Friday, May 20, 2016

Weekly Weigh-In #147

After being up again last week, I had a great Friday. I kept calories in check and got oodles of exercise. Then Saturday happened ... and there were donuts. It was bad. Eating was definitely an issue this week.  Other than Friday, I just couldn't keep calories low. I did improve on the exercise a bit. And guess what? Logged a loss! Although crunching the numbers, I'm not sure I really earned it ...

NUMBERS: Weight came in at 165.7, which was 2.2 pounds lower than last week's weigh-in. The average though? Up ... 2.2 pounds exactly (to 168.7). I found that a bit ironic. I did cross over into the 170s after the weekend. Bad. Average intake was 2534. Average burn was 2899. An overage of 552 calories for the week. FOOD: I started so good on Friday, under 2000 calories, but it ended up being my only under day.  Saturday there were donuts. Just because there are donuts doesn't mean I have to eat donuts, but try telling that to my brain. And I pulled a "I've already screwed up today, so why don't you make popcorn" that evening. Then there were those Swig Sugar Cookies I posted about last week  ... still around and still a problem. Logically I know half the time I'm not even that hungry ... FITNESS: While I didn't hit 30k on any day this week, I did exceed 3000 calories (FitbitEstimate) on five days. I got in my hour of elliptical five days, six Zumba classes and did two sessions of weights. I also hit the bike a couple times. FAMILY: This was a pretty laid back week, not much going on. I noticed my bedtimes reflected this. There was duckie distraction, as we brought them outside more this week, letting them stay in the pen during the day.

  • Friday (0513): While it wasn't a good weigh-in for the morning, it was decent motivation for me. I kept calories in check and in addition to elliptical and Zumba (which I did on my own) I got in bike and weights!
  • Saturday (0514): Started off great hitting a Zumba class, but when I got home ... donuts. Thus the bad eating began. Uber over, and only 10min elliptical.
  • Sunday (0515): Just 10min on the elliptical felt so hard today. Eating was over with Sunday Circles in the morning, and a brisket dinner in the evening. Homemade oreos too ...
  • Monday (0516): Back to up early, easily got in my hour of elliptical. Zumba with Southziders and some shopping on the way home. Over on intake ... almost all completely empty calories.
  • Tuesday (0517): In addition to elliptical and Zumba, I hit the bike and mowed the front lawn. Almost kept calories under 2000 today, just not quite.
  • Wednesday (0518): #3 needed a ride to a morningside at 6:15, so although up early, it shifted my usual schedule. I didn't get in all my early elliptical but still managed my hour for the day. After Zumba, got steps shopping and putting groceries away. Had a quick basketball meeting over at the high school in the evening and picked up pizza for dinner on the way home.
  • Thursday (0519): Good start to the day with some early elliptical and then Zumba. A quick stop at Smiths after. Hubs and #3 did a derby in the evening. I made Swig cookies again, but did get in a little additional elliptical to end  the day.
 *** Five Photos from the Week ***

Every week I update the steps I receive from my #1 son (on a mission in Mexico). Here are the past couple weeks ... it was the first time I had hit the first place position in a while. I haven't lasted long there, as #4 son resumed the first place ranking ...

My Fitbit Family ...
Interesting to compare the placement with the steps.
It just depends on how everyone else does that week too!

Here's Hubs prepping the brisket ... started it Saturday. 
Low and slow and 19 hours later, Sunday dinner.
Mashed taters and Brazilian cheese rolls too.

#5 out getting the ducklings dinner ... worms! Sometimes we'll just drop everything and spend an hour or more outside letting them forage, while we dig up the garden looking for goodies.  Distracted by duckies! It's been happening a lot lately!

This past week I posted about my trip to Walgreens
I did end up going back and getting basketballs. 
Never can have to many basketballs at our house!

 Fitbit Feedback for Thursday ...
 I really felt like I needed to get one more green spike in my day.
So I did.

So there it is ... another week, another weigh-in, another weekly recap.

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  1. Sometimes weight losses make no sense whatsoever! But accept it and celebrate the lower numbers!!!!


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