Monday, November 21, 2016

School Schedules, School Lunches

 My #5 ... starting 5th grade

It was about three months ago that school started up again. As summer came to a close, I wondered how the shift into a school schedule would go. Honestly? I like it. The return to routine. While I enjoy sleeping in, I get more accomplished with the requisite early rising. School adds some Mom duties ... there are lunches to be made, chauffeur services to/from school, homework help. I must admit though, I love those few "alone" hours each day while the boys are in school. 

Back to school, means back to making lunches. The youngest likes taking hot lunch, but the other three prefer packing from home. Disposable lunch bags are easier than lunch boxes they have to cart back and forth. Every morning, one of the daily duties is making lunches. Two of the boys accept the healthy alternative of wheat bread. No go for #3 (or me). A fruit medley for the older boys ... clementine, kiwi, strawberries and grapes. #3 has gotten picky and now needs his fruit in separate bags. #4 only goes for grapes, or the occasional apple. The travel Nutella has been a popular addition for the older boys. The drinkable yogurt a trend for the younger ones. Often I'll include a drink or a bag of chips. The boys specifically said they do NOT need a treat. They don't get THAT from me!

Here ... a quarter into the school season ... and #4 has switched to hot lunch. This is HUGE for him (anxiety issues). He's only taken hot lunch once or twice for the past five+ years. #3 is taking hot lunch on B days, and #2 is going out to eat with friends on A days. So, it's been a bit of a switch-up, I'm not making my assembly line lunches in the mornings any more.

For the first quarter ... #3 was taking early morning driver's ed. This required a 6:00 alarm, and out the door by 6:30. I'd then get #2 out the door and drive middle school carpool at 7:15, back home for just a bit before off to the elementary school at 8:20. During this morning, between waking up kids, making breakfast and lunch and chauffeur duty ... I'd try to get in a couple of 20min elliptical sessions. I was quite successful too.

When the quarter ended (and all four boys got great grades BTW), early morning driver's ed ended. Did my 6:00 alarm end as well? I could sleep until 6:30 ... BUT NO! I was determined to keep the habit, and see if I could get an addition elliptical session in. This coincided coincidentally with Daylight Savings "Fall Back" ... and the 6:00 early rising is still happening.

Most mornings ... I'm able to get in a full hour of elliptical as I get the boys off to school. I get up, weigh myself, get dressed and hit the gym. Wake the boys, get some breakfast going (they are also very self-sufficient, often they do breakfast themselves), make lunches and hit the elliptical a second time. I make sure the high schoolers are out the door, and I drive middle school carpool. Time to check email, then hit another elliptical sessions before dropping off #5.

Then off to Zumba!

My mornings are pretty productive. 

Unfortunately ... my afternoon alone time hasn't been lately. I'm not sure what my problem/excuse is. I have a couple hours each day where I could be getting things done, and I haven't had much to show for it. I need to improve in this area.

But I'm pretty good at my mornings!

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  1. You put me to shame!!! I'm a slug!!!!! Gotta change that for sure!!!


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