Saturday, June 11, 2016

Weekly Weigh-In #150

Well, it's summer. My Fitbit Aria scale automatically updates my daily weigh-ins to my Fitbit account. It's so nice not having to write down numbers and enter them manually. It's also interesting to note the times I did my weigh-ins ... here, with the summer schedule starting, they aren't as early. I have been sleeping in some.  But still, I felt it was a pretty productive week. It didn't reflect on the scale, but did in my numbers. Sometimes they just don't line up ...

NUMBERS: Up 1.4 pounds this week, although the average dropped (-2.13 to 165.70) so that was an improvement. While I didn't hit my goal of staying under 2000 (hit that just three days this week), I did have a deficit every day! Average intake was 2007, average daily burn was 3025. Average steps for this past week came up to 24956.  80min of strength training, 995 active minutes and 65.73 miles. FOOD: I was able to control calories better ... but still that's just quantity. Quality is always an issue too, and I'm not doing well there still. FITNESS: I was able to get in my hour of elliptical six of the seven days this week. Eight and a half hours of Zumba (six classes, and additional on my own). Two sessions on weights. Six days with a calorie burn over 3000, two 30k days (steps over 30,000). 

Here's a quick recap of the week:
  • Friday (0603): Last day of school. I was able to hit Debbie in Daybreak for Zumba, and get in my hour of elliptical. Awards assembly at the school and summer shuffling (#3 needed rides to hang out with friends).
  • Saturday (0604): Hit Zumba with HeatherH, but wasn't able to get in my hour of elliptical ... just one 20min session, although I did spend some time sweeping and such. Basketball games for #5 in the evening.
  • Sunday (0605): Felt bad not getting in my hour of elliptical yesterday ... so I did today. 
  • Monday (0606): First day of "summer" ... hit Zumba with Southziders (had to switch to the smaller building) and got in my hour of elliptical.  Momma and ducklings went for their walk this morning and didn't come back. In the evening, the kids and I took a walk to the canal and they were there! They made it!
  • Tuesday (0607): Zumba with Marian, and then I did an hour on my own while supervising the boys playing basketball. Also my hour of elliptical, and I did weights.
  • Wednesday (0608): Zumba with MZL, and then another basketball/zumba hour. Also my hour of elliptical. Starving today though ... while technically under burn, I was well over calories.
  • Thursday (0609): Hour of elliptical and Zumba with MountainView. Another hour of Zumba/Basketball too. #2 and #3 were up at the university for a basketball tournament today.
 *** Five Photos from the Week ***
Teenage Boy Pranks ... #2 has had peanut butter spread on the handles of his car more than once. This week, pounds of shredded paper too. I didn't find it very funny as I was the one out attempting to clean it up (#2 had to leave to go to work). My ChargeHR did pick it up as a "workout" ...

Championship game on Saturday ... they came in second. 
Struggling to smile after the loss.
 My new "boy" and "basketball" mom t-shirt :)

Momma and all 12 babies made it to the canal! While we'll miss seeing them every day in our backyard, it will simplify things some with our own six ducks. I did make a few walks to the canal this week ... more steps on my pedometer!

End of School Awards


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  1. Quantity of calories is the place to start...quality can come next!!!!


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