Monday, August 29, 2016

Fitbits and Family on Fiesta

Found the Fitbit!

On Friday, Hubs and the three younger boys headed up to Bear Lake for the weekend. The 17-year old couldn't get off work on such late notice, so I was staying home too. As my men were off, I told them "Make sure you don't lose your Fitbits! Take them off before you get in the water!"  The 15-year old promptly took off his FitbitOne and handed it to me.

Should you take your Fitbit (or other activity tracker) on vacation? Often, that's when many people get the most steps! Hubs hit his high (35k) during his European vacation last year. He's never come close to that at home. It's always interesting to see steps for places like Disneyland, or wandering New York City

But the beach or waterpark?

Years ago, #1 son wore his new Jawbone while out on the waverunner (it was water resistant) ... but after a hard wipeout, it was torn off his wrist and sunk to the bottom of the lake.  This summer, on the day trips to the lake,  Hubs and the boys generally left their Fitbits home. While they missed out on tracking some steps, they were in the sand/sun/water so much, it was probably the safer choice (for the Fitbit!). A couple years ago, #2 forgot he had his clipped to his swimsuit and jumped in the lake. Luckily, the Fitbit survived the quick dip.
When Hubs and the boys returned on Sunday, #5 said "I lost my Fitbit". 
Well shoot! My two munchkins are young to have expensive devices, but they'd been SO responsible with them ... I'd had better results with the 10 and 12 year old than the older boys (who have each lost one or more through the years). 
I'll admit, I was awake a bit in the night thinking ... should I get him another one? He's not super obsessed with it (like me, or #4) but does like the feedback. Since #1 son hasn't been writing as regularly, sending steps from Mexico, I haven't been good at updating and comparing the family fitbit results. I hadn't even looked at the munchkin's stats in a bit. I did have an old Flex no one was using ... would he want to try that? I think I have an extra Zip around too, if I replaced the battery would it work? 
Does your brain do this when you are supposed to be sleeping?
I also got to thinking ... what if the Fitbit slipped off in Hub's truck? Or in a sleeping bag or tent? I've posted before about a handy little app BTLExplorer which can pick up the bluetooth signals a Fitbit sends out (Lost and Found, Fitbit Finder Comes Through Again).  #5 brought up this possibility too.
After getting the older boys off to school, I had a bit of time before elementary school carpool (this is usually when I slip down for another session on the elliptical). This morning, I pulled up my BTLExplorer app and ... TWO Fitbit Ones were registering! After making sure #3 hadn't left his laying on his nightstand (after not wearing it over the weekend, that could have easily happened), and putting my One as far away from the garage as possible, #5 and I went to look at the camping stuff.
We spread out the sleeping bags and the tents and did a little "hot and cold" with the app. After locating the one we thought it was in (one of the smaller tents) we took it into the family room, opened it up and ... walla! Found Fitbit! 

#4 did get over 12,000 steps on Saturday. #5 didn't quite hit 7000. Not a lot of steps Sunday, as they spent a little time at the beach, then a few hours in the car on the ride home. Ironically ... #5's Fitbit registered over 7,000 steps during that drive. I guess being in the back, it was bumpier, and the Fitbit logged the movement as steps! Funny Fitbit!

 Daddy and the boys ... #4 has his ChargeHR on!
#5 has his FitbitOne is his pocket. #3 left his home.
Hubs took his Zip, but left it in the truck.

Now he'd better not have his ChargeHR on!
He'll just have to miss out on those sandy steps!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Weekly Weigh-In #161

Happy to have dropped back into the 160s (even if just barely) for this week's weigh-in. The week started off rough ... the weekend was awful (the eating anyway, but then with school starting and the return to the routine, I did good Mon-Thurs. Well, not on eating on Tuesday, not sure what happened that day, but I was uber over and it did show up on the scale (even though I supposedly squeaked in a deficit that day).

NUMBERS: Weight down 1.2 pounds this week! Yea! But the average was up slightly. +.19 to 171.9. Average intake was 2559. Average daily burn was 3037.  With those high four high intake days, I didn't get a deficit, but was over by 410. 45min on weights, 848 cardio minutes. 84.41 exercise miles. FOOD: I did NOT eat any chocolate mint brownies. I have some in my freezer, but I resisted all week! Ice cream indulgence was another matter. There were some other treat temptations too. FITNESS: Not great over the weekend, but GREAT Mon, Tues, Thurs ... Wednesday was wimpy. I even added in some jogging! FAMILY: A wedding reception, a play at Desert Star, a birthday celebration, back to school, Daddy doing derbies again, and a basketball game.

Here's a day by day recap ...
  • Friday (0819): Sophomore orientation at the high school for #3, but I was able to drop him off and still hit Zumba (which I won't be able to do once school starts up officially). Also got in my elliptical and canal walks. I attempted weights in the evening ... but wimped out (unusual, usually I dread getting started but get into it once I do). Hubs and the boys had a "cousin's campout" at Maga's house. Calories in exceeded calories out :(
  • Saturday (0820): Visited my duckies, mowed the lawn, but only two sessions on the elliptical. We had a wedding reception and a play which took up the latter half of the day. Uber over on calories.
  • Sunday (0821): Not quite as bad on calories in today (still high) but also no exercise to offset, so a big overage again. Family birthday gathering in the evening.
  • Monday (0822): First day of school! Had to set the alarm! Able to squeeze in a couple sessions on the elliptical in the morning while getting the boys off to school. Hit Zumba, and shopping steps on the way home. Another elliptical session, plus some treadmill time and reading/riding. Back to school night for the little. Uber active day ... but kept calories in check!
  • Tuesday (0823): Still working on getting the new routine down. Got the kids off, hit Zumba, finished up my elliptical hour plus an extra 20min, did weights, some treadmill time and of course still took a couple walks to the canal to see my ducks (even if I don't write it, I do it every day). Good active day, but ... high intake, just barely under burn. 
  • Wednesday (0824): Dragging a bit today ... Zumba and elliptical only for official exercise. Had to push on both. Did mow the lawn and walk to the canal. Kept calories under 2000 (barely!)
  • Thursday (0825): Zumba, Elliptical, Treadmill and Bike ... I was back! #5 had a basketball game which took up most of the early evening. Kept calories in check again.
 Five Featured Photos ...

 #1 son in Mexico, enjoying the local foods

 The play we went to see Saturday night

Celebrating my SIL with Wacky cake. Yes, I ate some!

A senior, a sophomore and a seventh grader ... 
First day of school on Monday!

My baby back to school on Tuesday ... 5th grade

Monday, August 22, 2016

... and the Olympics are Over

The last couple weeks, the Olympics have been all over the television and the news. It's not something our family was overly into, but it's hard not to get caught up in some of the moments happening as top athletes compete for gold.

In the evenings, I'd attempt to turn the television onto NBC hoping the kids might become interested in the Olympic coverage (better than having "Friends" on for the billionth time!) ... and it worked. They seemed to enjoy the track events the most, especially Usain Bolt (along with the rest of the world). We caught some swimming, gymnastics, biking. Originally I thought all we might watch would be the basketball games ... and the boys caught some of them, but it was a little hard determining where and when to watch! NBC received a lot of criticism about how they handled the coverage, but I had to agree ... so many commercials, we never knew what would be on when. Waiting until prime time to show events, often spoilers hit the internet before we saw the actual events. I really would have like to have watched more than I did.

What will I remember? Bolt's beaming smile, photos of Phelps, hearing a lot about the girls gymnastics (positive and negative), the swimmer scandal (Ryan Lochte), the dive in the women's 400, the USA sweeping the Women's 100m (I'll admit, I may have been a bit inspired, I went down and hit the treadmill for 2.5 miles after watching that) and so much more. Here's a list of BBC's most memorable moments from Rio and there are so many sites with more stunning pictures.  

I remember back in 2002, when Utah was the host for Winter Olympics. Our immediate area was outside of the main venues, so we weren't impacted by crowds much (although Olympic Oval for the skating events is only about 15minutes away ... My Olympic Oval Experience). While I'm no fan of winter, I do really like the Winter Olympics!

Did you watch the Olympics? What were your memorable moments?

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Weekly Weigh-In #160

A solid week in the 170s. Depressing. 
Makes me want to go eat a mint brownie. 

I remember (it seems so long ago now) when I'd float around the 150s and be frustrated because I just couldn't drop down into the 140s. I THOUGHT the 150s were my "comfort weight" zone, where I was stuck, and stayed unless I really buckled down. Then it slipped into the 160s ... and stayed there. It's just frustrating, because I don't feel like anything has changed. I'm overeating as always, but also keeping up the activity. If nothing is changing, it seems like the weight shouldn't be changing. Of course I wouldn't lose weight ... but this constant, slow, steady gain. Grrrr.

NUMBERS: Official weigh-in up .3. Average weight for the week up .62 (to 171.71). Average intake for the week 2257. Average daily burn 2978. Supposedly a deficit for the week (-1650). Average steps 25671. 80 min of weights, 899 active minutes, 72.67 exercise miles. FOOD: Just the usual overeating, only one day under 2000. FITNESS: Added a couple treadmill runs(jogs) this week! Hit the bike twice too. Two sessions of weights as well as the usual five Zumba classes. Only hit my hour of elliptical five days though.

Quick week recap:

  • Friday (0812): Got in my elliptical and Zumba and a couple of walks. Not super motivated today. Calories over goal but well under burn.
  • Saturday (0813): Didn't quite get in my hour of elliptical (just two 20min sessions) ... again, not feeling super motivated. Did get in a couple canal walks and mowed the lawn. Spent a couple hours watching basketball. Hubs smoked ribs for dinner. Barely kept calories under burn.
  • Sunday (0814): Rest day ... didn't do any exercise. A couple walks to the canal, but didn't even hit 10k in steps. Lemon Jello Cake. Calories in exceeded those out today.
  • Monday (0815): Motivation is back ... elliptical, Zumba, bike and even treadmill! A couple walks, haircut for #3, shopping steps and haystacks for dinner. Calories over goal but well under burn. 
  • Tuesday (0816): Elliptical, Zumba and weights today. Some errands and took the little boys bowling.  Just one walk to the canal today.Tacos and homemade ice cream, but I kept calories under goal (barely!)
  • Wednesday (0817): Whew workouts! Elliptical, Zumba, bike and treadmill! Looong walk at the canal (couldn't find the duckies) in the morning, a second (shorter, found them) one in the evening. Mowed the front lawn. Got in the extra workouts in the evening attempting to stay awake to pick up #3 from a late movie. Over 38k today!
  • Thursday (0818): Dragging just a bit after yesterday. Got in elliptical (an extra session, 80min total) and Zumba. Took #4 over to the middle school to find his locker and map out his route between classes. Quite a bit of walking there! Hubs and the older boys (and friends)  hit the lake. High calories in today, although still under burn.
Five Featured Photos ...

 #4 with an interesting ending position as he bowls ...

Wednesday Zumba with MZL

Our new 7th grader! He's got opening the locker down!

My Fitbit view for Thursday.
That big yellow portion was walking the middle school hallways with #4!
Trying to get him comfortable walking between classes.
Just over 2000 steps for the full route (we did it a few times).

The bigger boys at the lake on Thursday.

School starts this coming week ... back to getting up early! Making lunches, driving carpool, homework help. But also a few hours of alone time during the day. We'll see what the shift in schedules does to the weekly weigh-in (if anything!).  I won't be able to hit a Friday Zumba class (as middle school's late start conflicts with the free classes) but I hope to still get in an hour on my own.

Friday, August 19, 2016

30K Day Fitbit Feature

Ah ... my Fitbit feedback!
I've had my Fitbit for over six years now, and I still love my little step gadget.

I get in a lot of steps. I helps that I'm a SAHM with kids who are a little older (soon to be back in school, and who have their own Fitbits of course! My 12-year old has been know to give me a challenge on steps!) It helps that I have a home gym downstairs (with elliptical, treadmill, stationary bike). For an extra big day ... it "helps" when one of the teenagers wants to stay out late and requires a pick-up. I have to stay active to stay awake (thus was the case for this 38+K day!)

While a 30k day isn't the norm for me, it's also not that unusual.  
People sometimes ask "How do you do it?"
Well ... my Fitbit can show you exactly how I did!
Here's another look at Wednesday (Aug17) from this week ...

I love Fitbit's graphs and charts and the way they visually represent my day. 
I can SEE my day. See my workouts (green spikes) and other activity.
Another view, this is heart rate (via my ChargeHR).
Heart Rate and Steps do seem to go hand in hand!

This list of exercises/activity is the same day as the graphs above. I love to see how they line up!

When I started with Fitbit back in 2010, they only had one device. The Ultra. After a few years, the One, Zip, and Flex were introduced. I upgraded to the One.

When the ChargeHR came out, I really wanted to try it. I wasn't sure about wearing something on my wrist. Hubs was sure it wouldn't last ... but it has. Not that I've given up my One though. I still wear it. I created a second Fitbit account for my ChargeHR, and it is interesting to compare the stats on the two.  In the images above, the one showing steps (and the total step count/calories/active minutes) were pulled from my One account. The heart rate info ... is of course from the ChargeHR, but you can see they coincide (as they should) ... although my ChargeHR step count does come in quite a bit lower (which I think is just MY device). 

One feature I've loved from the ChargeHR (other than the heart rate tracking, obviously! *Ü*) is the auto tracking of exercise. With my One, I have to manually start and stop the timer to track a specific activity (like my Zumba class). When I first got the ChargeHR, I would manually track some of my workouts ... and then there was an update, and the workouts began logging themselves!

My ChargeHR can tell if I'm on a walk, or on the elliptical ... okay, my Zumba just comes in as an "activity" and I do manually change the title there. It's also not good at picking up my biking (I manually updated that as well logs it as a walk, whereas it logs my lawn mowing as "outdoor bike"). I like to compare the ChargeHR tracking of my Zumba class with my manual start/stop on my One (it's usually spot on, although at times a bit shorter if the cool down was long and lacked steps).

I never would have manually tracked all my elliptical workouts, as I do three or more a day. But with the auto-logging, it's been really interesting for me to look and compare them to see which ones come in at a higher cardio level. 

Mon-Friday ... I pretty much always get in my hour of elliptical and a Zumba class. Then depending on the day, my energy, and life ... I'll get in a session on the bike, treadmill or weights. This summer, since the ducks flew the coop, I've been getting a couple walks in every day too. I never know how long my walks will be, because it depends on the ducks. Are they close? Are they all the way at the end of the canal? On this day graphed, I had to walk the entire canal (both sides) ... and I never found them (a first). The little blip (after my run, before my bike ride) was a second, quick walk to the canal where they were waiting for me. Silly duckies! When they were gone, I wondered if my little walks were done ... I guess not quite yet.

I have my rest days ... or lazy days, where I don't even hit 10K too.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Borrowing Books in the Digital Day

Once upon a time ... I loved to collect books. As a teen, I stumbled upon a used bookseller closing up shop, selling books for 10¢ each. I stocked up, picking up tons of classics. I loved to collect the books I loved from my childhood, to share with my kids someday. As I grew up, married and had a family of my own, my library grew. 

My boys (unlike me) are NOT avid readers. It's almost necessary to own the books they are reading, because the three-week library lending time isn't enough time for them to finish. I wanted to have every possibility on hand, so that just in case they were excited about a certain series, they could grab the book immediately from our home library.

Hubs is more of an "open space" kind of guy. Doesn't like a lot of clutter. My book shelves, filled with books of every size and shape imaginable weren't terribly tidy. And dusty ... admittedly, the books were more for show at this point.

It was in 2012, when I discovered digital. I was late to the party, I know. Digital books had been around a while, but I always thought I preferred the physical books. 

I don't.

I LOVE digital. 

I love being able to carry multiple books with me where ever I go, always having one on hand (because I always have my phone with me). I love being able to highlight sections and lookup words with a touch. I love the screen light, freeing me from needing a lamp. I love that my phone weighs so little in my hand as I hold it.

One thing I had worried about when going digital, was borrowing books from my local library. I'm cheap. Books are expensive. Most of the time, I'm only planning on reading a book one time anyway (once upon a time, I did re-read books,  but that was before they were SO plentiful and easy to keep at my fingertips. Now, I'm not going to read something again when there are billions of books out there just waiting for me.) But it's all okay, because borrowing books from the library is just as easy (or easier, because you don't have to drive to pick them up or return them!) as with physical books. My library's digital selection grows all the time. I have a ton of books on my wishlist just waiting for me. 

Find the book you want, place a hold. When the hold comes in, I follow the link to open in Amazon and add the title to my Kindle(app). Another great thing, is NO late fees. You can't return a book late! It automatically goes back when it's due (you can renew if no one is waiting on it). I'll admit to being a bit lazy on returning titles early when I finish them (it's just polite, especially if there are holds, people anxiously awaiting their turn). A manual return does require a couple extra steps  ...

Logging into Amazon, following the link to manage content, then finding the book, bringing up the options, and hitting return. If you are using other apps (Overdrive, etc) they have their own return methods.  I do wish it was a little easier (just finish reading and a "do you wish to return this title?" option). Maybe someday ... of course I do like to hang onto it until I get my review up at GoodReads.

As an Amazon Kindle Prime member - with a Kindle device, I can borrow one book a month from Amazon's Lending Library. This is just another "Prime" perk that I try to use.

If you do buy books digitally ... or your friends do, you can often lend books to each other. This isn't something I have a lot of experience with (okay, any experience). I have noticed that some of my purchases (free or cheap) have a lending option.

So even with my switch to digital ... I love my local library. I love my personal library ... now, it's just kept in my Kindle Cloud, not on a bookshelf in my home. Just as I used to lovingly stare at the bookends on my shelves ... I now flip through all the covers of the books in my digital library. 

Books... Buying. Borrowing. Reading!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Tan Lines, Tanks and a Duck Update

... in addition to my hour of elliptical and Zumba classes, I've been getting in quite a few walks to the canal near our house. It's where my duckies are now. I go visit them a couple of times a day, bringing them a little food and just checking in.

Four of our six ended up at the canal. We aren't sure where the other two are ... hopefully they are okay! Because some of our ducks are a black mallard mutation, we can pick them out among the other ducks. There have been plenty of other ducks around too (you can see there are more than four in this picture, the others have come to appreciate my food visits as well). 

Originally, our ducks had settled on the South side of the canal, about 1/4 mile down. They stayed in about the same spot for a little over a week, and then I was never quite sure where they would be. Once, they were all the way at the end of the South side (about a half mile down). That would be a long walk. Then they started to hang out right by the bridge. Those were very short walks (wouldn't even register on my ChargeHR).  Then they moved down to the North end and stayed there for well over a week.  I found the North side is not quite a bad with the goat-head stickers in my shoes, that was a plus!

Unfortunately ... our Uno (our egg hatched, traditional mallard) has been missing for a bit. We don't know if he flew off somewhere else, or if something bad happened to him. Not knowing, we'll hope that he is safe and happy somewhere. My other three duckies have continued to hang out and watch for my visits, so I've continued to get my walks in. It's nice if I can get there early in the morning, or later in the evening, when the sun has set and it isn't quite as hot. But, sometimes I'd get it in after Zumba, and before dinner, because that was when I had the time. Those are some hot walks!

I'm not really a tank top girl. Never have been. Part of that may be contributed to being raised LDS and dressing modestly being an important issue for girls in the church. I know tanks are perfectly acceptable, but ... I just never wore them myself. 

A few months ago, I started getting a bad sweat/friction rash under my arms, as my inexpensive cotton t-shirts would get sweat soaked from my workouts. So, I started trying out tanks, at least in the comfort of my own home (still not quite comfortable wearing them to Zumba) and ... I liked it. I found some cheap ($1.69) cotton ones at Walmart and stocked up ... in colors even!

I did wear this tank to Zumba ... with a black t-shirt over it.
So no one got to see my super sweat stain! (See, this is one reason I prefer black!)

I started wearing tanks outside sometimes too ... not trying to "tan" per say, but just to even out my farmer tan (even though I really tried to remember to put on sunscreen). When I'd wear a tank top to mow the lawn, I'd slather sunscreen in my already tan areas, and then hoped that the other parts could catch up a little bit. I even started wearing my tanks on my duck walks at times too (pushes the comfort zone a bit, sometimes I wouldn't see anyone on these walks, but other times, neighbors would also be out and about). 

I really tried to put sunscreen on my arms to avoid the ChargeHR tan line, but you can see I haven't been particularly successful there. Oh well, most of the time, the Charge IS there, so you don't see the tan line!

I'm pretty tan up top ... my legs are another story!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Weekly Weigh-In #159

Another week in the 170s. I'll admit, I was discouraged after the weigh-in last week. I know, it takes more than one week of being good to turn things around, but ... I was down and unmotivated this week. I still got in my hour of elliptical and Zumba most days, because it's habit. Let the eating slip back up again though. NUMBERS: Official weigh-in up .6, but the average was UP (+1.98 to 171.09). Not good, not unexpected, but also not totally justified. Yes I'm overeating. Yes I'm eating crap, you can't out-cardio your calories but still ...  according to the numbers, I had a deficit for the week (-550). Average intake was 2421. Average daily burn 2831. Average steps 23903. 80min of weights, 835 cardio minutes. 75.76 exercise miles. FOOD: Donuts on Saturday, my mint brownies, and other things just adding up. Only one day under 2000. FITNESS: Was a bit of a struggle this week, had to push to get my elliptical hour several days (but still 6 out of 7 days) and Zumba (5 days) wasn't always great. Two times on the bike, two weights sessions. Only one day over 30k/3000.

 Here's a quick peek at the week ...
  • Friday 0805: Had a teenager wanting a late night (so I had to stay active to stay awake *Ü*) ... four 20min sessions on the elliptical, Zumba, bike and weights! A couple walks to the canal too. Kept calories in check too. Good day!
  • Saturday 0806:  Oops ... donuts happened. Hubs picked up TWO dozen from two different places. Not good for calorie intake, and burn wasn't great, with just my hour elliptical for exercise. Did mow the lawn and walk to the canal though.
  • Sunday 0807: Breakfast with the family in the morning, breakfast for dinner with the extended family in the evening (monthly gathering, Welatives&Waffles). Did 20min on the elliptical and a couple walks to the canal. 
  • Monday 0808: Woke a little off. Hard to get into Zumba today. Pushed through my hour of elliptical. Just one visit to the duckies today. Did my first solo stop at Costco.
  • Tuesday 0809: Another off morning, but Zumba helped. Got in my hour of elliptical, bike and weights. Immunizations for #4. Cheese curds and Homemade Oreos pushed calories today.
  • Wednesday 0810: Zumba with MZL and my hour of elliptical. A couple walks to the canal and lawn mow.
  • Thursday 0811: Zumba with MountainView, hour of elliptical and a couple canal walks. Hubs took the older boys (and buddies) to the lake, I took the two littles bowling. 
 *** Five Featured Photos ***

Basketball game (loss) for the boys ...

My walking buddy ... he's playing Pokemon Go

You caught me ... I ate my mint brownies this week.

Hubs took a bunch of big boys to the lake.

I took the little boys bowling.

... one more week of "summer schedule" then school starts up.
Will the change in routine change up anything on the scale?

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Reward Program CheckUp

Time for Thrifty Thursday ... I'm a fan of fitness programs that PAY me for simply stepping. It isn't a lot, but it doesn't require much on my part either. I'm going to be exercising anyway! I just link up my Fitbit and then pop in every once in a while to see what I've earned. I ended up checking in with all three of my current programs this past week or so ...

**Walgreens - Balance Rewards**
It's that time of year ... in addition to any back to school shopping, incoming 7th graders need updates to their immunizations. Normally I'd go to our pediatrician, but he was unavailable ... what to do? Walgreens to the rescue! We just walked-in, got the couple shots, and were done. They also do a donation to a child in need, and it added 200 points to my balance rewards. I hadn't peeked at my Walgreen's balance rewards for a while, so I did ...

You can link your Fitbit (or some other apps) to Walgreens to earn balance rewards points. There is a cap of $2 per month for activity (walking/running), but it does add up. I glanced at my balance page and saw I was also  getting points for my daily weigh-ins (my Fitbit Alta scale, auto connected to my account). Additionally, I have made some purchases at Walgreens, paying special attention to their points back specials (5000 points if you spend $20, or points back on certain products. Watch emails and ads for offers). It adds up! $60 in rewards. I had fun with a little shopping spree, basically free!


PACT is another program I rarely check in with. When I started, I committed to seven days a week for workouts and meal tracking. But I like having a little cushion. Sometimes I'll have a rest day, where I don't get in a workout (or 10k in steps), or I forget to log food. For quite a while now, I cut my Pact back to four days for both exercise and eating (tracking on MFP) as barring sickness or vacation, I'll get that in no problem.

I'm not sure what prompted me to look at my pact last week. I noticed I had not received my workout credit for Monday or Tuesday (Aug1,2). I checked, and it said everything was synced up. Hmmmm. I submitted a ticket, and received a response that "there have been Fitbit integration issues" this week and that they were working on it. I really wish they had given users a heads up about that! Our options were to use alternate tracking (but I don't want to keep my iphone in my pocket during Zumba!) or to take a break or to submit a ticket for each day exercise didn't log in error. Quite the pain! So instead of my usual four gym workouts, I only got credit for one (even though I hit 10k all seven days that week) and I just put myself on break this week ... then I guess I'll check back in to see if it's been fixed (they mentioned an app update). I usually earn about $1 a week with Pact ... if I hadn't have caught this though, I would have been charged $20! I'm sure Pact would have made it right, but not without a lot of rigamarole. There is that bit of risk with Pact, you can end up paying out!

**Achievemint **
I joined up with Achievemint when they first started up a few years ago. I have earned several cash rewards from them. I used to recommend them to everyone who had a Fitbit (or other tracker/app they link with). It's easy. Just link and forget about it. Just check in every once in a while. You can sign up for email updates too. Then there were some struggles getting payments (it would take a while, but I got them) and a waiting list to even sign up ... so I stopped recommending the program, because people couldn't sign up even if they wanted to. They initiated a "threshold" and said participants couldn't earn rewards anymore, after a certain amount (that was fair, I figured that was how they would let new members on). Recently though, they opened it up again, both to new enrollments and to existing members ... everyone could start earning again. And I have! Earned and redeemed another reward. Thanks Achievemint! It takes a little longer now for the points to add up, but they do. I even got a bonus 300 points for filling out a PokemonGo survey a week or so ago! So SIGN UP if you haven't already!

... and have a happy Thrifty Thursday! Keep stepping!
And yes, I miss FitStudio!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

ZinCon 2016

At the end of July, ZinCon 2016 was happening in Orlando, Florida. If you didn't know, ZIN stands for Zumba Instructor Network, and Zumba instructors gather from all over to dance, and learn and go a little crazy. A few of my friends headed out this year...

Now, I'm completely content as a Zumba student. I have subbed a class, and I love to help out here and there, but I have no plans to become an instructor myself. It takes a lot of time, talent, dedication, motivation (and money) to get licensed.  I really admire all the instructors out there! Many instructors scrimp and save and plan and dream to get to a convention. Me? You could offer it for free and I'd be too intimidated. Travel, crowds, the unknown ... ummm, no. But I can enjoy it vicariously, and it was really fun to follow my friends on Facebook as they experienced everything.  

There was a lot of sharing ;)

Kristen posted pictures of her packing ...
Zumba Instructors are a colorful lot!

Here's Heather J and Kristen ...
Can you see Kristen's purple hair?
It's not just the clothes that are colorful ;)

 Eleika was there!
Convention craziness in the background!

 Here's a peek from Heather B ...
She hit over 50k on her Fitbit on Saturday (July30)

The attendees get to choose which classes to take, learning new steps and styles, meeting Zumba stars, a little Zumba shopping, and they even had a Zumba Prom!  Now happily (for me), not ALL the Utah instructors took off to convention, so I was still able to get my Zumba fix in while these gals were away. It's fun to see the instructors share what they've learned when they get back!

Here's a little video Zumba Fitness shared ...

 Until next year ... there's always something new around the corner!
Thanks for sharing! *Ü*

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

I Know Jesse James

TV Tuesday
AMC has provided us with several of our favorite series.  Breaking Bad, The Waking Dead, The Killing, Humans ... just a few Hubs and I have watched. This summer, they came out with a mini-series called "The American West" and guess what? I know Jesse James! 

Back in my high school days, I was quite involved in theater. I performed in the high school shows, and in local productions as well. I was completely comfortable on stage singing and acting (... not dancing though. Luckily characters like Laurie in Oklahoma or Dorothy Brock in 42nd street did not require dancing skills. I still surprise myself with my current love of Zumba with my dance limitations).

A couple of my high school buds kept up the acting ... Dave Stevens was one who did.

I played Dorothy Brock, and he was Julian Marsh in 42nd street, our senior year in high school. Both of our characters were "older" ... you know, say mid-40s or something (hmmm, that's how old we are now!) I remember getting the makeup wrinkles and gray hair for Dave because you know, 40 is OLD.

It was fun to follow the advertisements for AMCs "The American West" and see my old high school buddy on the TV screen. Now admittedly, I haven't actually gotten around to watching the show yet, but I have recorded all the episodes (they have all aired now) and hope to get around to it soon. Even with an hour of elliptical a day, I don't get that much TV Time in. I'm also thinking this might be one to watch with Hubs. We'll see.

Dave has done a lot of other work, but nothing quite so mainstream as AMC. I do recall grabbing a movie DVD from the library for a workout some years ago. "The World's Fastest Indian" which was filmed here in Utah at the salt flats.  But the film location didn't end up being my only connection, as partway through the movie, in just a small part, there was David! He was a security guard or something (it's been a while) and it wasn't a large part, but he was playing opposite Anthony Hopkins. It was completely unexpected and I had to rewind and watch again and say "is that Dave? Yes, yes it is Dave!"

I touched base with him on Facebook after that, and then we ran into each other again at our 20th high school reunion. I hope to "run into" him again on the big screen soon!

Anyone out there caught AMCs "The American West" this summer?

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