Tuesday, March 1, 2016

February 2016

February ... a short month, but we did get an extra day this year. 
 I felt like it was a pretty good month. 

WEIGHT: I started the month at 164.6 and ended at 163.5. High was 166.1 and the low was 160.20. Average for the month was 162.66. ACTIVITY: I started to get back to more of my routine, hitting my early elliptical and getting in an hour most days. I bombed on my biking, only getting in a couple of sessions. I got in four weight workouts during the month though. 20 Zumba classes in the 29 days of February.  STATS: Average intake was 2122, average burn 2653 (my manual stats differ slightly from Fitbit, as you can see in the chart above). Average steps for the month were 19489. 225.45 miles. 150 minutes spent on strength training, 3071 "active minutes" during the month.

As far as FAMILY stuff ... we cheered on Superbowl Sunday, I indulged in salted caramels around Valentine's Day and we celebrated a birthday for #2. Basketball was still keeping us busy, and Hubs had a few derbies. I started listening to audiobooks, rocking the headphones as I got steps in. #3 got an Apple Watch, and then tumbled down the Fitbit friends list as he stopped wearing his Flex ... and broke his wrist (that does limit his activity some). There were a few doctor and dental appointments this month, president's day (no school), and that does screw up the schedule somewhat. I like my routine!

*** JenB's Journal ***

0201 (Monday) 164.6. Steps 22044. Total Burn 2827. Exercise Burn 1120/1064 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30minWeights, 10minHula). Calories in 1600. Back to the routine. It was a snowy morning and traffic was pretty bad on both trips to the schools to drop of kidlets. I didn't think I'd make it to Draper in a timely fashion (if at all) so I didn't make it to class, but I still did Zumba on my own. The entire hour. Also got in elliptical and WEIGHTS! Threw in a little hula hoop too. I had basketball mom dinner duty over at the high school. I was bringing rolls and salad, the other moms had prepared meatballs in sauce for meatball subs. I'd arranged for #3 to come over to the high school after his practice ended (as I couldn't grab him on time) and he ended up having one too. I guess I'll have to try making them at home for dinner sometime. It doesn't appeal to me at all, which isn't a bad thing. I had promised to make french dip, and even though the older boys had eaten and hubs wasn't hungry, the little guys wanted it, so I made that back at home. Another meal that doesn't tempt me ... and I actually kept calories in check today! 

0202 (February) 163.9. Steps 22990. Total Burn 2742. Exercise Burn 970/1000 (40minElliptical, Zumba, BBP Walk). Calories in 1500. I've got the morning routine down pretty good now, even with #4 using my gym. He's up and on the treadmill/bike early, generally off in time for me to get in a quick 10min session before I take #3 to school. Then, I can usually get in a 20min session once I get back, before taking the munchkins. Again, this is because #4 is now cooking his own breakfast for himself and his brother (usually scrambled eggs). It's nice to get in 30minutes before Zumba! I was feeling a bit stiff and sore after weights yesterday, it did impact my dancing a bit ... definitely made that final lunge stretch impossible! I really should be getting more done during the day on Tuesdays as it's more open for me. I made a quick Walmart run, as #4 wanted yogurt and english muffins. But still feeling so tired, caved to a nap today. After picking up kids from school, I dropped #4 off at a friend's house (yup, you read that right, #4, my homebody!) and then went to the high school to watch #2 play in his basketball game. He had 9 points in the first quarter! Okay, no more points after that. Out for a bit with a bloody nose. We got the win though, as did sophomore, but Varsity lost. Hubs came to watch (although he missed the first quarter) and after it ended I sent him to pick up the pizza I'd ordered, while I went and grabbed #4 from his friend's house. Then it was time to take #5 to his basketball practice. I forgot to change my shoes, I was wearing clunky boots, not good for walking in, even if it is just walking the hallways. I also had pants without pockets, so I had to hold my iphone while I listened to my audio book. I was tired, but told myself I needed to get in 4000 steps, which got me to 22k for the day. I also kept calories in check again today!

0203 (Wednesday) 163.4. Steps 23787. Total Burn 2901. Exercise Burn 1060/1145 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2100. Got in my early elliptical and then hit Zumba. Afterward I stopped at Maceys, as they had some good sales, restocked the fruit snacks. I always get steps shopping, then there is the bringing the groceries inside and down to the food storage room. I took the time to put everything away too. Hubs came home early from work because he was exhausted and had to take #4 downtown to the Jazz game tonight. He got in a little nap. I picked up the kids from school and then put on my headphones and got a little cleaning in. I finally finished up my first audiobook (Sinner) and started on another. Hubs and #4 got off to their game, and I took #5 to his game. 9:00 start time clear across town, but it wasn't as bad as I had thought. Pretty close to where I grew up. Our boys got beat easily, but my munchkin did get some points. He fell asleep on the way home. Hubs said #4 fell asleep to and from their game (the Jazz won) and then only beat us home by a bit. #2 was last home, he works Wednesdays.

0204 (Thursday) 163.6. Steps 25001. Total Burn 2884. Exercise Burn 1075/1096 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1200. Got in some early elliptical then hit Zumba. Stopped at Kmart afterward, but those weekly trips may be coming to an end, because it was just announced that FitStudio is coming to an end. Bummer! Got in some additional elliptical ... and a nap. #3 stayed after school, I picked him up at 5:00 to get him home and changed and picked up for his 6:00 game. I was sitting this one out as it was clear across town in rush hour traffic and I just didn't feel up to it - and I needed to get #4 to practice anyway. #5 came along too, but unlike previous weeks, they didn't allow anyone who wasn't on an actual team to play on any of the hoops. So it was boring for him. I just dropped the kids and ran down the street to Maceys, as some of my purchases yesterday had been rung up incorrectly. I got that straightened out, and got a little walking in while I waited. Then #5 and I had a little time to kill before his 9:00 game ... except that oops, it had started at 8:00! I'm not sure how I did that! I had it on the calendar correctly and everything. Poor little munchkin held it together, played a couple minutes ... but once we got back into the car after he broke down sobbing. I so looks forward to his games and I felt so bad. I've never screwed up on the time before, even with all our games. I hope he forgives me. I did keep it a very low calorie day.

0205 (Friday) 162.7. Steps 12360. Total Burn 2248. Exercise Burn 500/495 (50minElliptical). Calories in 2650. Early morning practice for #3, and he stayed at school again ... which saved me two trips back and meant I could have hit a Zumba class, except that I'd scheduled a doctor's appointment for the morning. It should have been pretty routine ... removal of my paraguard IUD, and I was going to try Minera. Except ... the doctor couldn't find it. And he looked and looked! So, I get to come back on Tuesday for an ultrasound to see if it can be located and then go from there. I'm not super stressed about it, but it didn't go as planned. I didn't have a lot of motivation after that. Early out at the elementary, picked up middle school, then drove across town to my old Alma Mater to watch #2 in his JV game. Funny, I didn't go to basketball games when I went to school there. Our boys won easily. #3 had come with me to watch, but he wasn't feeling well. Hubs was home when we got back, and it was early enough that we could have had a date, except he wasn't feeling very well either. Oh well, I was already over my calories for the day anyway.
0206 (Saturday) 163.3. Steps 9238. Total Burn 2089. Exercise Burn 100/336 (10minElliptical). Calories in 2800. Neither of the little boys had games today (much to the chagrin of #5) but #3 had TWO later in the day, and they were important ones! Unfortunately, I was up with him in the night as he was coughing and spiked a fever of 102.3°. I should have hit a baby shower for a cousin, but Hubs was working and I didn't want to be away from the kids (especially Mr. Sicky) that long (it was a ways a way, I would have had to hitch a ride as it was beyond my comfort zone). So I ended up not leaving the house all day, alternating fever medications so the kid wouldn't get too high, but he was miserable, poor thing. And nothing sounds good to eat either. For him anyway, I managed to eat a lot. I'd cleaned out #2's room the other day, and brought out a HUGE rice krispie treat he'd been given a while ago. He gave is the go ahead to eat it ... and we did. Just one tiny session on the elliptical, and then I never got back downstairs. 

0207 (Sunday) 164.4. Steps 4714. Total Burn 1866. Exercise Burn 0/97 (no exercise). Calories in 2300. Hubs went to work this morning, so we didn't do our Sunday Circles, but I did make french toast, bacon and hashbrowns.  #3 seemed a bit better than yesterday, but stayed laying down most of the day. It was Superbowl Sunday! We really aren't big into football, but #4 has been following it this past year or so, so he was planning on watching. We usually do a big Superbowl Smorgasbord with steak, chicken, mashed potatoes, rolls ... a big, yummy spread. But with Hubs not feeling well, I didn't know if he had the energy to prep, and be out in the cold to BBQ, much less prepare food at all if he is sick. So we postponed the feast. I made chicken and yellow rice, which is a favorite of the little boys, so they were appeased. I also made our traditional Superbowl sugar cookies, which look like footballs.Yes ... I ate a cookie too. Calories were over for the day, especially with no exercise. 

0208 (Monday) 166.1. Steps 21901. Total Burn 2879. Exercise Burn 1050/1110 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2200. Oops, there is the weekend scale shift! Hubs said he didn't get any sleep last night :(  He went into work, but then gave up and came home. I got in my early elliptical and got the kids off to school. #3 went, but I told him to call me if he couldn't last through it. I hit Zumba in Draper. We were in the smaller, backup church, as the carpets were being cleaned at the Stake Center. Maga and Olivia came for part of it. Home for a bit, then off to the elementary to watch #4 in his school Shakespeare play. Yes, he had to wear tights. He did good, just a small part. Did have a hard time hearing/understanding most of the kids. It was "A Midsummer Night's Dream" ... got out just in time to grab #3 from school. He had basketball practice but didn't feel up to it. In the evening, we all (sans #2 who had team dinner) went downtown to see the Harlem Globetrotters perform. The little boys enjoyed it, #3 seemed a bit ornery, but he's not feeling well so I'll forgive him. I just hate driving (just being in a car, of course I'm not driving) downtown, especially in the dark, on the freeways, all the lights and the stress just makes me feel sick.

0209 (Tuesday) 164.1. Steps 29145. Total Burn 2989. Exercise Burn 1250/1243 (60minElliptical, Zumba). I had my followup doctor appointment at 10:00, but still got in my Zumba, because it was my early class. I didn't get in early elliptical though. I'd hoped for some definite answers today, but it was just the ultrasound (very thorough one) with the scans being sent off to the radiologist and doctor and I'll have to wait to hear. I looked like it was still there ... we'll see I guess. Stopped at the store after to restock on fruit (grapes are the only thing that #3 has been able to eat since he's been sick). I did get in my hour of elliptical throughout the day. #3 stayed after school for practice. I went to the high school after picking up the little ones, to watch #2 in his JV game. Hubs ended up coming, and brought #5, and Maga showed up too. Unfortunately, the team didn't do great, behind the entire time and ending with a loss by nine points. This team (Bingham) is our toughest opponent. Varsity lost as well. I took #5 to his last practice, and listened to my audio book, walking while I waited ... got in 6000 steps. I actually kept calories in check, which was a bit surprising as once I'd gotten home in the morning I'd binged on a box of Milk Dudes. Ate the whole thing, which was 3.5 servings ... but then I got back on track and didn't eat a lot else (it helped that it was a busy evening!)

0210 (Wednesday) 162.5. Steps 22768. Total Burn 2887. Exercise Burn 1040/1138 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 30minWEIGHTS). Calories in 2350. Got in my early elliptical, then hit Zumba. A little more elliptical and I even did weights! Usual pickups after school. #2 off to work, and I ran #3 to Jump N Bounce to hang out with his friends. #5 had a late (9:00) game clear across town. This was the location I didn't feel up to hitting last week for #3's game (it was at 6:00 and rush hour traffic) ... I decided to brave it myself and it went fine, even though it was a little foggy out. Now that I've started listening to audiobooks, I like to have them on during a longer ride. The game before ours was close and went over, so the 9:00 start was even later. I walked the hallways a bit, and got in 2000+ steps and hit goal for the day. We'd thought this was a game we would win, but the other team came out strong and we couldn't hit much (although #5 did get a 3-point buzzer beater to tie things up at the half). Hubs was out cold when I got home, but I could NOT get to sleep for hours. 

0211 (Thursday) 162.5. Steps 23134. Total Burn 2902. Exercise Burn 1020/1153 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2100.  I got in some early elliptical as I got the boys to school. Then I got to make another trip back to the elementary as #4 was receiving an award. He was one of the first to receive his, and then he was excused as he had his play ... so I snuck out rather than waiting through the program. I made it to Zumba and got about 45min in. Afterward I stopped at Kmart,the drycleaners, and picked up prescriptions at Smiths. Back at home, I did an additional 15min Zumba to equal my hour, and additional elliptical to equal my hour there. #3 had a 6:00 game. As we arrived, I realized I'd left my video camera home! I never forget! Hubs brought it to me, and then stayed to watch the game, and it was pretty close, but we got the win (and I made the video*Ü*). #4 also had a game, but I didn't go, but arranged for a ride for him while Hubs and I took a call. They got squished, but #5 made 2 of the 4 points.

0212 (Friday) 162.3. Steps 18944. Total Burn 2695. Exercise Burn 1000/948 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1700. #3 had early morning practice again ... so I could hit Zumba, but the class actually changed to a 9:30 start time to help out the mom's with the late start (not that I needed it today). I also got in my hour of elliptical. I dropped #5 off to get a ride to his practice, then I went to watch #2 play in his JV game at the high school. They won. Four of the boys on the opposing team had played with my son many years ago. It was fun being able to recognize them after all these years. Kept calories in check today. 

0213 (Saturday) 161.7. Steps 17376. Total Burn 2323. Exercise Burn 200/579 (20minElliptical). Calories in 3200. I went over to the church in the morning to watch #3 play churchball. It was pretty low-key, everyone being supportive, not very competitive. #4 probably could have played and had fun. He had his game at 2:00 ... but he didn't want to go, and I didn't force him. Thus ends his season. I guess I'm glad as he was no longer enjoying it. That opened up my afternoon, so Hubs and I went out for an early dinner. Unfortunately, I hadn't banked calories, not planning on this outing, but it was yummy. #3 had two games in the evening, at 7:00 and 9:00. I got about an hour of walking in before the first and between the two games. We got beat both times, and #4 was out with a bloody nose much of the second game. I really don't know why we do this AAU tournaments, as we usually get trounced. We were missing two of our better players in this one too, only six boys, so not a lot of rest.

0214 (Sunday) 163.2. Steps 6600. Total Burn 1990. Exercise Burn 200/237 (20minElliptical). Calories in 2000. We had a family valentine breakfast. Food always makes me sleepy, so I then took a nap, but I did get in a session on the elliptical too. In the evening we went to my folks for our annual family gathering. Hubs made his waffles and we played games. Of course #4 only wanted to watch basketball stuff, but I was able to log him onto Grandma's computer to watch. 

0215 (Monday) 163.2. Steps 24918. Total Burn 2810. Exercise Burn 821/1055 (40minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2650. President's Day. Slept in a little, as the kids were out of school. I don't know if I would have made it to my Zumba class, as it's my further drive ... and one I'd need to make again later in the day ... but my SIL had said she was coming, so I went (and she didn't). I was glad I went though. I'm not sure I would have got in a solid hour workout otherwise. I did get in a couple sessions on the elliptical, catching up with last night's The Walking Dead. Went out to Soccer City ... should be called "Chaos City" for #3's basketball game. No parking as usual, but more steps on my pedometer as I had to park so far away, right? Then the games were running late, so I put on my noise cancelling headphones (thank HEAVENS for noise cancelling, as it is SO noisy with four games going on at once) and tried to walk around, but it was a little hard, as it was really crowded. There was also a football activity going on. I'm thinking the place was at or over it's 600 person limit (fire hazard). It was physically painful to my ears when I took the headphones off to watch the game. I videoed, but it's a lousy location, so much background distraction. Our boys did get the win though. Seriously though, I always leave Soccer City in a foul mood. I hate it (for basketball). I ran to Walmart and Sams to grab some stuff. Hubs was home early, but then left for a boy's night. I made a spaghetti dinner for the boys ... unfortunately I eat some of that too and I was already over on calories after indulging in some ice cream and sugar babies.

0216 (Tuesday) 163.6. Steps 22653. Total Burn 2847. Exercise Burn 1082/1092 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1800. Got in some early elliptical while getting the boys off to school. I was running Zumba today, as Marian was out of town, so I had prepped and went straight to the church after dropping off the boys. I was early, but still not the first one there (Suzanne was). We made sure everything was set up (chairs out of the way, foyer open but chapel closed, music ready to go. It was a smaller group today, but it went fine. I got in some additional elliptical in. I had to pick up #3 from school and take him to an orthodontist appointment. I just dropped him, and ran to Maceys to grab a few groceries. Got them home and put away and then picked #3 up and took him back to school ... school was over, but he had basketball practice. I'd arranged a ride home for him, because I was heading out East to #2's game. It was a longer drive than I'd anticipated (and I'm one to err on the side of caution). I did listen to my audiobook to and from. I barely made it there in time for tip off. I don't like to miss the first part of the game, especially because my kid seems to score in the first few minutes (he made the first five points for the team). Our boys got behind by a bit, but then pulled it out in the fourth for the win. Maga came out to catch the last half. Hubs was in MY gym, so I did some kitchen cleanup and then got in my final 10min session to equal my hour. I'd worked a little on the computer today too, inputting Zumba stats. I was a lot more active back in October! Got a blog post up too. Kept calories in check, even though I didn't actually eat good.

0217 (Wednesday) 162.8. Steps 23076. Total Burn 2952. Exercise Burn 1143/1092 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, WEIGHTS). Calories in 2000. Early rising today, as there was a "morningside" at the church by the high school. Now #2 should have gone, but as he usually attends early morning seminary, he considered today a day to sleep in. #3 wanted to go however, so lucky me, I got to get him there at 6:15. Oh well, up and at it early. I still only got my 30min early elliptical in, I'd thought maybe I'd get an extra one (but #4 is in my gym much of the early morning). I went to Zumba then came straight home. Usually I run errands, but as I'd been shopping Mon and Tuesday I really didn't need to do anything today. Got a blog post up (and got caught up on entering all my Zumba stats, which I hadn't done in months) and made a muvee of yesterday's basketball game. I'd put in a pot roast for dinner. Yummy and filling.  #5 had a game at 7:00 at Bennion Jr, which is close (except that we had to take a detour due to an accident on 2700W) and it's good for videoing ... especially for our uniforms, which match the color of the gym too. We'd played this same team earlier in the season and lost, but the boys were able to win it tonight! My munchkin had the high with 9 points (one of those a 3-pointer). It was only 8:30 when we got back home, but Hubs was already in bed asleep. He's just started exercising (and eating right) again and it's wearing him out! I wasn't quite ready for bed, so I did a final elliptical session, then did 30min on the stationary bike (which I hadn't done in forever). I really needed a shower but didn't want to wake Hubs. It took a while for me to get to sleep.

0218 (Thursday) 162.1. Steps 22026. Total Burn 2810. Exercise Burn 1071/1083 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2000. I got in some early elliptical, and made sure I was early to Zumba as well, as I had Marian's box, and it's been needed the last few weeks. This group has their own box, but since there were key changes a bit ago, they haven't been able to get into the closet where it is. I dropped off the box to Marian after (as she leaves early to get to work). It was a weird weather day! Cloudy and overcast, but then the sun peeked through on my drive home and it felt SO wonderful! But there was wind, which is not good on garbage day. So many cans were blown over. I bagged up a bunch of newspapers to keep our recycling weighted (after picking it and all it's contents up). Then ... thunder and lightening! One so big the house rumbled. I worried how #4 (who has a weather phobia) was handling it at school and expected a call ... but he survived. Then there was hail, then snow. It really just made me want to curl up in bed. I must admit, I did. I did keep food somewhat in check, although overdosed on mint chocolate chip ice cream. The evening was a bit crazy too. #3 had double games, but I had to drop him off at a teammate's house to catch a ride. Then I SHOULD have taken #4 to 7th grade orientation, but he suddenly came down with a stomach ache and said he really wasn't up to going. So we skipped it (a neighbor will fill me in). I'd also asked #4 if he wanted me to make arrangements to go to the Junior Jazz Player Appearance with a friend, but he didn't really want to do that either. I took #5 to his game. We had a surprising start, getting the first four points, but then the other team started smashing us. They weren't big, not even 4th graders I'd bet. We did get 16 points, so still not a horrid game for us either (although we lost) but these kids do lack some of the skills needed for playing superleague (just getting rebounds, getting through a press). It can be a little frustrating to watch. This was the last regular game, then the single-elimination tournament starts ... and should end us pretty quick. This team is not going to continue for Spring, but that's okay as #5 still has his other team to play on. #3 lost both their games too, although it sounds like #3 had a decent game himself in the second one. Off to bed ... which is not the same as off to sleep. I've really had trouble falling asleep these last couple days! 

0219 (Friday) 161.4. Steps 21038. Total Burn 2773. Exercise Burn 993/1031 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1800. Early morning basketball practice for #3, so I got in early elliptical and made it to a Zumba class; Debbie in Daybreak. I stopped at Smiths for some groceries. I realized I forgot to make #4 his lunch! But he survived, it was hot dogs for school lunch, which he likes (cold lunch he just doesn't have to wait in line, so he gets out to recess faster). Early out at the elementary, no middle school pickup, as they were walking over to the high school to watch the basketball game there. I was on snack bar duty, and also did the first pick up of Chick-fil-a sandwhiches. I'd arranged for #5 to be picked up for his practice as I was at the high school all afternoon. Thank heavens for nice teammates who are willing to help out! Sophomores won by a ton. JV game was tight until the fourth, and then the other team seemed to stop trying. So, a win for us for our last game. Varsity won too (tight until the fourth quarter when our boys came out strong for the win). It was senior night, but I didn't stick around for that ceremony as #4 was home alone (Hubs had joined me at the game).  Early to bed night. I had kept calories in check all day, and I wanted a little ice cream there at the end ... but I resisted.

0220 (Saturday) 160.2.  Steps 11475. Total Burn 2195. Exercise Burn 450/459 (40minElliptical). Calories in 2000. Started the day with 20min on the elliptical ... well, 19min really, as right there at the end I felt completely woozy and lightheaded. I quickly lay down (on the treadmill, it was closest) for a bit until I felt a bit better. Sweet Oreo came and lay on my chest (not sure if that helped at all though). I did manage to make it back down for a couple 10min sessions to finish my episode (catching up on Grey's Anatomy). #3 had a game, and there were team pictures before, so we headed to West Jordan High. It's always good to get the team pictures before the game, just in case they lose ... which they did. It was against Sunset, who we've won three out of the four times we played. But Sunset (well ... Corbin!) was ON today and our boys couldn't keep up. If there is any team (other than our own) that we'd like to win the championship, it would be Sunset, so good luck to them! If they play like they did today, they can take it! For Spring, they are taking the best boys from West Hills and Sunset to combine them, hopefully a pre-sophomore team for high school next year. #3 was invited to be on it and he is excited to play with his Sunset friends again. Hubs and #5 came for the end of the game, then Hubs took #3 home and I took #5 across town to his game. Our boys couldn't even score for the first half, it was a little discouraging. It was a bit frustrating too, as we were playing a team from the upper level. If they are going to do that, they should have one of the top team play, not us! We did manage to get some points in the second half anyway. #5 doesn't mind if I play my audiobook through the car speaker system, so we listened to my book both ways. Hubs bought me some wireless headphones for around the house too, as the wired ones kept catching as I unloaded the dishwasher or did other housework. I'm looking forward to trying them out. I'd been happy with the weigh-in this morning, so that did motivate me to keep Saturday eating in check.

0221 (Sunday) 160.6. Steps 12288, Total Burn 2240. Exercise Burn 450/491 (40minElliptical). Calories in 2300. Happy birthday to #2 ... 17 years old. A couple of his basketball buddies showed up early in the morning to kidnap him for a bit. We bypassed our usual Sunday Circles breakfast, as we were having our steak smorgasbord later in the day. I didn't eat much of anything most of the morning and afternoon, attempting to bank calories for dinner. Hubs and I did some shopping, then both laid down for a little, but neither of us actually fell asleep. I did get in some cleaning steps, in addition to getting in some elliptical.  Hubs did some weekly food prep, then started dinner. I'd marinated the chicken earlier, and then made Brazilian cheese rolls. Dinner was delicious, and #2 was even there to enjoy it with us ... I'd threatened to bring the entire family and balloons and embarrass him if he didn't ask for his birthday off at work! His favorite is red velvet cake ... which actually doesn't appeal to me at all, so that helped out on my calorie consumption. I did indulge in a little ice cream though. 

0222 (Monday) 162.6. Steps 22040. Total Burn 22040. Exercise Burn 1029/1077 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1500. Well, certainly a scale shift after our dinner last night. Not unexpected, and still lower than most Monday mornings recently. I started off the day good with early elliptical and then hit Zumba. I stopped at Maceys for some groceries on the way home. I really didn't have anything much on the docket for the day, so I'd planned on hitting weights, and trying to get some treadmill or bike. It didn't turn out that way though. I got a call around 2:00 from the middle school saying #3 had fallen hard in gym, and that his wrist was most likely broken. A badly bruised knee as well. I went right in, and they had his arm splinted and he was in a wheelchair because he couldn't walk with his knee. We drove straight to the Urgent Care. I was again able to find a wheelchair to get him into the office. But it felt anything but urgent there ... it took forever for them to even check us in. No one even came to check to triage, and there was only the one receptionist handling the urgent care, plus the pediatrician's office and an ear/nose&throat doctor. I'm never going there again. Once we finally got back, the nurse and doctor were very nice. We got x-rays on both the wrist and knee. Wrist is broken, but the knee is just badly bruised. They splinted the arm, and after 3.5 hours we finally made it back home. I'd had to reach out on Facebook to neighbors to find someone to pick up my littles from the elementary school. I had to make another run out to pick up a painkiller prescription so that #3 could get some sleep tonight. What a day. At least it kept calories in check, even if I didn't get in all the exercise I'd anticipated. Good thing I got a bunch in early before everything happened.

0223 (Tuesday) 161.2. Steps 24395. Total Burn 2968. Exercise Burn 1084/1227 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2100. My broken boy had a decent sleep, although kitty woke him early. I guess we'll need to close the door to his room. Although kitty also woke me up, rattling my closed door about 1:30 in the night. Silly kitty! I had some dreams that left me a little off in the morning. Just feeling low and close to tears for no real reason. I did my early elliptical, and it was early Zumba day. Dancing at Zumba did really help me feel better, and seeing my stats up, I made even more of an effort. I didn't get a new high, but did get good numbers. After class, I took the 7th grade schedule in to the local middle school for #4 (as we'd missed his orientation meeting last Thursday night). I was able to check that his permit had been approved. Now just waiting to hear for sure on #3 ... who did go to school today, although I told him I'd be around if he needed to come home and rest. We'd been told to follow up on the wrist, the urgent care recommending a pediatrician there in that practice ... but honestly after the wait yesterday I really didn't want to go back there again. Instead, I called the Riverton clinic where our last break had been treated and got an appointment for the afternoon. #3 has seminary and gym his final two periods, so at least he isn't missing "school" stuff, although he'd had to have his friends help him with writing (it is his right wrist and he's right handed). The doctor confirmed the break, saying it was actually three breaks, but not quite bad enough displacement to require surgery. It was still too swollen for him to want to cast it that day, so we'll come back on Monday for that. We made it back today in time for me to pick up my littles from school myself. I got in some house cleaning while listening to my audiobook. Hubs had a lego derby, and he made the two little ones go help him (much to #4's chagrin, he doesn't like to leave the house especially when there are NBA games on). He does pay them for their help though.  I got in a little additional elliptical, and some blogging and such. A little higher on calories in than I'd hoped, but there was a bit of stress eating.

0224 (Wednesday) 161.4. Steps 22544. Total Burn 2763. Exercise Burn 1057/1059 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2800. Got in some early elliptical, then hit Zumba. Didn't quite get the best HR stats, as some of the songs were unfamiliar to me and harder to follow. Stopped at Walmart after to grab some groceries, and a quick stop at Sears, to get them to remove the tag off some joggers I'd purchased (and had shipped to me to avoid a trip to the store! Grrrr.) Finished up my missionary blog post and prepped a playlist for tomorrow. I SHOULD have gotten in some additional exercise/weights, but I was so sleepy. And being the spoiled sahm that I am, I did take advantage of my alone time to grab a nap. I picked up Mr. Middle School, then the elementary kids, then #3 and I went back to the school for his PT conferences ... student lead conferences, and I didn't really talk to many teachers, but he's at a 4.0 anyway. Hubs had another derby, and did talk #4 into attending with him, even though the child had moaned and cried about it earlier on the way home from school. I took #5 to his basketball game, they lost, which was expected as we were facing the top seed. Eating got a little high, and then Hubs stopped for Popeyes on the way home, so that was a late and rather heavy dinner. I had put off my final 20minutes on the elliptical (to equal my hour) and wasn't sure I'd even get it in, but then I did. Watched "Colony" earlier, and then an episode of "Modern Family" to finish up. #4 has asked me to close the doors to the gym/food storage rooms, so that the kitties can't get in during the night (as he's had a problem with them being there in the morning when he wants to hit the treadmill). But as I came upstairs for a bit, I didn't see the kitties anywhere, even after looking for them. So I went back down and opened up the gym and sure enough, they HAD both been in there! Good thing I checked so they weren't trapped in (without a litter box or food or water) all night!

0225 (Thursday) 161.8. Steps 22578. Total Burn 2942. Exercise Burn 1089/1197 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2000. I was awake around 5:30 ... Hubs had left not long before and I was waiting to hear #2 get up, as he has a 6:00 seminary class. As I didn't hear him, I got up and woke him. I got back in bed, but then figured I'd just go ahead a get up. So it was a bit earlier rising than usual. #4 was in my gym, so I did some computer stuff and made lunches. I did get in my early elliptical as I got the boys off to school, and then headed to Zumba, stopping by Marian's to grab her box as she had a meeting. So Zumba today was me, Amanda and Christa leading. It was a pretty small group, and as all three of us were on stage instead of on the floor, it looked smaller still. I think that affected my energy a little, I couldn't quite get the heart rate up as much as I thought I would leading. Still good numbers, but not record setting. 
0226 (Friday) 161.4. Steps 19638. Total Burn 2741. Exercise Burn 1150/1013 (60minElliptical, Zumba, WEIGHTS). Calories in 2300.  No early morning basketball practice ... no middle school at all, so I did sleep in a little. But I still got in early elliptical and hit a Zumba class.  I ran #3 out to hang with friends, picked up the munchkins from school (early out), grabbed #3 again. #5 had two Junior Jazz tournament games, downtown ... to where I didn't dare drive. He and I hitched a ride with another family. I wasn't sure what to expect as far as competition. I assumed it would be the better teams that would enter, but it was a complete mis-match, our boys were blowing the other team away. The coach had to tell them not to dribble (just pass), and just defend with feet (no hands) to even give the other team a chance. The second game wasn't quite as bad, but still an uber easy win. I'd done okay on eating ... but then got the munchies late as I was waiting for the boys to get home. Still not too bad for a Friday.
0227 (Saturday) 161.5. Steps 14024. Total Burn 2348. Exercise Burn 435/605 (40minElliptical). Calories in 2300. Slept in, then did some stuff around the house. Got in some elliptical. #5 had a game at 1:00, and then at 3:00 if we won that one. The game was close the entire time. At the end, we made a shot and were up by two with just seconds left, but then the other team made a layup and got fouled ... and made the foul shot for the win. Our boys were SO sad. There were tears. Honestly ... I was fine not going to another game (in which we probably would have gotten killed). #5 had received an invitation to go play with a kid on his other team, so that was a good distraction for him. #3 wanted to go watch the district game finals, so I took him and a couple of friends to that (just dropped them off and picked them up later). Just barely kept intake and burn even today.

0228 (Sunday) 161.5. Steps 3473. Total Burn 1763. Exercise Burn 0/36 (no exercise). Calories in 3050. Lazy Sunday, but planned rest day. Hubs went and jogged the track at the high school though. With Hubs home, we did do our Sunday Circles breakfast. He did run into work for a bit ... I took a nap. In the afternoon we went out to look at a house, Hubs has the building bug. Then Hubs did some meal prep for the week, and then made dinner (marinated flank steak and leftover mashed potatoes from our last BBQ). I had the boys write their brother and got the letters off to our missionary, and I made a muvee, catching up with all of #5's games with his 5th grade team. Updated the blog about it too.
0229 (Monday) 163.5. Steps 24248. Total Burn 2950. Exercise Burn 1345/1196 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Bike, WEIGHTS). Calories in 2500. Well, weight was up, which wasn't too surprising. Good thing I was motivated this Monday. I got in a full 40min on the elliptical in the morning, then hit Zumba. Class was good, both Fitbits registered a burn in the 500s. The Scosche cut off at 45min though, maybe because my phone was being used to play music and a button got pressed or something. I did a quick stop at Maceys on the way home to grab some grapes (and ice cream) before their sale ended. Not too much time at home before I had to head out to the middle school to pick up #3 for his doctor's appointment. It was a bit of a wait, made me a nervous about getting back to pick up the littles, but we made it. #3 wanted a black cast, but they didn't have that color, so he went with navy. I was able to get some bike and weights in, and cleaned up the kitchen a bit. Simple dinner (chicken alfredo and cheese bread) ... it did push me over on calories as I had indulged in ice cream as well. It was nice not having anything in the evening, so we could all go to bed early.

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