Saturday, April 2, 2016

WWI #140 - Up After Easter

I'd pull a prank and say I hit my goal weight ... but it's pretty obvious that is an April Fools joke! Up again after Easter, which isn't surprising, nor undeserved. With the holiday, and kids out of school Friday and Monday for Spring Break, I had a bit of an "it's not going to happen so I'm not even going to try" attitude (this attitude actually kicked in early last week in anticipation). 

NUMBERS: Up .7 for the official weekly weigh-in, but average was actually up 1.62 (164.69). Average intake was 2543. Average daily burn 2720. This equaled an overage of 1204 for the week. Average steps were 19982. 725 active minutes. 69.27 miles.  FOOD: Was just BAD. With family feasts Sat/Sun, and the Easter treat temptations (my chex mix, jellybeans, malted milk eggs, Reeses eggs) I was easily over every day. FITNESS: I got in five sessions of Zumba. I was a little low on elliptical (under an hour) Fri-Sun, but hit goal (60min) every other day. I got a couple sessions on the bike, and a couple on the treadmill, but no weights this week.  FAMILY: The 16-year old had friends over on Friday (and a Skookie indulgence), an Easter party with my side of the family on Saturday, and with Hubs side of the family on Sunday. #3 got his cast off on Tuesday, and there was a team dinner for his basketball bunch on Thursday.

Here's a quick day to day recap: 

  • Friday (0325): Kids out of school for Spring Break. I hit Zumba with Nicole, but only got in 40min on the elliptical. Some grocery shopping, basketball practice for #5, and #2's friends over for dinner and dessert (our house isn't "the house" very often, it was fun to host). Prepped some eggs for Easter.
  • Saturday (0326):  Just 20min on the elliptical this morning. Party at my folks house in the early afternoon. Hubs and I watched "Spy" in the evening. I was so tired having to stay up late being the Easter Bunny!
  • Sunday (0327): Two 10min sessions on the elliptical today. I prepped roll dough (orange rolls, dinner rolls and Brazilian cheese rolls). Hubs made mashed taters. Dinner was at his mom's. Fun evening seeing her baby chicks, smashing a pinata and competing in an egg toss. #5 stayed and slept over.
  • Monday (0328): Last day of Spring Break. I did get in my hour of elliptical and Zumba class. Calories over goal, but under burn at least.
  • Tuesday (0329): Back to the routine. Up early. An hour of elliptical, Zumba, and a session on the bike. Calories were very high though, as I snacked, AND made a dinner I actually eat. Dr. appointment for #3 to get his cast off.
  • Wednesday (0330): Good exercise day. An hour of elliptical, Zumba, bike and 20min on the treadmill at an incline. Hubs and #3 were off to a derby.
  • Thursday (0331): Early rising ... an hour of elliptical, Zumba, and 20minTreadmill Intervals. #3 had his basketball team dinner in the evening. End of the month!

... and pictures (and video) from the week

 These meringue nests are a favorite for a few of us!
I ate several this Easter season.

Easter buckets ... the one closest to the camera is for the kitties!

Grandma and her Grandbunnies Easter photo booth.

... and finally, a quick capture of #5 attempting to bring down the pinata.
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