Thursday, September 8, 2016

Done with the Duck Walk

Did you know there is an actual exercise called a duck walk? I didn't, I was just adding alliteration to my blog post title and thought I'd look it up.  A duck walk is described as a "walk with the body in a squatting posture" and it doesn't look very comfortable! MY duck walks were simply walks to visit my duckies. I've been doing it since mid-July, when the ducks we'd been raising flew from our backyard. They didn't go far, just to the neighborhood canal, about a 1/4 mile away from our home (when walking anyway, closer as the duck flies). My walks would vary in length, depending on where I would find them along the canal stretch any particular day. For the past month and a half, I've gone twice a day, morning and evening, bringing them some food and just saying hello. If you've been reading this blog, I've posted about my duckies and my walks a few times.

These little slip-ons ended up being my "canal" shoes. Just enough protection (after I added another layer, slipping in an extra insert) to stop the thorns from poking through, but easy to slip on (I tried sneakers and even hiking boots, but ... socks, laces ... SO much work!)  I'd bring a bag of my Mazuri Waterfowl food (this floats on the water, best nutritionally for duckies) and some less expensive chicken feed and cracked corn. Another "did you know" ... did you know bread is BAD for ducks? It fills them up but doesn't provide the nutrients they need. Hmmmm ... some might say it goes the same for humans too (especially the white, fluffy stuff that I love). 

With some of my walks ending up quite long (depending on where the ducks were located along the mile+ long stretch of canal) I started wearing headphones and getting in some audiobook time while I walked. With my twice daily walks (and other audiobook moments during the day) I got through a lot of books!

It was nice when I could go first thing in the mornings when it was still cool, and then wait until evening for my second walk. Sometimes that didn't work out, and I'd end up going later in the morning or even mid-day.

But after almost 45 days of double duck walks ... I may be done. I went out Monday ... and didn't find my duckies. I went out again on Tuesday, and didn't find my duckies. There were still some ducks, but not MY ducks.

I had anticipated this. They NEED to fly away at some point, because the canal runs dry when winter sets in. Ducks need water, and hopefully some warmer weather. While ducks are hardy, and some stick around at larger lakes, food is harder to come by. I hope they fly South, and return in the Spring. I'll be looking for them (our had some distinct coloring, so it could be possible to recognize them).

For now ... I'll keep an eye out, as I drive over the canal bridge multiple times a day. Maybe they'll be back this season, before taking off when the water goes. Maybe I'll still take a walk here and there, and I'll have my little Pokemon-Go boy keep an eye out too (he often hits the canal, getting in steps to hatch his eggs and looking for Pokemon critters). 

I'm such an indoor exerciser. I'll miss my walks. Not that I can't still walk outside of course, but without my duckie motivation ... I just don't know that I will.

... and just in case YOU are up for a duck walk, here's an example!

... and guess what my two older boys did in their high school conditioning class today? 
Yup. The duck walk! What are the chances?

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