Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Recent Reads - Firelight Trilogy

Trilogies are nothing new, but this last decade or so, it seems it's harder to find a stand-alone book than one with sequels. I've been reading a lot lately ... a lot of "first" books in a series, and I'm finding I'm just not that compelled to continue with many of them. You can see all my recent reads here (or on my GoodReads page). Just a quick spotlight on some ...
  • Whispers in Autumn - It was interesting, and if the sequels were available for free (as this first book was) I would probably go on, but if I have to PAY for them ...
  • Nightsky - I could pick up the sequel "Wild Sky" from the library, but it's not at the top of my list, and I believe there may be more coming (not completed yet).
  • Living Violet - There are three in the series, but my library only has book 2.
  • Inception and Abandon ... I JUST read these books a couple weeks ago and already I can't remember what happened in either. That doesn't bode well for me attempting a sequel!
  • Mindspeak - This had great reviews, but I had to push myself to finish book 1, with no desire to continue.
  • Dark Eden - This was interesting, and it has a second book, although I can't quite imagine it picking up after this first installment. It would be a very different story!
Solace doesn't have a sequel per say ... there is a second, related book, and I would be interested in it, but it's not at my library, dang it.  

Then there was the Firelight series ...

Now to be honest, this wasn't a "I loved this series" trilogy ... in fact, as I finished the first book, I didn't immediately go on to book two (even though it was a cliffhanger ending).  After reading a few so-so books, I decided to go back to this one. I had liked it, and  books 2 and 3 were at my library, and available for immediate download. These aren't that long (around 300 pages each) and unlike some of the other recent reads which dragged ... I'd start this and then wham, I was done! Some books are just quick and easy to read, but it's also indicative of my enjoyment.

Dragons have been personified in many a story, but this was the first I've read in which they actually ARE also existing in human-like form, able to manifest between the two types of bodies. These draki live in prides, up in the mountains in their own little community, each individual having a special ability. Jacinda, our protagonist, is a fire-breather. 

There are issues within the clan, and attacks by hunters from outside ... plenty of conflict. There is some romance. Throughout the three books, there were some twists I didn't see coming, while in other areas it did feel formulaic ... but overall, enjoyable. 

Looking at a trilogy (or series) in it's completion ... I really like the covers to be consistent. No real complaint here, except that book #2 ... well, that's NOT the same girl (it's her twin) and while Tamara is also integral to the story, I think having Jacinda, (the red-head) front and center would have been more representative of the series. Just my opinion. :)

What have YOU been reading recently? 
Do you feel compelled to finish a book you aren't enjoying? 
Do you like reading books in a series?

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