Thursday, March 17, 2016

Throwback Thursday - Grandparent's Lunch

One of the traditions at the elementary here, is an "Invite Your Grandparents to Lunch" day. It's always the second week of March. This year, it was one week ago and as the next few days passed, I kept seeing the previous years pictures popping up in my Facebook memories. I thought I'd create a comparison post to look at the pictures from the past five years!

The picture above (my parents) and below (my MIL) with the three youngest boys.
It was 2012, and the boys were in 5th, 2rd and kindergarten (just a half day, so it was a treat for him to come eat lunch at the school too!) It was a luau theme. One of the most memorable things about it for me (as I go and take pictures and visit with the grandparents as well) was that #4, could hardly wait to get out to recess and didn't really want to stop and take the pictures. Now I know for most kids, that wouldn't be considered unusual, but for THIS kid ... we'd been struggling with a weather phobia and extreme anxiety. He rarely went to recess at all for months because he was too scared to go outside. I remember feeling so happy as he skipped off to play.

In 2013 ... the school did a circus theme. They had a cute photo booth with funny props; hats, wigs, glasses, etc. But ... the line for pictures was quite long, and once again, my boys were anxious to hit the playground. They didn't want to wait around for the official photos, so I just snapped this one in front of one of the other displays.

The boys were in 1st, 3rd and 6th grade this year. My MIL couldn't make it out, but my parents came. My boys generally bring a cold lunch from home. I prepped a "lunch" for my folks too. A note is sent home prior to the event, and grandparents are more than welcome to purchase a school lunch. Sometimes the visitors would grab something special on the way and bring it (a Little Ceasars lunch or McDonalds). 

The different grades have various lunch times, but the kids would be excused from classes to join siblings and grandparents to lunch together.

The following year, after much contemplation and consideration ... we switched elementary schools. The year-round schedule was difficult on #4 (every time we'd stop and start it would be like the beginning of school again) and I sure like a routine. With the older boys on a traditional schedule, we wanted all the kids with a full summer for family activities.

In 2014 ... 
the two youngest were in the 2nd and 4th grades.

I was a little surprised when March rolled around and there is was ... Invite Your Grandparents to Lunch day!  I thought it was just something our old school did. I guess not. My parents were planning on coming, but then had a medical situation pop up with my dad. Luckily, Maga (my MIL) was able to to get off work and come down. No theme or props this year, but of course I still get pictures!

#4 proudly wearing his new school t-shirt!

In 2015 the boys were in 5th and 3rd grade. My parents made it out this year.  The boy's lunches overlapped, so I didn't worry about checking one out to join the lunch party ... but then it was just taking TOO long, especially standing in line, as #5 was taking hot lunch. #4 was anxious to hit the playground. Too anxious to wait around for his brother and a group picture. Individual pictures with the grandparents it was.  Note our cute basketball lunchbox *Ü*

... and this year! Just last week, March 10, 2016.  The boy's lunches were very far apart this year. #5 (4th grade) had lunch starting at 11:10, and #4 (6th grade) didn't have lunch until 12:40.  Knowing there was NO WAY #5 would miss any of his lunch recess to eat with his brother, I told the grandparents the earlier time. #4 was excused from his class, and then got to go to recess after we ate, giving him an extra long time on the playground! Even with that, he ate quickly as was ready to get out and play (and get steps).  My MIL was sad she missed it, but she was out of state with other grandkids.

Take a look at the change in #4 from last year to this year! He's always had a round face, and been a bit more stocky than his brothers. He'd gotten a little heavy. I was having to purchase pants in the "husky" size and his shirts were about the same size I'd buy for his brother who was three years older. I'll have to do a complete post on #4's transformation. Through eating and exercise, all on his own, he lost almost 20 pounds and has been holding steady for a while now. I know that kids do change a lot at this age, and he has gained some height as well, helping with the slimming out, but still quite the change for a 12-year old kid!

Next year ... I'll only have ONE in elementary school!

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  1. Love to see progression pics of kids growing up!


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