Monday, August 22, 2016

... and the Olympics are Over

The last couple weeks, the Olympics have been all over the television and the news. It's not something our family was overly into, but it's hard not to get caught up in some of the moments happening as top athletes compete for gold.

In the evenings, I'd attempt to turn the television onto NBC hoping the kids might become interested in the Olympic coverage (better than having "Friends" on for the billionth time!) ... and it worked. They seemed to enjoy the track events the most, especially Usain Bolt (along with the rest of the world). We caught some swimming, gymnastics, biking. Originally I thought all we might watch would be the basketball games ... and the boys caught some of them, but it was a little hard determining where and when to watch! NBC received a lot of criticism about how they handled the coverage, but I had to agree ... so many commercials, we never knew what would be on when. Waiting until prime time to show events, often spoilers hit the internet before we saw the actual events. I really would have like to have watched more than I did.

What will I remember? Bolt's beaming smile, photos of Phelps, hearing a lot about the girls gymnastics (positive and negative), the swimmer scandal (Ryan Lochte), the dive in the women's 400, the USA sweeping the Women's 100m (I'll admit, I may have been a bit inspired, I went down and hit the treadmill for 2.5 miles after watching that) and so much more. Here's a list of BBC's most memorable moments from Rio and there are so many sites with more stunning pictures.  

I remember back in 2002, when Utah was the host for Winter Olympics. Our immediate area was outside of the main venues, so we weren't impacted by crowds much (although Olympic Oval for the skating events is only about 15minutes away ... My Olympic Oval Experience). While I'm no fan of winter, I do really like the Winter Olympics!

Did you watch the Olympics? What were your memorable moments?

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  1. Some years I have remained glued to the olympics. This year I barely watched anything!!!


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