Sunday, March 13, 2016

WWI #137 - Uber Oops Up

Ummm ... not a great week. I mean the day to day stuff wasn't bad, but my eating and exercise were both off. I actually started good. Friday of last week I had a great day, especially for a Friday. Both for food and fitness. Then ... Sat/Sun were bad, which isn't exactly unusual. Mon was good for exercise, but not eating. Then food stayed high all week, not sure why I couldn't keep it in better control. Fitness slipped a bit too. Not a good week, and it showed on the scale and in the stats.

NUMBERS: Up 2.9 this week for the weekly weigh-in. The common weekend jump, but then I never got it back down. Blah. Average was up .6 to 162.53. Average intake was a whopping 2807. Bad eating! Average daily burn was 2615. I was over this week by 3516.  Here's a quick look at the week ...

 #5 and his team after winning the 4th grade championship game!
 #1 in Mexico, meeting Elder Oaks at a conference.

I dropped my stuff on the bed after Zumba and my phone caught a photo!

Me and the munchkin at school Parent/Teacher conferences.

Invite your grandparents to lunch day at school.

  • Friday (0304): Got in my hour of elliptical, made it to a Zumba class and even did some resistance training (upstairs, as I couldn't catch the basketball game in the downstairs gym). Kept calories in check too! Good day, especially for a Friday!
  • Saturday (0305): Our house was crazy in the morning, as multiple dads/boys came over to work on Pinewood Derby cars (Hubs hosts an open house ... err, garage every year before the race). #5 and I escaped and went to his championship game. They won! He had a birthday party later in the day, then we watched the state highschool playoffs. Our boys came in second. I only got in 30min elliptical, and eating was UBER over (bad day, and then out to dinner in the evening).
  • Sunday (0306): 15min on the elliptical ... and a nap. Our big Sunday Circles in the morning, and a family gathering in the evening. Over-eating again!
  • Monday (0307): Good activity day! Got in 80min on the elliptical, Zumba, bike and weights! But eating was over.
  • Tuesday (0308): Not sure if I was dragging from weights yesterday, or that I didn't start the day right with early elliptical, but it was a down day. Did get in Zumba, but just 40min elliptical. Can't stop eating. Errands to Vasa and haircuts.
  • Wednesday (0309): Pretty much the same as yesterday, 40minElliptical, Zumba. Slightly higher step count with some shopping and such. High eating again. Errands: dentist and PT conferences.
  • Thursday (0310): Zumba and 40min elliptical. Without the early start, I haven't been getting my full hour in. Had a stop in at the elementary during the day for Grandparent's lunch. Eating ... over.
Eating was SO bad this week.  Girl Scout Cookies had been delivered on Saturday. Tagalongs ... my favorite. I can eat an entire box easily. Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream has been another craving. I'd grabbed some "movie size" candy boxes and those are evil ... if I open it, I eat it all. I KNOW ... just DO NOT buy the stuff and have it in the house to temp. I know ... I just don't do. Ironically, Hubs has been eating better for a few weeks now. Doing food prep on Sundays to plan meals for the week. Exercising too. He's been doing great. #2 also told me not to buy him treats, as he (and friends) are trying to eat better and get in exercise (on their own now that basketball season has ended). #4 has continued his food/fitness push ... I just looked at pictures of him now, compared with pictures of him from several months ago, and he's changed SO much! Why can't I crave a change in eating habits? Healthy has NO appeal to me ...

I also did go through all the clips from the three final championship games for #5 ...
I thought the highlight video turned out cute (my #5 IS #5 ... he chose that number for me) *Ü*


  1. I have somehow managed to avoid girl scout cookies this year. 100% avoid! The guy I'm seeing slowed down yesterday at a table where some gals were selling the cookies....but I just kept pulling him along to get him moving. ha ha ha

  2. Oh the girl scout cookies:) This year I decided not to buy any, I felt bad because usually I support my friends. But I am trying really hard to drop some pounds and cookies would be a temptation I know I would give into if they were in my cupboard, LOL
    Great workout week!
    Very cool about your son's mission!


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