyone else has caught it (fingers crossed!). Check back next week, for the continuing saga of JenB's Journey!

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  1. Glad to hear that at the time of this blog that the sickness seemed to have 'left the building' and that there were no signs of it's return!


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