Thursday, April 7, 2016

A 5-Star Spotlight

Recent Read ~ The Tripartite Soul 

Every month here on my blog, I'll spotlight a book(s) or series I've been reading recently (JenB'sBookReviews). Lately? I've been DEVOURING books! Audiobooks while I clean the house or drive in the car, reading on my kindle app on the bike and before bed (and any spare minute I have). I got through 17 books in March, and already reviewed/rated five for April so far.

It's almost embarrassing.
I saw this shirt featured on Facebook this past month. Definitely applies to me! I might buy it, but I'm also uber cheap, so I probably won't *Ü*.  I rarely BUY any books either, as there are so many free offerings (I have 500+ books in my Kindle cloud). I also love my library and take advantage of my Kindle Prime to borrow a book a month from Amazon's lending library.

The Tripartite Soul was one I downloaded in April. 
I started it on Saturday ... finished it on Sunday.  

Now a bit of an admission ... I know Eve (the author). We went to high school together. Her house was THE place to hang for me and my friends during those years. Her older brother John was my dear friend. Of course I think it's totally awesome that someone I know has written a book ... I feel like I have to admit it in a review though, and hope you don't think it made me biased. Maybe a tiny tich, but that's all.

I was actually very nervous to read this book. I'm a bit picky. I'm pretty straightforward in my reviews and ratings on GoodReads. I've been blunt about things I don't like. Very few five star ratings (lots of three/four star, I have to be fairly displeased to rate two or one ... but I have.) I wasn't sure what I would do if I read this and did NOT like it ... quite the predicament, right? I figured I would read it, but not tell anyone I was reading it. I have two GoodRead accounts, my main, more anonymous one (she(e)reader) and one under my name (I joke that I have a split personality as I have multiple accounts on facebook, Instagram, twitter, and Fitbit too ... family account, fitness account). If the book didn't do it for me, I could just rate/review it as sh(e)reader and I doubted anyone who knew me (or Eve) personally would track it back to me.

Another thing that made me a bit wary, is following Eve's reading patterns. She always seemed more into the sophisticated books and classics ... while I like supernatural, post-apocalyptic, fantasy or sci-fi YA. Yet reading the description of this book, it did seem right up my alley.

And it was. 
I loved it.

We are introduced to Evionia - a young girl with a mystical connection to Dyre (an unlikable fellow) and Zefforah, (described as part giant winged horse with a reptilian tail ... I think I just saw her as a dragon in my mind. I'd LOVED the Anne McAffrey "Dragonriders of Pern" series which had dragons and humans with a physical/mind connection as well). These three share senses (sight/smell ... any physical injury will affect them all). They can also build mental walls to block each other out (so there isn't a sensory overload, and  privacy is possible). This is Evionia's tale, as we follow her travels and all she goes through. There is a mysterious prophecy ... will it come to pass? What is the role of this tripartite soul? There is an interesting love triangle. It's a stand alone book, no cliff-hanger ending (I usually like to know this going in! If there are sequels, I'll try to wait until a series is complete, then read books back to back ... even if it means putting off a series for several years).

One thing I really enjoyed ... at the beginning of each chapter, there was a word and a definition (related to the coming text).   I often THINK I know what a word means, but I would have trouble actually defining it if asked. Here we had a mini vocabulary lesson throughout the book. I was reminded of my childhood when my mother would  introduce us to a "word of the day" to learn and use. The title ... "tripartite" IS a bit tricky. I'd always forget how to spell it when searching it up on Amazon or Good Reads. I think I finally have it down :)

It was fun to chat a bit with Eve after reading the book. I saw a typo or two, and she requested the info so she could get those corrected. I mentioned I saw some things coming, yet another item caught me completely by surprise (she asked which one, as feedback from friends have people uncovering different things). 

Right now the book is only available for Kindle download. Just $4.99. Or, if you have Kindle Unlimited, it's on there, and is also available to borrow for free from the Amazon Lending Library if you are a Prime member and have a Kindle device.

So I just thought I'd share and shout out ... independent authors have a hard time getting attention at times. There are SO many books out there (as I mentioned, the 500+ in my Kindle cloud). The more reviews and ratings on Amazon and Good Reads really helps authors out. Personally I like to review/rate on GoodReads for my own records (I read so many books, sometimes I forget what I read, or what I liked), but I sure hope my reviews help out others, and authors.

Do you stop and rate/review your reads?

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  1. Thank you, Jen!
    I appreciate the plug and am ecstatic you enjoyed the read!
    And I may have to look into getting that t-shirt myself. It's perfect!


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