Monday, March 14, 2016

Motivated Monday - Family Style

Well ... coming off a not great week, and a not great weekend, it's time to get MOTIVATED this Monday. I was a little worried it might be hard to get up this morning. It was Daylight Savings this weekend too. Yesterday, we "lost" an hour. A 6:30 wake up would feel like 5:30....

But, this morning was great! Hubs got up and off around 5:30, and I got up then too! I usually stay in bed, although I rarely fall back asleep. Much better to get up and at it, right? What really nudged me out of bed, was prepping breakfast and lunch for the 17-year old. He has early morning seminary at 6:00, and he's generally pretty self-sufficient. But this past week, he told me he was trying to work on HIS food/fitness. He joined a gym (which is a little pricey, but I have to admit it was a little hard having him and his friends in MY gym last summer "Boys in my Gym") and said he was going to start bringing lunch from home to school (translated "please Mommy can you make me lunches"). He also mentioned I should hold off on buying him treats. I had just bought him a package of mini red-velvet cupcakes. We actually ended up throwing several away.

Anyway - I hadn't committed to to waking up early, so I made his lunch last night. But then this morning I packaged it all up, and made him a protein smoothie (Daddy and Brother recommended) and he was off. I stopped at the store on the way home from Zumba this morning and bought additional fixings for lunches. I'll need to jump back on Pinterest for some healthy ideas (he's not trying to lose weight or anything, just cut back on sugar and processed stuff, eating healthier). 

Speaking of Pinterest ... Hubs has joined! I've mentioned it a bit in my day to day doings ... he's also jumped back on the exercise/eating wagon. It's been a few weeks now. He IS trying to lose weight, and also be healthier (cholesterol and blood pressure and such). He's tried several smoothie recipes he's found, and shared some with the munchkins (I don't do smoothies myself). He's done his shopping and meal prep for all his lunches. It's pretty impressive!

I try to have some healthy dinner ideas/options (although evenings are still often crazy around here, and family dinner doesn't always happen).  It's also hard, being SUCH a picky eater myself! This past weekend, when I was a lazy slug, Hubs exercised every day. This morning, he popped up by me on my Fitbit friend list~

 That's usually NOT the case.

Having been on Fitbit for several years, I have a ton of "friends" ... most of whom I don't really know at all. It's always fun when I see someone I actually have a relationship list in the seven featured friends (those three above, three below). I've often been at the topish of my list (3,4,5), and generally no lower than 7,8,9. This weekend's non activity dropped me down to the twenties!

Here's a little later in the morning ... back on top, of Hubs anyway.
Working my way back up into the top10.
My family pretty much ONLY has family on their Fitbit friend list. I love to see how everyone stacks up week to week. I even have my missionary in Mexico send me his steps! He can't connect/sync, so I sent him with just an inexpensive pedometer, and I manually enter his steps into Fitbit every Monday (because that's the day he gets to email me). He's been gone for over a year now, and I've been impressed with him recording and sending me his steps each week. He does it for his Mommy!
The Family Top 10 this week ...

That's my 12-year old at the top of the list. He must have slowed down a little, because for several weeks in a row his average was over 30k! Mr. Missionary is in the #2 position, and my 10-year old is there in third. Fourth position is my 17-year old , then me and Hubs, and #3. Even with his broken wrist, #3 has been participating in gym, and even jogging on the treadmill downstairs. Extended family have Fitbits too. There in the family Top10 are my two brothers and my sister. My dad is very often competitive with everyone. My oldest brother has a Fitbit too (a Surge) ... but he won't be "friends" with any of us ;)

Back to this morning ... all the kids got up and at 'em easily. They are SUCH great kids!

I'm a little over on my eating today, 
and I have 10minutes left to get my hour of elliptical.
I did weights though! 

Hubs is down on the treadmill right now ... is he trying to get back on top?


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  1. Oh yeah, that would definitely spark me to get moving to get myself up to #1!!!


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