Thursday, May 19, 2016

Achievemint Update ... Update

Getting PAID for healthy habits? Sign me up! Back when I first discovered Achievemint in 2013, there were a number of reward programs, and I was participating in them all. Over the years, many of the programs have transformed or ended all together.  I always recommended Achievemint to any of my family and friends who had a Fitbit (other trackers and apps work too) because it was so easy. Just sign up, link your Achievemint account to your tracker ... and forget about it. Follow emailed updates, or check in occasionally online, and at some point, you'll reach your reward. Request your redemption (wait a bit) and walla ... $$. 

... and things are shifting again!
Check out my most recent post about Achievemint's Evolution  (August 1, 2017)

I've done a number of blog posts about my Achievemint Experience (Achievemint UpdateFitness Reward Followups, Another Achievemint Update ). So why another post from me? Because there are new changes, and as I notice people checking out my older entries and I wanted to include the most recent information. 

A couple of days ago ... I received an email from Achievemint. Just a form letter, but as far as I know (I've asked around with family and friends) no one else has received it, and it's not on their site (or mentioned on their Facebook or Twitter) so I thought I'd put it out there! GREAT info ...

Hello, motivation. Goodbye, reward limits.

Hello Jen,
We heard your frustration with not being able to earn additional rewards on AchieveMint once you hit your limit. Staying healthy is an ongoing process and we wanted AchieveMint to reflect that. That’s why there’s no limit to the amount of rewards that you can earn now -- it also allows even more members to participate and we hope it keeps you engaged and motivated. We’ve also improved our payout system to ensure prompt reward redemption.
Here’s how our new points system works:
• Earn up to up to 80 points a day for the daily amount of tracked activity you do (biking, walking, running, swimming and other forms of exercise).
• Earn up to 6 points per day for the activities you do fewer times a day (like logging your meals, recording your weight, or taking your blood pressure).
• We now pay you $10 for every 10,000 points you earn, instead of making you wait to accrue 25,000 points before you earn $25.
• You might notice that you earn points more slowly. This allows us to let you earn unlimited rewards and stay motivated to keep doing healthy activities as part of your daily lifestyle. So, we think that’s a good thing.
• In addition, we’re adding new programs that offer extra opportunities for you to earn cash or rewards on top of your baseline AchieveMint points. Stay tuned for more information about contributing to clinical studies through our new AchieveMint Studies product!
• Points expire one year from the date they are earned.

We’re also introducing the newest version of our AchieveMint app for iOS. It’s a convenient way to integrate with Apple Health, earn points faster and get on-the-go updates.
Your friends at AchieveMint

I'd received over $100 in payouts from Achievemint before I received a nice email saying I'd hit their threshold and I wasn't able to earn any more rewards.  I never disconnected my Fitbit or other apps (MFP, Instagram/Twitter), and I guess I was still earning points, even though it wasn't toward a payout. When I received the email above, I logged into my account and had enough points to redeem a reward! I've requested it ... and now I'm waiting, and my remaining points are progressing toward earning again ...

As the email above stated ... Achievemint has adjusted how activities earn. I don't remember exactly what earned how much before, but I do know these amounts are a bit less, but you can still earn almost 100 per day. I weigh in everyday (on my Fitbit Aria, linked to my Fitbit account), my Fitbit records my sleep,  I enter food on MFP and Fitbit counts my steps and active minutes. I also post on Instagram/Twitter daily, and get a little kickback from that. Here's a snapshot of my recent account activity ...

I did add the Achievemint app to my iphone. There are so many apps Achievemint accepts data from, so be sure to check out what is available and make sure you are linked up!

Sign up with this link and get 250 points to start you off!

So ... any other Achievement people receive the email I did? As I AM the go-to girl, I did hear back from family that some accounts still say "you have reached the reward threshold" but I did a quick email to the company asking about this (and got a very fast response too! Thanks Achievemint!) saying that this is temporary, that everyone is earning toward a reward at this point and that should be updated in the next couple weeks. So earn away! I'll update when I receive my most recent reward! ;)

**I received my email about my awards on Friday, June 10, so it took under a month. It's a GiftRocket card, which can be applied to your bank account or credit card. The bank transfer takes a couple of days ... 

***Update November 17, 2016. Hit my 10k. Redeemed and received my reward the next day

****Update March 23, 2017.  I hit my 10,000 and redeemed my award and received it the SAME DAY! Paypal has been added as a reward payout option.


  1. Love this! I should so try this!
    I just started a new job and they have an app similar that we track stuff on and we actually get paid bonus to do more. In fact one of th things is take and track 5 hikes this spring for a $50 bonus, I mean why not get paid for our achievements right!!!
    Good luck on getting to your next award!!

  2. I read this post and immediately logged on since I hadn't been there for a while since I maxed out my earnings. There was no I sent them a message and asked!!! It should be around for the rest of us in a few evidenced by the email I received back from them.


    It's just going to take us a couple of weeks to implement the changes for all members accounts on our servers. We apologize for the wait.

    Please let us know if you have any other questions.

    Thank you,

    1. Good to hear - I have heard back from a couple other people that they have received similar emails to the one I posted. Maybe it's just being implemented in chronological order, and I was one of the first people on the program ;)

  3. How do you get points for photos? Can you connect this to an Instagram account?

    1. In the past social media apps like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter were all available to be linked and you'd earn points for posting. I do NOT see those options anymore ... I guess they pulled them :(

  4. Hi, I was wondering what are the payout options? I can't find it anywhere

    1. Achievemint has changed the way they do payouts over the years. Most recently, you submit for your reward, and then you get an email from Gift Rocket. Through Gift Rocket, you can request the money be deposited in a bank account, onto a credit card, or credit in the form of an Amazon giftcard. I've done both the bank deposit, and the Amazon giftcard (that was faster, and I can never have enough in Amazon funds). It does seem to have a few steps, but it's worked for me!

  5. How many other people do you know that have tried this? And it's not a scam of any kind?

    1. I know quite a few people participating personally. It's also the most popular post here on this blog. I would hope that anyone (who had been here reading my review) who had a bad experience would have have come back and left a comment ... there haven't been any.


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