Thursday, March 31, 2016

No Power? No Problem!

On Tuesday, I was twiddling about at home when ...voomp. The power went out. Now what? What could I possibly do without electricity?

Happily, my mornings are my main exercise time. I'd already gotten in some elliptical and my Zumba class. I had planned on another session of something during the day though.

The treadmill was out, as it needs power to run. The my elliptical doesn't plug in, but I watch TV while on it  ... that requires power. The stationary bike doesn't require power, AND I read my book on it (on my ipad, which luckily was fully charged and ready to go).  I got my biking in. I DID miss my fan blowing me with cool air during my workout. The fan requires electricity.

As I finished up my fitness ... now what? I can't work on the computer. Can't vacuum. I was able to slap on my headphones and listen to my audiobook while I put away the clean dishes, loaded the dishwasher, and folded some laundry that had finished before the power went out. 

Luckily the power came back on a few hours later, before the kids got home from school. They always struggle a bit ... "what can we do now?"  with no TV or video games. Well, you can play outside (it was a nice day yesterday), board games, read a book, and some video games are still a possibility if they had been charged up.

A friend of mine recently posted she couldn't get her wifi to work, so she didn't get to watch a show during her bike session. I recommended always having a book (audio or otherwise) as a backup. This applied to Hubby as well, when he couldn't connect to the wifi at the gym, and it left him frustrated. 

We become so reliant on our technology, often our fitness relies on watching a program directing our moves (and motivating us), powering equipment, lighting the room, cooling us down, or simply entertaining us while we work out. I know this applies to indoor exercisers more than those taking advantage of the great outdoors. Just give it a thought BEFORE the power goes out, or the wireless goes wonky ... do you have a backup plan? Don't let it derail your day! *Ü*

Funny (but true) quote shared by a friend recently ...

How put out are you when the power goes out?

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  1. I once made a vow that for a week (or month...I can't remember the time frame) that if I was watching tv I had to be on the exercise bike. :-) I lost weight that month (I was married and we watched a LOT of tv!)


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