Friday, February 19, 2016

WWI #134 - Down

Well, I survived Valentine's day (and eating out twice over the weekend) and a Monday with the kids out of school (which just switches up the schedule) and still managed a loss this week. I remember being unhappy when I inched up to the higher 150s ... now I really want to get there again (and then continue working down).  NUMBERS: Down .9 for the official weekly weigh-in, down .96 for the average (162.7). BIG overage on Saturday, no real lows ... average intake was 2193. Average daily burn was 2632.  Crunching the numbers, that did end with a small deficit for the week (-817). 

Here's a quick look back at the last seven days ...

  • Friday (0212):  Not only do the early morning practices get me up at the usual 6:30 alarm, but I'm able to hit a Friday Zumba class. I also got in my hour of elliptical. Kept eating in check today too. So it was a good day, especially for a Friday. #2 had a game over at the high school, it was an exciting one, we got the win.
  • Saturday (0213): A little sleep in, then over to the church to watch #3 in a church-ball game. #4's last game was at 2:00, but he didn't want to go, and I didn't make him. Hubs and I had an early Valentine's dinner date at Archibalds, and picked up some chocolates too. #3 had two games in the evening. They lost both. I got in about an hour of walking while waiting, in addition to the 20min elliptical earlier in the day.
  • Sunday (0214): Valentine's Day! We had a family breakfast. I had a nap. In the early evening we went out to my folks for our monthly get-together and played games. I actually did get in 20min on the elliptical and kept calories at 2000. 
  • Monday (0215): President's Day. Hubs was still working, but the kids were off. I slept in a little. Did get in 40min Elliptical and Zumba with Southziders. #3 had a game, and I got in some walking while waiting for it to start (thank goodness for noise-cancelling headphones and my audiobook). Grocery shopping and spaghetti for dinner. Over on eating today.
  • Tuesday (0216): Back to the routine! I was in charge of the Zumba class this morning. It went well. Also got in an hour of elliptical. #3 had an orthodontist appointment. I picked up some things at the grocery store. Headed across town to watch #2 in an away game. They won. First Tuesday night without practice in a while, I was SO tired and went to bed early. Lower eating day too.
  • Wednesday (0217): Excellent exercise day. An hour of elliptical, Zumba, Bike and WEIGHTS. Also kept calories in check. #5 had a basketball game in the evening, they won. 
  • Thursday (0218): Zumba and an hour of elliptical. Weird weather! Busy afternoon/evening, although I didn't end up hitting everything on the calendar. #3 had games, but I had to send him with a teammate while I took #5 to his game. Both boys lost, but both got baskets.

#3 got a new Apple watch ... which replaced his Fitbit Flex.
I need to get him a clip-on Fitbit so I can see his steps!

 The fifteen-year old and friends watching the JV game on Friday.
Too cool to smile! 

Remnants of Valentine's Day

 Flowers for the girls at the family gathering.

#5 and his team after their Wednesday win.

...and here he is in action!

A video posted by BlackhamBall (@blackhamball) on

Basketball is winding down ... I mean, it never actually "ends" as the boys usually continue to play, but the official season is almost over. I love watching my boys play basketball. I'll miss it, even if I do end up with more free time without all the games and practices (and sitting at the computer making muvees of their highlights). I made it through Valentine's day ... but we do have a birthday this week (#2 turns 17!) so I'm sure there will be feasting ... and cake. I'm still waiting to hear the results from my doctor's appointments last week ... I'll check back in next Friday, as always!

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